LookupPal The Best And Lightest Language Translator For Windows 10 Surface, Laptop And PC

There are many translators in the online web store, but there are only a few translators that work correctly, or somewhat useful. We have that developed a translator that comes with many features, and the interface is straightforward to learn and use. But, LookupPal is worth your time and money? Allow us to unveil the

Best Free And Top Fast File Copy Software for Windows 10 Laptop, Surface And PC 2018

We often face times where we need to copy files from internal storage to some external source. Small files are easy to copy/transfer using Windows 10 inbuilt file copying procedure, but what about the big files? The moment we start copying big files, computer either starts lagging or stops. It takes a lot of time

WinX MediaTrans Giveaway: Your iTunes Alternative for Easy iPhone Media Backup

IPhone data transfer is not easy task for its users as it needs special iTunes software for data management works. While working with normal Android phones, you can directly transfer data from Mobile to computer or from computer to mobile through normal USB data transfer cable. That is not case with Apple smartphone users, as

CyberGhost VPN Review 2018 Latest One : Worst VPN Ever Why, For Windows 10, Mac, Android, iPhone ?

CyberGhost : Is a big data and analytics collector, we recommend not to use any of their services. A Virtual Private Network is type of connection that is used to add security and privacy to networks like Wi-Fi or Internet, which may be private or public. Virtual Private Networks are normally used when the sensitive

Recover Data from iPhone with Joyoshare

Have you accidentally deleted the important contacts from your iOS device? Want to get those deleted Pictures back to your iOS device? If you are searching for a way to recover the deleted files and contacts from your iOS device, then Joyoshare is the perfect solution available for you. Joyoshare is world’s most popular software

4 Simple Tips to Record Video Calls More Effectively

Recording video calls is an excellent way to save precious memories of calls to your family and friends, store business conversations and meetings for future reference, and much more. Although most video calling platforms such as Skype and Google Hangout don’t let you save the calls that you place, all you need is a screen

Best And Top Free Windows 10 Uninstaller Software For Both Laptop And PC

The latest edition of Windows 10 comes with plenty of modern features, but some programs don’t uninstall, and we may have to force it to uninstall. We have encountered many programs that don’t come with a uninstall option like ByteFence. We know that many of you don’t know the best installers available in the market

EaseUS Data Recovery And Restore Deleted Files Windows 10 Review

EaseUS is a popular software company that helps Windows and macOSX computer operating system users to recover any form of lost data from their computer. EaseUS offers free and paid tools to the computer users, and if you are an individual, then you can try the free version because it will help you recover a

Download PDF Instead Of Opening In Browser Chrome

You can download PDF Instead of opening in browser Chrome. There are many PDF’s (Portable Document Format) viewers in the world that enable you to view and quickly edit the PDF files. One of the major companies in the world that sells PDF viewers and editors is Adobe. Regular users do not have much knowledge

Best Free Video Player For Microsoft Surface Go Pro, Book 2 And Laptops | Windows 10 Any Version

Microsoft launched an official laptop to rival the Apple product Macbook, and it is called Microsoft Surface. The Apple has ruled the western countries by their awesome high-end products like Macbook that capable of doing almost anything. Microsoft Surface packed with the latest edition of Windows 10, and the Microsoft Surface gets the latest updates

Elite Keylogger – The Best Free Keylogger Software Review

Keyloggers are the ones which you need when you want to monitor the computer usage activity. If you are a Mom and looking for some ways to monitor your child’s computer usage activity, then keylogger will help you accomplish this effectively. This can also be used by employers to track the performance of their employees

Best Tool to Find Your Windows and Office Product Key

Lost your Windows CD key and the product key on the sticker on the bottom of your laptop has become unreadable? Can’t find Office license key on the box or CD case for your Office suite? When you encounter a situation where you have lost or misplaced your Windows or Office product key, there’s a