Best Free VPNs for Acer Laptops Running Windows 10 Home, PRO Versions

We all will agree to the fact that we love privacy. We need a private space at times. This privacy is even more loved when we are using the Internet. No one of us wants to be monitored. But, the government and security organization monitors each and every activity of an individual. You can be at surveillance and you will hardly get to know it. Even if you are not on surveillance, your ISP is monitoring your each and every activity. The websites you are opening is getting tracked by your ISP. Even if you are browsing the sites on private window, everything is getting monitored.

But you can still preserve your privacy while browsing through the Internet through different means. One of the most secure means to do so on your Acer laptop is using a VPN. There are a number of VPN providers on the Internet. But, you need to be spot on your selection.

Here is the list of some of the best free VPN providers for Acer laptops using Windows 10 Pro and Home versions

Windscribe is one of the best VPN providers for Acer laptops. Any user can subscribe to its free plan by registering directly from the website and get 10GB free monthly quota. It is available for multiple platforms and devices including Windows, Linux, MAC, Blackberry, iOS, routers, web browsers and Config generators.

Using Windscribe, the user can browse through the internet anonymously without getting tracked by ISP or any government organization. The connection is kept secured through 256-bit AES Cipher security with SHA Authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key for encrypting user data. It can block the ads, unblock entertainment content on the web and keep your identity private. One of its observed downside is that it might store the user logs despite claiming it doesn’t. boasts to be the fastest VPN provider in the world. It has spread its network of 150+ handpicked servers in approximately 45 cities of 34 countries of the world. The handpicked servers ensure maximum speed and uptime. A user can easily access restricted media content and websites by selecting the server of some other country where browsing that content is allowed. offers free proxy to its customers and supports different protocols including IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP and SOCKS. The user browsing sessions are secured with AES encryption. Moreover, it is available for multiple platforms including Linux, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. You just need to sign-up with to avail 2GB free monthly quota.


ProtonVPN is one of the newest VPN providers. This Switzerland-based VPN provider shields your data with the strongest Swiss Policy Laws. It uses Kill Switch technology for protecting your data even if the VPN connection gets lost. Your web traffic is secure using AES-256 bit encryption standards and OpenVPN protocols.

It comes with DNS Leak Resolver that encrypts your DNS queries disallowing any information reaching your ISP. The best part is that it doesn’t stores any logs as Swiss government can be really strict on companies storing the user logs. So, browse the Internet fearlessly using ProtonVPN utilizing unlimited bandwidth for free. The only downside of free plan can be the connection speed could be a little slower.


ZoogVPN is another awesome fast VPN provider that comes with a handful of benefits for its users. The users can access US Netflix, access restricted web and media content, and proceed with safe torrent downloads on the internet anonymously. It is available for multiple platforms including Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS. You can stay assured about your privacy as it doesn’t store the logs.

Moreover, ZoogVPN supports multiple protocols including IPsec, IKEv2, L2TP and OpenVPN. Your connection and web traffic is kept encrypted using military grade encryption standards as its uses 256-bit cipher encryption, RSA-2048 handshake and SHA-256 authentication. To achieve faster speeds, it uses Sock5 proxy. After signing up with ZoogVPN, the user can utilize 2GB bandwidth for free every month.

Over to You

If you are the one who is too much concerned about your privacy while browsing the Internet and want to access the restricted content, any of the above VPN can be used on your Acer laptop for free. Of course, there would be a few limitations like limited speed, limited access to server locations and a few others, but your connection with stay encrypted and private.

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