OsmAnd Android And iOS Map App Review | Best Offline Map For USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, NL

This is a life that is fast-paced and ruthless; everyone here is running to get the best output in their life. In order to do that, people have to move from one place to another, that is from city to city or from country to country. A new place means a new area which is


Windows 10 Auto Delete Junk Files Full Guide(Temp Files including apps, Recycle Bin, old OS versions)

Recently Microsoft launched a major update for Windows 10 OS, called creators update and with this update many new features are added to the OS. If you have not yet downloaded the latest build, do check our article here, Windows 10 ISO full offline installer. In this Fall Creators update a new feature called Storage

Gpass Review | A Useless Password Manager With Bad Customer Support

In this article we are going to cover very interesting useless password managing service which is available for Google users which is known as Gpass (website : Gpass.io). Gpass uses Google account to register and through it, users can stores various types of information and passwords in a secure and productive way. Let us explore


MacX MediaTrans – Best iTunes Alternative To Backup iPhone To Mac Before Upgrading To New iPhone & iOS

fFirst of all, we all know that the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X has been released and everybody is absolutely hyped about it. Along with these two new handsets, a new version of the iOS– the iOS 11 was also released. However, with every update regarding the handset or the OS comes a very


DoSvc Bandwidth Eating Windows 10 Permanent Solution Or Fix

Like always, I was writing an article for this websites and suddenly my laptop running Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Creators Build crashed suddenly and I need to press the power button to turn on my laptop to continue my work. But after turning on the laptop I saw something was eating my bandwidth (high

Firefox 56.0.1 FINAL Download | Windows, Mac And Linux UPDATED

Firefox 56 has been rolled out by Mozilla in the stable channel after the beta test, before downloading check out what features comes new in this version. Firefox 56.0.1 new features and improvements Now you can take screenshots without leaving the web browser and yes you can select the portion which you need to save for


Best Antivirus For Windows 10 64 Bit Version Of Laptop And PC

Antivirus programs are needed for every Windows PC users. Antivirus and security system is allowing the Windows users to securely do their online task without worrying about the privacy invaders. However, some people don’t consider to have an active security program that monitors their PC all time because they feel they don’t have the requirement of


3 Best Simple Ways To Auto Lock Your Windows 10 PC or Laptop Quickly

Windows PC is known for full control over your system and gives you the personalization like no other operating system in existence. It is also one of those functions, which allows you to add more security your Windows-PC when it is idle, or you are away from your keyboard. However, not many users are aware

Best Top Free Hard Drive Speed Test Tools or Software for Windows 10 Laptop And PC

Windows operating system is one of the modern os running on 80% of the PC and Laptop worldwide. More than a million developers start working on their program and design them to run on Windows-OS, which is why you have more options for Windows 10 than Mac OSX and Linux. Windows programs enable you to


Masters of Mindfulness Review: An App Which Can Help You to Become A Better Person

Today we are going to talk about . It is an app which can help its users to become more confident, calm, happy, healthy and successful than before. It is developed by Exceptional Life Institute, LLC and is currently available for the iOS-based device. It is a paid service which comes with 14 days trial


Lion’s Sphere Review: An Interesting Puzzle Android Game

If you are a Rubik Cube lover and love to solve Rubik Cube on your device, then we are sure then you would like this fantastic 3D puzzle game known as Lion’s Sphere. It is another form of Rubik Cube in which users have to solve eight colors 3D sphere. It comes with some amazing


How To Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Spotlight Images to Your Hard Drive Or SSD

Fell in love with a Windows 10 lock screen wallpaper and you need to save it for later use or use it as your desktop background ? But sadly Windows 10 don’t allow this. But here are three ways by which you can this picture. First method is pretty simple: Just press the “PrtSc” on

Fennex – The First Free Augmented Hearing App For iPhone

In this post we are going to discuss an exciting app which can help us in many ways and it is specially developed for people with hearing problems, and is the first augmented hearing app which is currently available for iOS-based devices( both iPad and iPhone). Fennex is a hearing aid app which can make