OsmAnd Android And iOS Map App Review | Best Offline Map For USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, NL

This is a life that is fast-paced and ruthless; everyone here is running to get the best output in their life. In order to do that, people have to move from one place to another, that is from city to city or from country to country. A new place means a new area which is


3 Best Ways To Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome | Windows 10, Mac OS X

Your connection is not a private error occurs on Google Chrome browser once in a while for few reasons. It is an annoying error because you won’t be able to access the Internet despite having an active connection at your place. There are many reasons why your connection is not a private error occurs on

Best VPN For Uganda To Bypass Social Media Tax 2018 | Windows 10, Android, Mac, iOS

In a surprising Uganda Government has slapped the citizens with social media tax and they have also disagreed with VPN services. You have to pay social media tax to use platforms like Facebook. Allow us to reveal some of the VPN’s you can use to avoid paying social media tax to the Uganda government. 1.


What Is UTCSVC And How To Remove UTCSVC.EXE From Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with many features that are taking us to the future. The compatibility to the older hardware and Windows 10 offering high-end features at the same time is clever work done by Microsoft. However, there are many services running background that comes with the OS, and the purpose of the services is

How to Reset Windows 10 Laptop Password with PassMoz LabWin

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest edition from the company. Windows 10 does come with plenty of features, and it also comes with ten years old lock screen feature we had in Windows 7. We all are aware that lock screen is indeed a major problem when you forget the password. Windows 10 does come

How Quickly To Enable VPN In Microsoft Edge For Windows 10 OS [ Laptop And PC]

Microsoft has introduced the Edge browser with their latest edition of Windows 10. The company offered traditional Internet Explorer, and Edge browser on Windows 10 all editions. The Microsoft told the world that it is the best browser they have developed for the users. The Edge browser supports thousands of apps and software available in


Bosma To Release Its New DIY CapsuleCam Night Vision Home Security System With Much Better Image Quality

One of the most trusted companies for home security, Bosma, has launched a new advanced HD Night-Vision Camera on Indiegogo July 09, 2018. People often get confused while trying to find the best home security gadget, in this highly competitive and confusing place, CapsuleCam is the best choice you could get. It has the highest


​Prevent Direct Access: Protect WordPress File Uploads against Unauthorized Users

When we run a business on WordPress, we want more and more people to visit our site, and at the same time, protect WordPress file uploads from being downloaded without permission. E​veryone wants that but do WordPress and its plugins provide you with this feature?​Unfortunately not. Prevent Direct Access Gold offers you a solution that


Booqable Review | Easy And Best Way To Run your Rental Business Online & In-Store Like A Pro

We often look for easy to use software for our rental business in order to ease our work, but not all software provides us with this facility. With Booqable, you can run your rental business online and in-store. Whenever you want to rent out products from your website, you can use Booqable to ease your


Best Light Weight Screen Recorders For Google Chrome 2018 Windows 10, Mac OS X Version

Google Chrome is a leading browser for millions of people around the world. The Google’s freemium browser adds plenty of value to the users, and it comes with features and touch that is worth paying for it. Those who don’t know that Google Chrome has evolved over the years and they have added tremendous features


Best Free PDF to Word Converter Software *Top Rated* for Windows 10 PC And Laptop 2018

Sometimes our work requires editing, but editing a PDF file directly is unattainable if we ever want to amend a PDF file, or wish to extract text or images from the file, the best way is to convert it into a Word document. It also makes it accessible through office software like Microsoft Word or


Best 5 VPN Service For Routers [ Wi-Fi] 2018 | Encrypt Your Internet And Go Anonymous

Virtual Private Network has become a phenomenal technology and service in the year of 2018. The security level of the VPN becomes very important for many people around the world. You can connect your Windows, Mac, and Linux PC to a VPN to remain anonymous on the Internet and surf without worrying about the privacy


How To Cut Or Trim Videos On Android Phone with Google Photos For Free

Life is full of beautiful moments and we capture these in the form of photos and videos with the best camera we always have in hand – the one attached to our smartphone. It could be a birthday party, the first time your child started to walk the day you got married to your sweetheart,