Little Traders For iPhone or iPad Game Review

With the name traders, you know what the game will be about. The basic concept of the game is you play as a trader and grow your own brokerage. It gives you the experience of a virtual stock market. You can buy and sell stocks and increase your assets.

The retro 32 bit graphics is the highlight here which gives a touch of a nostalgic feeling. Little Traders has been designed with real experience, knowledge and instructors from Tradimo , a professional online learning platform for trading, investing and personal finance.

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So with pro instructors and pro developers, the game has been created perfectly. And no wonder this game has won awards.

Here are few screenshots of the Little Traders game and YouTube video:

startingHere’s how the game starts. The controls pretty much tell you what you have to do. The sound effects and the fit to the resolution is perfect, even on iPad’s.

marketHere, the tutorial shows you what to do and how to go further. With these simple in-game tutorials, it helps you to face the real time stock market exchanges.

dayAt the beginning, like a newcomer to a business, you start with the ground floor only. An increasing amount of business gives you the opportunity to earn more and more money and build your trading empire.

crashedThis screenshot shows the beginning of the stock exchange where you start with cheap stocks, and can then upgrade.

share tradingYou can click on the stocks you acquire and see the analytics – the real-time ups and downs of the price of the stocks that you have purchased. Now here the game gets more interesting. You will have to make a decision whether to sell the shares or not. Selling and exchanging the shares at the right time gets you more money. With more money, you can acquire more and more shares at higher prices – and you can earn bonuses such as moving to bigger offices, buying swanky furniture or taking on more traders.

So, briefly this game has a look of the late 1920s with the pixel art graphics. The realistic prices of the stock and the real trading experience gives users a genuine flavor of how to trade on the stock exchange. The stocks used in the game are also some of the real stocks that are available in the stock exchange.

The Tradimo team have also taken this game to the next level – it’s not just a game, you could actually become a real stockbroker.

What you can do:

• Buy and sell stocks.
• React to the news.
• Explore and learn about new stocks.
• Compete with friends.
• Real money isn’t involved, so no risk. Just fun.
• Unlock new levels i.e. new floors.
• Experience the game in 1920s graphics.


The Little Traders game is a must if you are interested in learning what the stock exchange is about. This game is also the best teacher if you want to learn how to trade. There can’t be any other app or teacher that teaches in such an interactive way.

The creators of this app have used real and authentic information from professionals to ensure the content provided gives the best experience possible. For free.

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