Happy Juul Sticker App For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Review

Are you bored with same age old pre-installed emoji? Do you want some new ways to express on iMessage?This new sticker application has simple and fun sticker that brightens up your conversation. Happy Juul is a sticker application by Art Juul. Happy Juul stickers based on Happy Juul and Friends books. If you have not

Swiss Chocolate Free Sticker App For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Happy Juul Brings the new Stickers pack for iMessages conversation “” Download Links The old days are gone where the messages are just plain text and sent to your loved ones. Nowadays, the smartphones are getting smarter with the new innovations coming in the App Stores. Happy Juul company has proudly launched “Swiss Chocolate” stickers

PIN Genie’s Screen Lock & App Lock Review – Protect your Device from falling in Wrong Hands

The Android lock screen has changed many times over the passing years. A number of slide-to-unlock methods and the OEMs have put their spin on the things. This has made a number of screen lock apps to emerge on Google PlayStore and Apple’s AppStore. Though many screen and app lock applications are available to pity

Talking Shapes A Free iPad App For Preschoolers From Talking Fingers

This is really a stupendous app which creates link between letters, sounds and words that begin with that sound. This is really a panacea for parents who want to make their children learn English fast along with phonetics. has three stories, one is the Fat Cat, other one is The Silly Hen and the latest

Switchit Review| A Free Multimedia Digital Business Cards App For iOS Devices

Business cards can play a vital role in the growth of the firm. An attractive and expressive business card can help in getting more customers hence more business. It is always advised to carry a bunch of business cards with you so that you can quickly hand over your business cards to potential customers. But

Best Free VPN For Android 7.0 Mobiles And Tablets

Android has changed the course of smartphones in the world. One of the major credit goes to the Google innovation team, which has made things possible for the next generation. Companies based on developing apps are in the advantage because Google has opened up doors for the developers to create something new and get rewarded in the

Captain Blimey Review: Reality Based Virtual Game

Welcome games lovers! In this post we are going to share our views on a new smart phone game called , which is now available for free download on and Captain Blimey is a virtual game that is based on real world, yes, you read it right. It is a treasure hunt game in which users

Sticker Market Emoji keyboard Free Android App| Our Experience

Some colorful and expressive stickers and emojis can take a boring conversation to the next level, these stickers and emojis can make an ordinary conversation more interesting. Whereas some naughty Gifs can add more spice to a normal conversation and can make it more engaging. Unfortunately, default Google Keyboard does not come with stickers, photo

ZapZapMath Android Educational App Review | Making Math Learning Easy for Kids

is a platform which provides hundreds of games on various math topics which makes its users learn math very easily and more efficiently. It is more than standard K-6 math games for children and is very helpful in improving kid’s maths. It’s also free to try out and users can go for the full subscription

OWNZONES (Romania) Review: A Pure Delight for Romanian People

Are you are citizen of Romania? Have you missed out your favorite TV show? Forget opting for the latest edition of your favorite magazine? Are you missing the Romanian movie while sitting abroad? If yes is the answer to all these questions, then we have the best one-stop solution for you. is a stunning application

InstaPawn Review – The Master App for Pawnbrokers

Now with InstaPawn, customers can shop their favorite pawn shops 24/7 from a mobile phone. InstaPawn allows customers to see all their pawn transactions, loan history, and even make a payment in the app. For pawnshop owners, the transaction is 100% automated and funds are directly deposited into their account. Pawn stores can more than

World Of Cats Free Android Game Review| A Gift For Cat Lovers

If you are a cat lover, then you should definitely read the whole post and if you are not a cat lover then don’t worry because World of Cats is a very exciting and addictive game. As you can get the idea from the name itself is an online game of cats, it consists of