How To Change Windows 10 Login Screen For Laptop, Desktop PC, Surface Pro

Microsoft released Windows 10 editions in the market in 2015 and the failure of Win 8 caused the rush release. Unfortunately, the software company could not add futuristic features because they had to replace the failures. The good part does not end with release of Win 10 because the last four years, I have seen

Detect piracy in your papers with Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism means to duplicate information from an already available source without mentioning the real writer. It is hard for anyone to visit sites and read to see if their content is similar to any other material or if someone has replicated the data or have written creatively. Plagiarism checker of is introduced to perform

Best Bingo Sites That Accept PayPal

The introduction of gaming consoles in 1980’s was the pinnacle of the industry. The world was booming with bingo games and board based games. Nowadays, Internet has opened up plenty of potential for keyboard and mouse players around the world. Are you looking for Bingo Sites that accept PayPal? The Bingo sites require credit card

What Is a Good Domain Authority?

Domain Authority, or DA, is a crucial factor in determining a site’s placement in search engine results is one of the most important elements of any effective SEO campaign. It’s a metric created by Moz that determines a site’s overall authority in its focus area and its trustworthiness for users. Sites with a high DA

How to Enable Tamper Protection for Windows Security on Windows 10

Microsoft started to push the Windows updates seriously since 2017 end of the year. On May 2019, the innovative operating system developers released an update called “Tamper Protection” in Win Security system. However, the Tamper Protection is off by default in Windows Defender and it does display notifications unless “your device may be vulnerable” enabled

How To Optimize USB Storage For Better Performance On Windows 10 Laptop, PC, Surface Pro

Microsoft announced that they would start rolling out updates that optimize Quick Removal. In the past, Windows optimizes “Better Performance” so the USB device does not suffer from data loss or corruption. Millions of consumers around the world prefer to remove the device quickly, so they can transfer the files smoothly on another device. As

Best Ways To Pin Microsoft To Do Lists To The Start Menu In Windows 10

Microsoft To-Do is a Windows professional task management application and it is available for free on the platform. Several years ago there was an application called “Wunderlist app” available on cross-platforms. Microsoft offered a price to sell the software and codes behind it, and then they re-launched it as Microsoft To-Do. Of course, there is

How To Disable The Lock Screen On Windows 10 Laptop, Desktop, Surface Pro

Windows 10 lock screen loved by millions of consumers as it offers custom wallpaper, notifications, time & date, and other interesting interface. However, I have seen people, who do not prefer to have it on the screen because it causes them a lot of irritation. The lock screen does not work smoothly for older machines

Fix Google Chrome Waiting For Available Socket-Error | Working Solution Tutorial

Google Chrome Waiting for available socket Error is a common error since it was launched Chrome browser in 2008. You can find vast range of errors on different softwares, programs, applications and browsers as well. Fortunately, Chrome team did not avoid it and availed plenty of options to solve errors. Of course, the fresh installation

Best Easy Way To Add Pictures To Sticky Notes In Windows 10 PC, Laptop, Surface Pro

Microsoft added several features to Windows 10 and they continued traditional features as well. Hundreds of build version launched since 2015 and the company keep releasing new updates every single month. Microsoft enhanced traditional features so they can meet people end and they did not give up improving existing functions. What is Sticky Notes? Windows

How to Uninstall the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows contain a lot of in-built features designed to protect the computer from malicious attacks and performance. Microsoft has a dedicated team that works on creating compatible features, but they don’t reach perfection. We cannot blame the operating system because millions of computers are assembled. In assembled computers, Win10 has to find compatibility with wide-range

Windows 10 Privacy And Data Defaults Fix For All Laptops And PC [ Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Sony, Asus]

Privacy has always been an important concern for almost all Internet users. Windows 10 being one of the most popular operating systems available to the common public has seen its fair share of Criticism in terms of privacy issues. Thus, today we are looking forward to curbing these privacy issues and making sure that you