Best Free PDF Compress Tool for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 And Mac OS X

Got to send a PDF file to someone and stuck because of its large size? PDFs vary in sizes, it depends on the content whether it’s large or small. The main problem persists when we need to forward it to someone, if it’s a really important document and you’re unable to forward just because of

How to Reset Windows 10 Laptop Password with PassMoz LabWin

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest edition from the company. Windows 10 does come with plenty of features, and it also comes with ten years old lock screen feature we had in Windows 7. We all are aware that lock screen is indeed a major problem when you forget the password. Windows 10 does come

How Quickly To Enable VPN In Microsoft Edge For Windows 10 OS [ Laptop And PC]

Microsoft has introduced the Edge browser with their latest edition of Windows 10. The company offered traditional Internet Explorer, and Edge browser on Windows 10 all editions. The Microsoft told the world that it is the best browser they have developed for the users. The Edge browser supports thousands of apps and software available in

How to Control Your Work – Life Balance with a Printable Calendar

Work – life balance is such a sensitive topic that many of us choose to ignore for years. Jobs are demanding, stressful and leave us with so little free time. You use technology for many purposes, including time management and to minimize stress. Yet, there’s no app available yet to stop the fatigue you feel