How Has CS: GO Become and Stayed the World’s Most Popular Esports?

For a game that is over eight years old, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is one of the mainstays of the competitive video gaming scene. In fact, it’s arguably the most engaged-with competitive video gaming product there is. The community around it may not be as numerous as that of games such as Fortnite and

Payment Gateway: How Does It Work

A payment gateway is an easy way for businesses to receive electronic or online payments from a website or mobile application. Online payments became a part of everyone’s daily life. We make online transactions not only using credit cards, but also by other methods, such as UPI, online banks and e-wallets. Online payments are a

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional For AV Equipment Installation

Everyone has little knowledge in the Audio & Video equipment, but we should not take it for granted and skip consulting experienced people. Many corporate companies skip Audio & Video equipment experts because they don’t want to waste capital on it. However, you cannot deny that an expert is ideal for complicated jobs and no

Which one to choose for a student: PC or Mac?

This Mac vs PC debate is nothing new; it initiated 35 years ago and is still going strong. If you are trying to decide which one is better for college, there is no right answer. This article breaks down a few significant differences among them to help you make a suitable decision. Mac OS vs

Top Free iOS Apps for Students

The internet has given us a lot of ways to improve our studying. Some of the best apps for students are listed below. Our article should help you find what you need. We have tried to offer a range of apps. We know that not everyone has the same needs. Flashcards+ Flashcards is a very

Best Windows Tools for writing a perfect essay

There are a lot of academic tools and software that you can benefit from. We have gathered all these tools for you. You can easily access them online. By using these tools, you will be able to produce quality content every single time. So, take out your note pad and start noting these down! 1.

How to Stay Undetected When Using SpellBreak Hacks

It’s common knowledge that the only thing stopping every player in the world from using SpellBreak hacks is anti-cheat. Anti-cheat has always been the number one enemy for anyone that likes to use hacks to get their way, and this is probably the case for you if you’re interested in using SpellBreak hacks. Regardless, anti-cheat

Custom WordPress Development and Design versus WordPress Templates

The modern-day world is blessed by the power of internet. Websites are helping both individuals and organizations to expand their reach and business. More and more people are looking to explore the endless possibilities world wide web brings for self and professional growth. Understanding the growing need, there are various platforms that provide needed functionality.

Things to Be Considered When Getting a Bookmaker for Efficient Betting Routine

Over the last decade, the popularity of the online betting has grown immensely. The betting sector has turned into a form of entertainment that needs to be mastered properly. The major attractiveness of the betting routine is that it doesn’t require huge investments for making profits. Some other benefits of using a bookmaker include high

Cybersecurity 2020: Threats to Be Aware of in 2020

In the context of cybersecurity, 2020 was marked by APT attacks, searching for hardware vulnerabilities and high-profile leaks. When business leaders came to realize the need to build a truly effective information security system, criminals have firmly established themselves in cyberspace. The most striking example was the market on the dark web, where a lot

Time-Saving Excel Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Microsoft Excel is a full-featured tool that acts as a spreadsheet for your business or personal use. Its helpfulness can’t be understated, but if you’re new to the program or simply don’t know all its features yet, let this blog post be your guide. There are plenty of interesting, time-saving techniques you can use to

Automated Database Migration from SQL Server to MySQL

Many companies are following a trend of switching commercial software to freeware or open source equivalents. So, most of them are migrating their databases from SQL server to MySQL server. Software developers are offering dedicated tools known as database converter, for this purpose. These database converters automate migrating of complete database to individual table while