How to Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows 10 Laptop And PC

Nothing is impossible is what we are experiencing nowadays. We have seen the technology developing to another level from past few years. It took two decades for the smartphones to take over the world. The dream of delivering the smartphone and technology based machines to every person has now become a reality. Microsoft is one of the

OWNZONES (Romania) Review: A Pure Delight for Romanian People

Are you are citizen of Romania? Have you missed out your favorite TV show? Forget opting for the latest edition of your favorite magazine? Are you missing the Romanian movie while sitting abroad? If yes is the answer to all these questions, then we have the best one-stop solution for you. is a stunning application

How To Change IP Address in Windows 10 Under 30 Seconds

Windows 10 has some merits when it comes to full customization and features. You can access wide-range of features and customize them according to your personal taste. Microsoft has been working on adding more features and options for the users, who are not much into the technical side. Not everyone has the expertise and Windows team

Awario Review | Never Stay Behind From Your Audience

Often, we find it hard to search for the most relevant information on the web that might be hidden somewhere deep on the web. Finding the information about the least popular keywords on the web is too complicated. How about a tool that can come to our rescue? Awario is one of the innovative tools

Windows 10 Cloud OS Laptop With Detailed Specs And Price

Microsoft is all excited and preparing for the next release. Yes, we are talking about the latest version, which is meant for you “The Users.” This is the slogan the Microsoft has been using unofficially for a long time now. As we all know that the Windows is one of the best computer operating systems

How To Change Default PDF Viewer In Windows 10 Laptop And PC

Microsoft biggest venture has always been Windows, and their latest release is Windows 10 operating system. We have seen a variety of changes in their most recent version of operating system. There are plenty of things which have changed from the time-to-time, and the price has also impacted the market. Currently, Windows 10 is running on 70%

How To Fix Can’t Create New User Account in Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Microsoft has always pushed its limits to give what the users what for the next release. They have always made sure that to take enough feedback from the previous release and they also add error reports to make sure to fix them all in either service packs or next release. Microsoft rival is Apple, who are

World Of Cats Free Android Game Review| A Gift For Cat Lovers

If you are a cat lover, then you should definitely read the whole post and if you are not a cat lover then don’t worry because World of Cats is a very exciting and addictive game. As you can get the idea from the name itself is an online game of cats, it consists of

Total Popular Free WordPress Theme Review

WordPress is one of the primary reasons for people getting into website business, and the productivity has increased. Not many people know that over 30% of the websites in World Wide Web are based on WordPress. As many users and developers are aware of the fact that it has given an opportunity to newbies to

Hero TV Free Android Game Review – Enjoy Auto-Playing RPG Games

The role playing games have been in the industry for long. The craze for such games is never ending. You might have heard of the games where you are given a special role to protect the world from the destroyers. Aren’t such games interesting? If you have ever played such games or are willing to

How To Fix/Solve Windows 10 File Explorer Not Responding PC And Laptop

Microsoft has provided the users with the best user experience programs and products for a long time and when we look at the track record of the Microsoft, you can find several apps and updates they provide are magnificent. they make sure to fix the issues with every Windows Update, which is why they ask you

Best Writer WordPress Theme Review

WordPress is one of the best content management systems of all time that has outraged all its competitors quite handsomely. WP repository has a number of pre-designed themes and plugins to help the users in creating a website/blog without any trouble. One such awesome theme is . It is one of the best themes for

FIFA Ultimate Team App (FIFA 17 Companion) Review

Football is one of the most popular sports around the world having a large audience in just every country. The game is played in an 80-meters field. The kicks, the goals, the penalties, and the saves entertain the audience during the play. A number of mobile applications have emerged in the modern era. EA sports,

SSH vs VPN: How to stay anonymous when surfing the network

The SSH is a tunnel created through an SSH connection used to encrypt the data being transmitted. As the Wikipedia article says, “SSH (Secure Shell) is an application-level network protocol that allows remote management of the operating system and tunneling of TCP connections (for example, for file transfers).” When using the SSH tunnel, the open

Best and Free Way to Legally Bind Signature Online | Eversign Review

Welcome folks to our new post in which we are going to discuss a free online signature binding platform called . Eversign provides an easy to use User-interface its users through which they can easily add electronic signatures to any documents. Beside binding signatures, Eversign comes with some more features to make their users life

How To Fix Screen Flashing Issue | Windows 10 Full Tutorial With Pics

Microsoft greatest creation which is used my millions of people around the world is Windows. The latest release Windows 10 and it’s version are right now trending all over the world. The new version has several features and options, which leaves the predecessors to seem outdated. I’m sure that several of you, who are reading

Windows 10 Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Best And Easy Way

Microsoft is one of the excellent featured product us Windows. Some people like to prefer other OS other than the Windows, but the majority of the users are on Windows because of the freedom, feature and affordable prices, which lets the users use the Windows latest release. The current version is Windows 10, which is the best

How To Install AVG Without Zen | The Best Easy Way

The world is evolving, and the technology is taking things to another level. I’m sure that most of are now depending on the latest technology to get the work done smoothly. There are too many things, which are available for free and you can try them for with regular updates as long as you need. However,

Windows 10 Start Menu Not Showing | Simple And Easy Solution

Windows 10 is the latest release from the Microsoft, and we have seen people who have been working on providing new software’s and giving us the best that makes our new OS build better. However, when we look at on what Windows has achieved then things get smaller. Windows has numerous features, and the majority