Hide.me vs IPVanish VPN 2018 Comparison | Which One Is The Best And Why Its Better ?

Most of us don’t worry about the safety of our private data, especially when using a public network. But we should be because it is easy for attackers to misuse our personal information, and we do disclose a lot of it every time we connect to a network. And that’s where VPNs or Virtual Private

Avast SecureLine VPN Review For Windows 10, Mac, Android And iOS With No Logging

We are using Avast Antivirus and Avast Security for a very long time because we have found it very useful to protect our PC from all online threats like Malware, Trojans, and other threats that come from various sources. Over the years, the Avast has become very smart, and they started to add extra features,

How To Change DNS To [ CloudFlare ] In Windows 10 Laptop And PC Full Tutorial

Are you having a slow Internet speed and websites are taking too long to load with your Window 10 OS (laptop or PC). Then this guide will definitely help you to speed up your system. Many websites are using CloudFlare CDN to speed up their websites and DNS also managed by CloudFlare so switching to

How To Unblock And Use Skype In UAE, Dubai, Muscat With This Free Method

Skype is one of the best ever VoIP service till now and the best thing about this is that you can make calls for free to other users even on 2G network with breaking your voice. This is what many other free voice calling apps do have including Whatsapp. But recently Skype is banned in

SkyVPN A Free VPN [ US Server] For Both Android And iOS Devices With No Logging In Free Plan

Smartphone has played a significant role in people’s daily life, because it can make many things possible. Now, we are standing in the era of mobile Internet and almost no one can live without Internet and smartphone, especially the younger generation. However, there are still restrictions that do not give us full potential for the

Best Top Free VPN For Kodi 2018 | Unblock Anything Or No Geo-restrictions

The Internet has already transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. With a number of applications available online, things have become a bit easier. The people often make use of the Internet to stream their favorite movies, TV shows, and other entertaining videos. Kodi being free open-source home entertainment software has gained

Best Top 3 Free Chrome Browser Extensions to Protect your Privacy | Windows 10, Mac, Linux

Though it’s the digital age, it doesn’t mean that everyone understands the technology well. The smartphones, Smart TVs, computers, laptops, and other digital assets are complex equipments. It requires the user to be equipped with basic learning to operate these gadgets. Most of us make use of laptops/computers in our everyday life, but only few

Best Free VPN for Microsoft Surface Pro And Laptops | Windows 10 Pro or S Version

Virtual Private Network, popularly abbreviated as VPN is an online service which encrypts the user data and unblocks the geo-restricted websites. There are hundreds of VPN providers available across the Internet, but not all are trustworthy. If you are looking to secure your online privacy on your Microsoft Surface device, you surely need to go

What Is VPN Cascading? Is it Good or Bad? Things You Need To Know

A number of Internet users have switched to a VPN to browse the web securely. A VPN has emerged as a better option when it comes to speed and security. However, a number of people are using TOR too, but VPN is far much better than TOR. It is speedy and allows you to access

How to Access Any Blocked Russian Websites in Ukraine For Free | Full Guide

Internet is a massive network that has broken the barriers with ever advancing technology. It has provided a new way of communication to people all across the world. Ever since the Internet has been made available for public, the face of communication had been changed completely. The Internet has played a revolutionary role in the

TOR vs. VPN – Which Is the Best One For Windows 10, Mac OS X And Linux

The Internet privacy is one of the biggest which most of the people used to believe few days back. The internet users are now getting smarter. They have realized that their Internet connection is not totally anonymous. Even if there is no risk of spies, the Internet provider is watching them. Most of the users

Best Countries with Strong Privacy Laws | VPN Friendly Regions In World

The whistle blowing of Edward Snowden drew our attention towards the little data privacy we have. It even fueled up the debates over the government surveillance and whether the right to privacy of people is getting violated in the name of security of the nation. This had a huge impact on several countries like Iceland,