How to Create a USA Apple ID From Any Other Country A Full Tutorial With Pics?

Apple goes down as a prestigious company in the American business history, and there are many services which come first in America before anybody else like YouTube Red, Apps, Services and other things because of the infrastructure and development of technology in that country. Have you ever heard of an app called “Spotify.” Except for

Tutu App Helper for iPhone or iPad Running iOS 11

iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In a recent census it was found that over 50% of the world’s smartphones are running on iOS. In reality iOS and Android have almost equal shares in the smartphone business but this doesn’t mean that both devices have equal flexibilities. iOS

How To Check RAM Performance With Windows 10 Memory Diagnostic Tool

Windows 10 is the latest version, which the company is promoting in the market as the flagship operating system. Microsoft has added new features to the Win10 creators build, and they have released various build-version for this operating system. However, that does mean Microsoft has ditched their old functions and features, which happen to be

How To Enable Windows Photo Viewer In Windows 10 Laptop And PC

Microsoft loves to update their software to give the users what they want and Windows is getting more powerful with every release. However, the company wants to stay on the top and provide the users with access to the latest features and functions that even rival the competitors. There is no doubt that the Windows

How to Schedule Torrent Downloading in Android Mobiles And Tabs?

Welcome folks to our new post and in this post we are going to help you by answering a very easy questions of yours which you often asked Google. How to schedule Torrent downloading on Android-based devices and in return you sometimes get lists of untrusted apps which comes with scheduling features. But don’t worry

How to Open HEIC Files in Windows 10, Mac And How to Convert HEIC to JPEG

HEIF (HEIC) stands for High Efficiency Image Format and recently Apple has switched to it from previously used JPEG format (with latest iOS update which iOS 11). HEIC image files are half in size if we compare these files with JPEG files and stand equal in terms of quality. Hence we are getting the high

How To Fix “An Operating System Wasn’t Found”? | Quick Solution For Windows 10 Users

One day you wake up in the morning and power up your Windows-based PC or laptop, and you have an error that says “An Operating System Wasn’t Found.” Now you are in deep trouble because you’ve got plenty of unfinished business to conduct that isn’t possible without the saved files in your Windows-PC. Now, what

How Can You Configure Custom Domain Email in Windows 10 Laptop And PC

Microsoft has been working on optimizing the Windows latest version so that they can give the customers what they want under a minimum system requirement. It is a challenging task for them, but they are now moving towards adding more inbuilt programs and options that will give your insight and access to the features like

Windows 10 Auto Delete Junk Files Full Guide(Temp Files including apps, Recycle Bin, old OS versions)

Recently Microsoft launched a major update for Windows 10 OS, called creators update and with this update many new features are added to the OS. If you have not yet downloaded the latest build, do check our article here, Windows 10 ISO full offline installer. In this Fall Creators update a new feature called Storage

DoSvc Bandwidth Eating Windows 10 Permanent Solution Or Fix

Like always, I was writing an article for this websites and suddenly my laptop running Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Creators Build crashed suddenly and I need to press the power button to turn on my laptop to continue my work. But after turning on the laptop I saw something was eating my bandwidth (high

3 Best Simple Ways To Auto Lock Your Windows 10 PC or Laptop Quickly

Windows PC is known for full control over your system and gives you the personalization like no other operating system in existence. It is also one of those functions, which allows you to add more security your Windows-PC when it is idle, or you are away from your keyboard. However, not many users are aware

How To Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Spotlight Images to Your Hard Drive Or SSD

Fell in love with a Windows 10 lock screen wallpaper and you need to save it for later use or use it as your desktop background ? But sadly Windows 10 don’t allow this. But here are three ways by which you can this picture. First method is pretty simple: Just press the “PrtSc” on