Optimizing Your Business Intelligence Platform

There’s no magic formula for perfecting business intelligence. But it’s also no secret data is becoming increasingly important to businesses that want to compete in the modern economy. About 90 percent of large corporations are adding a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to their executive suites. Clearly, enterprises see the value in data.  These are some

5 Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

The daily email traffic is enormous, and email providers are countless. Gmail is far ahead in the race with 1.5 billion users worldwide followed by Outlook reaching 400 million, and Yahoo! Mail which takes the third place with its 230 million users. All these email services can be used for free, although they offer some

Best Top Free Encrypted Cloud Storage to Safely Store Your Sensitive Data

Looking for the best encrypted cloud storage provider? Well, we’ve got you covered with the most extensive, thoroughly researched, and best encrypted cloud storage. We have reviewed a number of cloud storage available online and shortlisted the three best ones for your perusal. Before we proceed to learn more about them, let’s first understand what

What To Consider When Choosing A VPN In 2020

It seems like everything has changed in 2020, with the pandemic bringing the world to its knees, and political unease affecting the biggest countries in the world. However, one thing that has not changed is the necessity to protect yourself from cyberthreats. In fact, cybersecurity is a bigger issue than it ever was before. Most

#1 Writing Help Service wr1ter.com

An essay is a specific literary style of free presentation of thoughts, that uses metaphors, allegories, figurative words, etc. Writing a proper essay requires preparation and time, otherwise, it is quite difficult to reflect your thoughts artistically, coherently, and voluminously. In this type of writing one should clearly state the problem, explicate its detailed analysis,

3 Software Solutions Your Business Can’t Do Without

Nowadays, having a good business ethic and excellent sales skills isn’t enough to grow a business. Without a good software solution, your business might remain static. So, if you’re just getting started, you’ll need all the help you can get, and that kind of leg up is something you can expect when you’re using the

How Bookmakers are Building Mobile Betting Platforms

Many industries around the world can be described as fast moving and always wanting to go forward. Amongst those is certainly the betting industry. What helps bookmakers is the fact that the industry is hugely competitive. If you want to place a bet, there are many bookmakers out there who are all waiting to take

AudKit Spotify Music Converter Review

Spotify is a daily driver for millions of music lovers around the world including us. You can listen to millions of tracks released by Labels, Independent Artists, and Classics like no other platform. However, you don’t have the option to download the tracks and move them to your device. Many third-party developers have launched solutions

Why Online Casinos Should Be Browser Compatible

Instant Play casinos have become increasingly popular these days. These are casinos that allow gamers to play different games directly from their web browsers. Essentially, you’re not required to download anything to play the available games. This is a great experience for most online gamblers because they don’t want to install apps that occupy valuable