OsmAnd Android And iOS Map App Review | Best Offline Map For USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, NL

This is a life that is fast-paced and ruthless; everyone here is running to get the best output in their life. In order to do that, people have to move from one place to another, that is from city to city or from country to country. A new place means a new area which is


Surfshark VPN : No Logging With Unlimited Device Support And Fast Servers Across The Globe

Post-Cambridge Analytica era made us think of our Internet privacy like never before. Hence, VPNs became more relevant. I tried Surfshark VPN and was impressed with the results. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is like a virtual tunnel encrypting and protecting your data. If you connect to a VPN, it’s tough for anyone to spy on whatever


How to Convert H.265 Or HEVC to H.264 on Windows 10 PC, Laptop or Mac OS X With Free Tools

The next-gen video compression standard H.265/HEVC might be superior to H.264/AVC in terms of video compression rate, size and quality, but the truth remains that very few devices and video editors support it. While it does use lesser bandwidth and reduces storage space; it does not work well with medium CPU memory, low battery or

How to Control Your Work – Life Balance with a Printable Calendar

Work – life balance is such a sensitive topic that many of us choose to ignore for years. Jobs are demanding, stressful and leave us with so little free time. You use technology for many purposes, including time management and to minimize stress. Yet, there’s no app available yet to stop the fatigue you feel

OceanWP Review | The Free WordPress Theme That Give You Premium Feel

OceanWP is a free WordPress theme created to meet the needs of those customers who want a theme which would be affordable, but has premium theme like features. It was noticed by developers that most unpaid themes don’t actually work the way they are intended to and in order to get good features, one must


IOTransfer 2 An All In One iPhone And iPad Manager With Video Downloader For Windows 10

Apple considered as an innovative company that produce and manufacture gadgets different from the rest of the competitors. There is no doubt that Apple product features become a trend and it replaces all previous trends, which forces manufacturers to change their design as well. However, Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod lacks many basic features, which


Movavi Video Converter Helps You To Add Subtitles To Video | Tutorial

Recently, we watched a Chinese movie, and we were not able to understand the language and asked how to add subtitles to MP4. Several portals provide us with subtitles of any movie released worldwide. However, we can add the subtitle using the media players, but those media players are not available on TV and other


Eltima USB Network Gate For Windows 10 PC And Laptop Review

Apps can do wonderful things. The technology we have today produces a number of solutions for many of life’s daily problems. Everything is more accessible and faster now. There’s some service provider or the other for everything that we require at any point. Let’s imagine you want to share a USB device (like your scanner)


Hide.me vs IPVanish VPN 2018 Comparison | Which One Is The Best And Why Its Better ?

Most of us don’t worry about the safety of our private data, especially when using a public network. But we should be because it is easy for attackers to misuse our personal information, and we do disclose a lot of it every time we connect to a network. And that’s where VPNs or Virtual Private


Sports Thread : The Ultimate App For Student Athletes

Are you a high school student who is highly interested in activities like sports and games? Well, if that’s the case then today you are in for a ride as we are going to be having a look at how you can take full advantage of your skills on the field and make it useful


000webhost Offers Free Web Hosting For All | Read Our Experience With Them

000webhost falls under the category of free hosting, and the free hosting site is around for a decade. The innovative idea has given an opportunity to the enthusiastic website founders to host their site for free of cost. The free website hosting plans of 000webhost has changed the Internet a decade ago and made the


5 Alternative WordPress PageBuilders if you hate the new Gutenberg

The entry of the new WordPress editor/page builder, Gutenberg, has brought along with it a lot of mixed reactions about the future of WordPress. It has a very low rating of 2.7 out of 5, which is almost at the midpoint (not very good and not very bad either). We think that most of the


What is OneSyncSVC And How To Disable It Tutorial For Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Windows 10 is possibly the best operating system Microsoft has introduced that leaves Windows previous version behind. In the latest version Microsoft trying to keep up with the latest technology that changed since Windows seven introduced. Windows Seven is lighter and faster than Windows 10 for older machines because the latest version has features that