How to Convert H.265 Or HEVC to H.264 on Windows 10 PC, Laptop or Mac OS X With Free Tools

The next-gen video compression standard H.265/HEVC might be superior to H.264/AVC in terms of video compression rate, size and quality, but the truth remains that very few devices and video editors support it. While it does use lesser bandwidth and reduces storage space; it does not work well with medium CPU memory, low battery or

Movavi Video Converter Helps You To Add Subtitles To Video | Tutorial

Recently, we watched a Chinese movie, and we were not able to understand the language and asked how to add subtitles to MP4. Several portals provide us with subtitles of any movie released worldwide. However, we can add the subtitle using the media players, but those media players are not available on TV and other

What is OneSyncSVC And How To Disable It Tutorial For Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Windows 10 is possibly the best operating system Microsoft has introduced that leaves Windows previous version behind. In the latest version Microsoft trying to keep up with the latest technology that changed since Windows seven introduced. Windows Seven is lighter and faster than Windows 10 for older machines because the latest version has features that

How To Recover Deleted Word Document: Get Back Lost Files

Microsoft Word is a daily driver for millions of writers and editors around the world. Microsoft word considered as an amazing utility that enabled the writers to craft the piece of content in a better way. Nothing is perfect in this world, and the theory applies to the Microsoft Word, and we would like to

Fix: We Could Not Add All Your Attachments Error in Mail App in Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Once upon a time, we all used offline mailing system where we write the information to be shared with your friend or family or business in a post card and send it via post office. As days passed, Internet came into picture and the online mailing system got introduced in the form of Electronic mail

How To Fix Error Code 0x8024a112 Coming In Windows 10 PC And Laptops | Tutorial With Pics

Microsoft Windows comes with various features that are stable and ready to use features. Microsoft thoroughly tests every feature they put into the update or the latest version of the operating system. In monthly roll up or Windows update, the company ensures to check every update properly because it can cause a glitch. However, sometimes

Fix Please Install Skype From The Microsoft Store For The Best Experience

Skype is one of the best VoIP app for calling (including video calls) and you need to keep the software updated in Windows 10 as the new versions will be having more features and bug fixes. But recently after downloading or offline installer from Skype official website we got an error like the one shown

Best Easy Way to Convert MP3 to M4R For Free For Windows 10 PRO, Business And Home Users

For those who are looking for how to convert an MP3 file into M4R file for using it in your iPhone or any Apple products, then you are at the right place to get the best easy solution. When you own an iPhone, it is very irritating when you download or purchase any MP3 file

How To Change DNS To [ CloudFlare ] In Windows 10 Laptop And PC Full Tutorial

Are you having a slow Internet speed and websites are taking too long to load with your Window 10 OS (laptop or PC). Then this guide will definitely help you to speed up your system. Many websites are using CloudFlare CDN to speed up their websites and DNS also managed by CloudFlare so switching to

How To Unblock And Use Skype In UAE, Dubai, Muscat With This Free Method

Skype is one of the best ever VoIP service till now and the best thing about this is that you can make calls for free to other users even on 2G network with breaking your voice. This is what many other free voice calling apps do have including Whatsapp. But recently Skype is banned in

BITS Bandwidth Eating Windows 10 Fix Or Solution For Laptop And PC

Windows 10 is a well-known OS for eating your high speed mobile or broadband data within few hours. Because of this problem Microsoft itself introduced a feature called “Set As Metered Connection”. That option seems to work for DoSVC bandwidth eating problem, but for BITS or Background Intelligent Transfer Service setting as a metered connection

Driver Unloaded Without Canceling Pending Operations | Windows 10 Problem FIX For PC And Laptop

Microsoft Windows launched in 2015, where many people got to download it for free of cost without paying a single penny, which is quite thoughtful for the Microsoft to offer Windows 10 Home for free, but the errors have not stopped even with the latest build. Driver Unloaded Without Cancelling Pending Operations We have seen