VyprVPN Review Best Ever Free VPN For Windows 10| 8.1 | XP

Most of us spend at least 1 hour in front of computer or digital gadgets like mobile and laptops for browsing internet , checking social media accounts, watching videos etc. But most of us are not aware that we are being tracked and our privacy is compromised. In some parts of the world some websites are blocked from accessing. So don’t you think it’s against your internet freedom, if your answer is yes, you can read below.

Oh yeah your answer is yes and you will be thinking how you can secure your online privacy and access any websites that you wish without any problems.

Answer is simple just use a technology named as VPN or Virtual Private Network that will encrypt all your send and received data by using anyone of the protocols.

So now if you search internet for the best VPN providers you will get a handful of it. So we have narrowed it for you guys.

Established in 2010, VyprVPN from GoldenFrog is one of the best provider we have seen so far because we used their service for than a week and is still using it.


What I can say in a single line ?

VyprVPN is the Best High Speed VPN

My review or experience after using Vypr VPN

Let’s take the speed what we liked the most

We didn’t find much drop in speed like we found with other providers even though encryption was going in the background.

Here are our test result

  • Our default ISP speed : 10Mbps

After using VPN location San Fransisco

  • Download speed : 8.1Mbps
  • Upload speed : 1.7Mbps

The reason for high speed is because they own most of the network that they operate.

Next one is the free trial for unlimited time

I personally like this feature because they offer free 500MB for unlimited time period (no disconnecting after 30 Min continues use) with premium features of their high end plan. No need of giving any personal information like credit card info, just a valid email id is more than enough. In short no strings attached.

The only limitation that I found with free plan is that you can’t use the option ” Fastest server ” option in the client.

If you run out of free 500MB or if you are satisfied with quality, level of speed and encryption you can upgrade to their premium plan and it’s shown below

plans to select


Money back guarantee

  • They are already offering free plan so I think there is no point in money back!

Protocols available

Some countries even block the use of VPN technology by using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for those who are from these type of countries Vypr have developed an exclusive protocol named as Chameleon that can bypass almost all network restrictions. Also note that it’s built over OpenVPN. Other protocols available

  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPsec

NAT firewall that help you to secure the data while you are using wireless devices like mobile phones, tablets etc.

Support offered

I like the fact that you can throw any questions to the live chat support agent for a swift answer at any time except Sundays, here is the screenshots below

support offered

My chat with agent and country list

Other than live chat they also offer support by email tickets, we didn’t used it because all queries were answered within the live chat itself.

Servers and country list

They have around 700+ servers located in 40+ countries around the globe. Here are some

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Finland
  • Austria
  • Vietnam
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Italy
  • Ireland

And many more as you have in the above picture of my chat with support agent


  • At the time of reviewing they were offering unlimited data transfer in all premium plans.

Server switching

  • You can switch it as many times as you want

Number of simultaneous connection possible

  • It depends on plan you choose

Torrent and P2P download

  • Not supported currently on any of the servers

DNS leak

  • We didn’t find any leak from WebRTC

Logging policy

  • Yes they do keep log for 30 days

The process

Like I said before you need to only a valid email address for free plan and your name for premium plan. Once the order is placed and payment (modes of payment available any Credit Card and PayPal) goes through them your account gets activated (need email address verification) and you are good to download the client for your respective OS. I was on Windows 8.1 while trying their service.

My experience on Windows client


Establishing a secure connection

Now this is best feature rich client that I have seen so far because after downloading the light weight (4.45 MB) software for my Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit I was able to run it without downloading any other things like .net framework specific to run the package.

So after successful installation enter your login credentials and hit connect, enjoy internet freedom.

There is also an auto connect option that automatically reconnect if there is a connection drop and internet kill switch to turn off the all application on a single go plus a protection if you are connected to WiFi network.


Secured connection in idle mode


Auto reconnect and settings

data balance

Balance data on free plan


Disconnect notification

web interface

Easy to use web interface


Dedicated software for any of your device

If you are thinking of using Vypr on other devices like android, iOS, Mac etc they have dedicated clients for you guys too.

Thinking of manual setup?

  • There are also guides for it also.


  • We like to see Bitcoin mode of payment, support for torrent on any one of the server
  • The Windows client will be the best if the auto connect option is enabled by default
  • I think they should extend the support by using TeamViewer or any softwares like that as I ran into a problem like tap driver was not getting installed on my laptop and I had to spent around 45 minutes on solving that issue.


  • Windows version software is now updated to 2.7.10 with leak and improvements in DNS functionality
  • Improved server lists
  • Italian and Turkish is now supported
  • They have now started to offer a new service called VyprVPN for Business Cloud with support for Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Virtual Box

Final thought

If speed and Windows client matters you the most VyprVPN will be the best one you can find.

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