Headlne iPhone App Brings You Real Time Headlines From Around The World

Headlne app, the name sounds weird but what it does is way more than what you think. This iPhone application is a new way to catch up with the latest happenings round the world. The articles in it are updated live just after the occurrence by providing real time headlines. With a team of professional writers present in every corners of the world, these articles in it are updated with professional touch!

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Brief outlook of the app :

interfaceThis is the homescreen of the iPhone application, and here as you can see, all categories of news is visible in the home page. Here the first post showing the sports news along with the share market news with the political news.


Choose a category that you wish

Not just all the news in a single page. This one also allows you to choose between various categories like tech, sports, entertainment, Europe, Australia and various other categories you can think of.

throw backmore to chooseAnd not only today’s news. You can surf across various other NEWS like all time popular news, recap of what has happened this year like the throwback. And of course, the trending news.

into the past

Recap feature

Here’s what you can see when you click on the ‘Recap‘ feature which was mentioned above. So, this recap feature shows all of the news that was most viewed or most searched in the past.

videoWith this new service named ‘Headlne‘ this one provides just the headline which says about the event or any occurrence. So once you click on the headlne, this will take you to the source website with the article in it.

Also it is not aimed at earning money, as you can see in this screenshot. The headlne app takes us to the original webpage or source of the article. Not just the source but also recommends to download the application of the website (if available)

Features :

The headlne for iPhone has pretty amazing features and here are some of it,
• Simple UI
• Designed very well
• Various categories available
• Can turn on or off for notification updates
• Free
• Small sized

About the application :

The headlneis created and built by Kheang LY. It targets all kinds of readers having vast category they go across. Also this one is well built and designed beautifully such a way that the users can’t expect more from this.

Those days the news outlets gets the news way before the social media does. But this one, or any app’s these days makes sure that the news reaches you as soon as possible. With the full fledged app, the upcoming and the current headlines are provided by the headlne, and it makes sure that the proper news is provided to you at the proper time!

Note : Their is an android version for those who don’t have an iOS device and we will cover soon. Also update this post to reflect the changes

Conclusion :

With many other applications available out there, this headlne app stands out by providing the best user experience and ease to use. Not just the design and the outlook, headlne also has well prepared stuff and content for the reaches the appropriate users. Not just for specific users since this app has all categories available in it. With such kinds of iPhone app, we promote usage of e-newspapers rather than the traditional newspaper which improves the efficient usage of papers and helps to save trees. With such a small size package size, this seems to be a must have one in your phone.

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