DoSvc Bandwidth Eating Windows 10 Permanent Solution Or Fix

Like always, I was writing an article for this websites and suddenly my laptop running Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Creators Build crashed suddenly and I need to press the power button to turn on my laptop to continue my work. But after turning on the laptop I saw something was eating my bandwidth (high

3 Best Simple Ways To Auto Lock Your Windows 10 PC or Laptop Quickly

Windows PC is known for full control over your system and gives you the personalization like no other operating system in existence. It is also one of those functions, which allows you to add more security your Windows-PC when it is idle, or you are away from your keyboard. However, not many users are aware

How To Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Spotlight Images to Your Hard Drive Or SSD

Fell in love with a Windows 10 lock screen wallpaper and you need to save it for later use or use it as your desktop background ? But sadly Windows 10 don’t allow this. But here are three ways by which you can this picture. First method is pretty simple: Just press the “PrtSc” on

How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts In Windows 10 PC And Laptop?

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app, which enables you to connect with your friends and business people online. There is no doubt that the platform is one of its kind and unique. Ever since Whatsapp has become a trend in many Western countries and Asia, many people want to run Whatsapp on the web. We

How To Download Windows 10 Updates Offline [Cumulative Update And Delta Updates]

Microsoft started to roll out continuous updates since Windows 10 and because of this many of will be running out of data as the process runs in background. Why you need to do it offline ? You don’t like to see Windows 10 update pop asking for system restart permission in the middle of your

Clone HDD to SSD (Smaller One) Windows 10 Guide Both Laptop And PC [Solved]

SSD or Solid State Drive will in no doubt will increase the speed of your PC or Laptop running Windows 10 OS and in turn increases your productivity. But most of us have 1TB hard disk as a standard in your system and cloning or moving data to less size i.e 250GB or 500GB is

Quickly Enable Dynamic Lock In Windows 10 | Laptop And PC Full Guide

Microsoft in recent update (Creators one), rolled out dynamic lock feature for almost all PC and laptop except some laptops with Atom processors. So what is Dynamic Lock Feature ? In simple terms, your screen will lock after a certain time once you take away your mobile device from the vicinity of your laptop or

How to Reset Your Windows 10 Password?

Forgetting passwords to Windows PC’s are quite a common issue confronted by most of the Windows users. But since computer is a storehouse of many important documents, files, media contents, worksheets in digital format, forgetting your Windows password might bring serious troubles to you. But don’t panic, we would here discuss the ways to reset

How To Use Ad Blocker In Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Laptop And PC

Ad blockers are the easiest way to block almost all types of ads that comes in a website and Microsoft did a huge update for their browser. Internet Explorer is no more default browser for Windows 10 OS (Creators and Anniversary update) and its replaced a fresh browser named Microsoft Edge. As per our experience

Convert Word File DOCX or DOC File To PDF Without Any Software Or Apps In Windows 10

Normally many of us use a free PDF converter to do this, but there are too many limitations in the free version like water marking in all the pages converted to PDF or the software limits only you to covert first 2 pages of the Microsoft Word Document. There many new cool features that comes

How to Enable Night Light Or Night Mode In Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Windows 10 is the number one OS for laptops and since many are using it on daily basis you find difficulty during its use in night as the screens by default will emit blue light which is one of the major factor causing eye strains. When you consider other OS like OS X in Mac,

How To Disable Or Turn Off Windows 10 Tracking Or Data Logging | Step By Step

Once you upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 or install from a fresh ISO image, Windows 10 will start to track your activities and this is enabled by default and you need to manually change the it that is tell or change the settings to not track anything. Note : If you are using