5 reasons to choose WorldPosta, the cloud-based business mail provider

When you consider upgrading your business mail hosting provider to the next generation technology; the cloud, you will probably seek the method that ensures that your organization daily operations are working as it should be.

world posta

WorldPosta is the innovative cloud-based business mail hosting provider, built for all businesses and startups.
If you considering to join WorldPosta’s list of satisfied customers, it will not be only for the pricing,
it also gets you access to the following features:

200GB for each mailbox, up to 50MB in attachments.

Yes! 200GB, for every user under your account, which means that every employer in your organization will has this massive storage space.

Also, you can attach files up to 35MB to your messages.

No infrastructure costs, no human resources needed.

The most important benefit of the cloud solution is: no headache would result from maintaining and managing a local on-premise solution.

That will also save you more money and time consumed to effectively manage your own solution, and all these resources can be used in the other important tasks.

Your data secured, your network protected.

Business email is a critical element in your organization, it’s an open channel that scammers usually use it to pass malware to harm networks, it also should be up and working around the clock for obvious business needs.
WorldPosta knows that securing your business email means securing your entire network.

The innovative business mail provider devolved a very intelligent antispam and antiviruses that also protects you from zero-day attacks and sandboxing technologies. In addition to the multi-layers of security measures

A powerful core of the service: Exchange Online.

WorldPosta business mail servers are running using Exchange mail server from Microsoft, it’s the most stable and powerful collaborative software.
It supports synchronization between devices with MAPI protocol to ensure the best performance.

Zero downtime migration process.

Clients who are considering switching to WorldPosta always ask these questions: what will happen to my data and messages? How long is the migration process? Is the process safe?

WorldPosta® staff will help you and your IT personnel in your organization to join WorldPosta with no delay and no downtime.

For more information [email protected]

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