ReTXT Iphone App With Free Calls And Sent Undo Option

retxt pictureReTXT is a new current age texting app that is concerned with two important things. The first thing is privacy and the second thing is the features. Talking about the privacy, it comes with end to end encryption which is also known as E2EE. This allows two or more parties to communicate safely while using a third party app. And talking about the features, it allows you to send messages in a tap, emojis, your location, pictures, videos, recorded message, free calls (Between any OS) , Video call (Via Facetime for iOS users) and also allows to make a conference calls.

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Setting up:

intro oneintro 2intro 3pic fourlockOnce you download the app from the store, you’re prompted to resister via your phone number or your email id. Then you can choose your password. This is something standard and the cool thing about this app is that you can log out when ever you want and use this app in any other device without losing your chat history. And this also allows to recover your password just in case if you lose it.

Before the registration, it shows the features of this app briefly and you’ll proceed. There’s nothing more required for this and you are good to use this app. But it’s now free for lifetime (earlier $0.99). They save up so much of your work.
This app is built for the future generation and the present generation people, targeting the young generation. With the color scheme and its UI the app is simply amazing!

Top features:

The ReTXT app has standard features that you use like the WhatsApp or whatsoever.

(1) The layout.

design 2Unlike WhatsApp, this has the most used feature after texting, that is sending pictures or videos or an audio note or a contact right above the keyboard. It’s very easy to use and is the best thing that an app can have. This allows everything at a single place instead of stretching your fingers to one corner to send media.

(2) Edit messages.

designThis is first of a kind app to have this feature. The ReTXT app allows to edit or update or delete the message after being sent and read. This can be good and useful for the people who share authentic information, this helps to update the information or delete it if it is irrelevant. This feature is not only for the text message. This can be done by sliding left on any text, video, picture or audio.

(3) Free calls.

calling for free

Free calls

You might think what’s so cool with this feature. The thing is that this app allows you to call a single person or contact if the other party also uses the app. Not only a single person. This app also allows to make a conference call to many people.

Another interesting feature about this app is that you can you can enter or leave into any groups freely by swiping to the left or any chat. The same way, you can delete the conversation.

(4) Know everything.

get all the infoBy clicking the ‘i’ symbol next to the video call button, you can know everything about this conversation. That is, how many messages you’ve sent and how many you’ve received. And not only that, the symbol with the phone symbol shows the call history. And the eye symbol next to it shows every media file that you’ve shared.

When a call is made from another device, no notification is shown in the other device when the phone is on home screen.

If you have an android device it can also be installed in it and here is the link to our android version review


The ReTXT app can be easily said as one of the best texting apps out there. The contacts from the other side can add you by your email address or your phone number. You can add alias too (Go to settings>Add alias). So this feature would be nice for the people who have lost the contacts of the other side.

The app size and the UI is designed so amazingly well with the yellow and white theme which is pleasing to eyes.
Putting this shortly, this is a pretty good messaging app. There are many similar apps that are more famous than this app, but those apps miss few features that this app doesn’t have.

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