Android File Transfer To Mac Easily With MacDroid

Apple computer is an advanced piece of software and hardware, but the company added restrictions to the macOS to keep the customers from moving to the latest Android smartphone. If you own an Android smartphone then it is difficult to carry out basic tasks on the Mac OS X. Apple wants the MacBook & iMac

Best Tool For File sync If You Are A Mac Users

Apple is notorious for ignoring rival operating systems because they are the direct competitors. You cannot connect an Android or Windows drive to the MacBook, iMac, and Mac Mini and expect to transfer the files. Many Apple computer consumers have no idea how to use Windows PC because the Cupertino-based company shut down the doors

Download Or Save Videos From 1000+ websites | VideoDuke Review

Online media consumers have increased over the years, which has inspired a lot of companies to launch a media website. You got YouTube, which is the #1 video sharing platform in the world. You can watch videos on the platform, but it doesn’t allow the users to save the content in local storage because it

Best And Easy To Use Online Video Downloader| AceThinker Review

At times, you may find yourself stuck when it comes to downloading your favorite videos from different websites. Though there are tools to download your favorite online videos, most of them are not available for free. Even if they are available at no cost, you might end up downloading their extension or signing up. You

Best NTFS Driver For M1 Mac OS Big Sur | Macbook Air, Pro

Apple launched the M1 Chipset lineup for the upcoming MacBook and Mac Mini, and the majority of the programs don’t support M1 CPU + GPU processor. The market is occupied with Intel-based processors, and M1 Chipset does a good job at emulation, so the majority of the apps will work. However, you can find a

5 Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

The daily email traffic is enormous, and email providers are countless. Gmail is far ahead in the race with 1.5 billion users worldwide followed by Outlook reaching 400 million, and Yahoo! Mail which takes the third place with its 230 million users. All these email services can be used for free, although they offer some

3 Software Solutions Your Business Can’t Do Without

Nowadays, having a good business ethic and excellent sales skills isn’t enough to grow a business. Without a good software solution, your business might remain static. So, if you’re just getting started, you’ll need all the help you can get, and that kind of leg up is something you can expect when you’re using the

AudKit Spotify Music Converter Review

Spotify is a daily driver for millions of music lovers around the world including us. You can listen to millions of tracks released by Labels, Independent Artists, and Classics like no other platform. However, you don’t have the option to download the tracks and move them to your device. Many third-party developers have launched solutions

Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer Backuptrans Review

iPhone is a popular product around the world for being premium goods and high-performing devices in the market. However, Apple wants to create a market that is owned by them and controlled at the same time. It is not possible without adding restrictions and Whatsapp is another example of it. Can you transfer Whatsapp Chat

Popular Apps to Use for Video Download in 2021

The invention of smartphones has significantly affected our lives. Today, we can hardly imagine spending a day with this device. We use them for all kinds of purposes, both personal and professional. We use them to communicate with friends and clients, look at and download all types of files, buy products and services, play games,

How to Download Facebook Videos [Best Easy Free Way]

Since its inception, Facebook has gain enormous popularity among the masses. It lets users create profiles, make online friends, chat via instant messenger, like and comment and connect with people all across the globe. Not only this, Facebook has also emerged as a video and photo sharing platform and have over 2.5 billion active monthly

Best Top 3 Easy Ways to Record Audio on Windows 10

There are many ways to record audio in Windows PC, and you can many free solutions to do it. I do the voiceover for YouTube videos, and I have been using many programs to record audio & later merge it with videos. After considering many aspects, I have compiled a list of audio recording software