Powerball And Mega Millions scan lottery tickets | iPhone App Review

Are you a regular lottery ticket buyer and seem to fail to keep track of each and every ticket you are buying. Well now don’t worry because we’ve got you all covered and then you would surely require this app that will help you to gain lots of stuff as well. Today we’re going to

MyObjectives iPhone App Review | Achieve Business Goals on the Go

The MyObjectives app has been on the market for nearly two years, and its parent company, Alliance Enterprises, just launched the app on the Apple app store. Today we are here to review the app for potential buyers who may be interested in gaining visibility into the health of their business on the go and

PrivateMe App Review| Now your Privacy is in your Hand only

Nobody likes to share his/her phone with others as there are many private chats and pictures which we all want to keep in private. is which can help you in maintaining your privacy as through it you can hide apps (like messenger apps, browsers, etc.) and images. Now without wasting much time let us explore

FairOption Review| Best iPhone Tool for Option Traders

Welcome all, we are back with another trade-related app review and this time we are going to review . It uses the efficient and long established, Nobel prize-winning Black-Scholes model to accurately calculate the theoretical fair option price for traded options. And it is currently available for iOS based devices only. Let us explore more

Bodyweight And Fitness Equipment Training iPhone App | ZANUM Review

Welcome exercise lovers to our new post in which we are going to discuss . is derived from the latin word called ‘Sanum’ which means healthy and real. As you all can get the idea about the title, ZANUM is the health-related app which focuses on bodyweight and fitness equipment training. It is like a

ZapZapMath Android Educational App Review | Making Math Learning Easy for Kids

Mathematics has always been a mind goggling trouble for most of the kids. If the concepts are not developed from the primary level, a kid might turn out to be weak on this subject. It is really very important to build a demonstrative approach so that the kid can grasp up the concept easily making

MDPlayer Review| Best Free Music App for Android By MobiDev

All music lovers, this post is for you. In this post, we’ll be reviewing , a smart music playing app for smartphones. MDPlayer is different from other music apps and has some exciting features which are sometimes sorely missed in similar apps: Drive Mode, Android Auto support, Android Smartwatch support, and a couple of others.

Remember App Review| Now Learning New Language is Easy

Learning new language is always a difficult task. It is very difficult to switch from our native or base language to a new language. Learning new words and their meaning and spelling always leads to difficulties. But now there is no need to worry as in this post we are going to discuss about a

Best Selfie App For iPhone And iPad | Fabby Review

We love taking Selfies, and we all use traditional photos editing apps to edit selfies to make them more attractive and interesting. Traditional selfies editing apps comes with boring features like some filters, adjust brightness, etc. All these techniques are very basic and old and younger generation requires something more funky and attractive, and in

Weather Gods iPhone App | All In One Solution For Forecasts

Have you ever wondered what the weather would be like in a few days? Well, we all have thought about this once in a while before we are planning to do something. People all around the world do love to make plans but sometimes the weather tends to ruin things and set them back. This

Outline – take organized notes, “OneNote Ed.” For iPhone And iPad | Review

Have you ever wanted to take some of the best ever notes and assistance while on the go and have you not found yourself stranded while doing so with the in built app of your iPhone or your iPad. With the latest advancements in technology we can surely get an app that is responsible and

Joy Vegas Slots Best FREE CASINO Game For Android And iPhone/iPad

is one of those games which provide some amazing Vegas online experience at no cost. Users can enjoy playing free casino with their friends or with other through it anywhere and anytime. Joy Vegas Slot is a free casino online playing platform which is developed by TheE&M CO., LTD. And it is available for both