7 Reasons Why Businesses Are Moving To WorldPosta – Cloud Based Business Email Service.

Cloud computing applications are becoming increasingly adopted by many organizations and business of all sizes; the bigger ones uses it for cost and performance reasons, and the smaller companies and startups are relying on cloud based services to overcome the challenges they face daily.

world posta

WorldPosta is a startup specializes in cloud based services for business (SaaS Model), they have launched their first service: a cloud business mail.

Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud?

Because cloud computing increases efficiency, it helps to improve and grow all aspects of your business. When data is stored in the cloud, it means full accessibility and availability of your data, without the headache of troubleshooting your IT systems and configuring your hardware.

1- Work from anywhere

Cloud based services requirements can easily be met; using a device and an internet connection and you can be at work. Most of cloud services providers are offering their services via mobile and desktop apps.
With WorldPosta, you can access all your messages and data anywhere, via your browser, desktop and mobile applications.

With cloud based services like WorldPosta, your staff will not be restricted by the device you use. It’s a huge benefit as your business can offer flexible perks to your employees, and it’ll also boost your performance, as you can access your work documents and handle any urgent issue or inquiry.

2- Less capital-expenditure

Because it’s a cloud based service, WorldPosta service pricing compete with other services; best price for the 200GB mailbox per user,

Cloud based services cut out the high cost of hardware, maintenance, and administrating. You simply pay less, and get more performance, how is that?

Cloud service providers create an integration of computing resources (servers, data storages, networking, etc.) and take care of the maintenance operations, daily administrating, and manage resources on behalf of you. You won’t pay the costs of running and operating the hidden layers and also the IT personnel required to keep theses complicating systems run around the clock.

WorldPosta business mail service will spare you the headache of deploying your solution and offers you the most cost effective business cloud mail.

3- Backup and disaster recovery:

Businesses of all sizes have concerns about their sensitive and important data. But the best practice is to store your data in the cloud, it means that when the in-premise data are lost, you can easily restore it.
This is the most important approach in times of disasters, it’ll help you recover and keep the continuity of your business, and this is very useful especially for smaller companies that rely completely in their data to manage its operations with costumers.

Cloud-based services are offering backup and recovery solutions integrated within their products as part of cloud computing many features.

In WorldPosta, all of your data can be recovered, you can retrieve any removed message even after you delete it, and this feature especially is endorsed by our key clients, as it helps them avoid disasters of losing data.

4- No software updates:

The beauty of cloud computing services is that the servers and the back-end part are located off-premise, you don’t have to worry about the time wasted to maintain your systems yourself, and it’s the full responsibility of the service provider.

WorldPosta’s team makes sure that the mail service core runs on the latest version of server management software, the latest and updated version of security tools (Firewalls and Anti-malware software)\], and also the best configuring practices.

5- No downtime impact for your systems

In cloud based services everything is virtualized, the infrastructure is a group of multiple servers. So, if any server fails, another server can be activated instantly. Cloud servers takes less time to maintain, unlike the traditional in-house servers’ crashes; the process of restarting can take many hours to be completed.

This features make cloud based services the most suitable solution for business continuity purposes.
In important service like an origination’s business mail, being up in working 24/7 is an essential demand for today’s businesses, that why many owners trust WorldPosta service because it’s remarkable service level (at least 99.9%).

6- Flexibility & scalability

The level of flexibility in cloud based services enables your organization to increase or decrease the resources they need in almost no time. Also, your organization can benefit from the common-pool-of-resources in many applications. Scalability is one of the most important prospects, it’s easy to utilize when your business needs and demands alter.

It’s easy to control, configure and customize your business mail preferences, users and policies, according to your unique business needs.

7- Reliable and secured cloud infrastructure

WorldPosta currently used by many businesses around the world. The service uses infrastructure from the biggest cloud vendors to assure the highest availability for the service; Amazon Web Services network (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and we also maintain our own private datacenters in several locations all over the world.
These locations and availability points are distributed to guarantee the best content delivery results.

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