Hart iPhone App Review| A Creative Way To Connect

Welcome, to all to our new post and in this post we are going to discuss a new social networking app or we can say dating app. provides a unique way to connect with different people just by expressing yourself by uploading something interesting about you with five words. Isn’t it cool? Hart works on

LikeSplash iPhone App Review| One App For All Your Interest

Now arranging all of your interest: movies, songs, restaurants, book, apps, and more is very easy with the help of . In this review post we will discuss more about this free app. is a social networking app in which users can easily link their favorite movies, songs, app, etc. with others. Exploring LikeSplash Using

Veat A Video Dating App For iPhone and iPad Review

Welcome to all to our new post and in this post, we are discussing Veat. Veat is a new way to connect with new people through sharing and browsing small videos, just use some filters to get best result in search. Sometimes a photo is not enough to represent your personality and videos can play

Best 10 Calorie Tracker App For iPhone Or iPad

In today’s life some of the apps have become essential parts of our life and calorie trackers applications are one of them. These types of apps keep a track on our daily calorie intakes and help us to stay fit and healthy. There are hundreds of Calories tracking apps available in the market, but don’t

Mech Rush Review| The Endless Running Game For iPhone And iPad

We are back with another game review and in this post we are reviewing which is currently available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and is developed by . It is an endless running one just like Temple Run, Subway suffer, etc. In this one there are different levels or we can say different world to

XNSPY | iOS Spying App for Corporate Monitoring and Endpoint Security

Do you get firsthand insight into what your employees are doing while they are online through mobile devices? Quite a few of them would be goofing around, watching YouTube videos, and playing games. The worst-case scenario would be that they steer your company towards financial ruin by disclosing closely guarded business plans and secrets. This

Best 3 TV Tracker Apps For iPhone And iPad

Are you a person who regularly forgets the timing of your favorite show? Or you have a bad memory in remembering the time of a movie or show as you get immersed in another program. Whatever be the case, you have just landed in the right place. Today, I am going to introduce three top

Funnster iPhone App Review | Organize Parties like a Breeze

We all know that partying is fun but not at least for the organizer. If you organized any party in the past, you know that it is a Herculean task to collect everything and accumulate all the others. And, in case anything goes wrong, it will affect the whole excitement. That’s why most of the

Free accounting iPhone app from ZipBooks | Review

There are a lot of Fintech startups challenging institutional structures of finance out there, but none are putting out high quality apps like ZipBooks. ZipBooks started by providing a web app without the traditional subscription-based business model that most companies charge for accounting software. They just put out a and we are excited to talk