9 Best Free PDF Voice Reader for Windows 11 2024 PC Surface Pro

The PDF file format is undoubtedly the most-used file format to create and share files and documents digitally. With the growing popularity of mobile phones and computer systems, we all started utilizing Portable Document Format files for different purposes.

The reason behind the popularity of the PDF file format is it is easy to create, edit and share between users. To make things easier for you, there is a tool called PDF Reader.

Today, we are here with the Best free PDF Voice Reader for Windows 11

The PDF file format is undoubtedly the most-used file format to create and share files and documents digitally. With the growing popularity of mobile phones and computer systems, we all started utilizing PDF files for different purposes.

The reason behind the popularity of the PDF file format is it is easy to create, edit and share between users. To make things easier for you, there is a tool called PDF Reader. Today, we are here with the list of the 9 best free PDF voice readers for Windows systems.

What is PDF Voice Reader?

PDF Voice Reader is a software that lets you translate and read the PDF files like a human being. Yes, you can use this software to read PDF documents in your own language. It’s a great tool for those who are involved in multi-tasking or do not like to read out things.

The Portable Document Format Voice Reader will do the same on your behalf i.e. read out the PDF documents so that you can hear it and make decisions. If you have switched to the latest Windows OS i.e. Windows 11, then the below-given list presents you the list of PDF Voice Readers that you can use on your Windows 11 PC.

9 Best Free PDF Voice Readers for Windows 11 PC Laptop Surface PRO

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s own product i.e. built-in web browser app that comes as a default web browser on every Windows PC. Well, the Edge Brower comes with a built-in PDF reader which you can utilize to read out your Portable Document Format docs.

To let Microsoft Edge read out your PDF files, you just need to go to the PDF file and right-click on it, select Microsoft Edge. On the top bar, you will see the Read Aloud option, select this option.

Moreover, you can even ask the Edge browser to read only the selected part from the document. To do so, select the part from the document, and right-click, from the given menu, select the “Read aloud selection” option. You can change the language, reading speed, and more using the same toolbar.

Microsoft Edge Pros:

  • Built-in Portable Document Format Voice Reader
  • Requires no installation or downloading
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy-to-use Portable Document Format voice reader
  • Lets you select the portion from the doc

Microsoft Edge Cons:

  • The language identification of the Edge browser is poor. It needs some improvements.

Since Microsoft Edge is a default app, you need not download it. Go to the applications menu, and select Microsoft Edge to open the app.

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is highly recommended PDF Voice Reader software by experts. What makes this tool popular among professional users is its multi-platform support. The software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms.

It’s a multi-purpose tool that not just helps you in reading the Portable Document Format files, but you can utilize other features of the tool such as creating PDF files, comparing multiple Portable Document Format files, annotating the files, and more with this one single tool.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Pros:

  • Multi-platform support
  • Convert Word, excel and other formats to PDF
  • Add digital signatures and stamps to the documents
  • Read out PDF files efficiently
  • Easy-to-use tool for everyone
  • Compatible with Windows 11 PC

Adobe Acrobat Reader Cons:

  • Not ideal for basic users who just need a PDF Voice Reader. It is a bit complex for newbies who just want to use the software for just a single purpose.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

3. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is yet another popular Portable Document Format reader out there. The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac computer systems. It is also compatible with the Windows 11 version. It’s a multi-purpose PDF tool that lets you do a variety of tasks with Portable Document Format files and not just read them out.

The app works with the cloud that lets you create, edit and share documents with others. The files are saved in the cloud. Utilize the read-aloud feature of this tool by simply selecting the text from the doc and selecting the red button. The software will start reading out the selected portion.

Foxit Reader Pros:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac PC systems
  • Ideal for all types of PC users
  • Multiple Portable Document Format editing and managing tools
  • Great Portable Document Format reading feature
  • Supports signature with easy accessibility to other features

Foxit Reader Cons:

  • The software displays random errors out of nowhere while working with the Portable Document Format files.

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UPDF is one of the most efficient PDF reading tools for PC and mobile users. The software now supports Windows 11 PC systems making it easier for Windows 11 users to utilize this software for reading out their Portable Document Format documents.

This multi-utility tool allows you to edit, create, share, sign, read, and annotate PDF files hassle-free. UPDF is the only software that lets you work with multiple systems with one single license. It comes with many personalized features to customize things as per your needs.

UPDF Pros:

  • Easy-to-use software
  • Feature-rich all-in-one Portable Document Format editor and manager
  • Supports Windows 11
  • Digital sign support
  • Text extraction from different files

UPDF Cons:

  • The software doesn’t perform to its potential with larger Portable Document Format files.


5. Nitro Reader

Nitro Reader is a top-rated PDF feature and the most ideal tool for professional users who need advanced features to manage Portable Document Format files. The software offers an intuitive user interface where anyone can utilize its features to manage Portable Document Format files the way they want. It also features a premium Portable Document Format reader.

Besides PDF reader, Nitro Reader packs additional tools such as editing, creating, sharing, securing PDF files, etc. The software also supports the drag-and-drop feature. You can create a new PDF document instantly by simply dragging and dropping. If you need a simple and secure PDF reader, Nitro Reader ends your search.

Nitro Reader Pros:

  • Easy-to-use PDF reader
  • Compatible with Windows OS
  • Advanced security features
  • Multiple tools to manage PDFs
  • Built-in PDF reader for quick reading

Nitro Reader Cons:

  • The free version of the Nitro Reader comes with limited functionality.

Get Nitro Reader

6. Slim PDF Reader

If you are looking for a dedicated tool just for reading out PDF documents, then Slim PDF Reader is the right tool for you. Unlike other tools, this small PDF reader allows users to read PDF files loudly.

With this tiny tool, you can rotate the PDF files, print out the PDF files directly from the app, search for specific words, zoom in on the file, etc. The tool is compatible with Windows 11 and is also available for macOS and Linux computer systems.

Slim Reader Pros:

  • Small-sized dedicated PDF reader tool
  • Compatible with Windows 11
  • Ideal for common PC users with limited requirements
  • A powerful tool for PDF management

Slim Reader Cons:

  • There are no premium editing or managing features like other software available on this tool.

Get Slim PDF Reader

7. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

Xodo is the No. 1 PDF editor, manager, and reader app available for Windows 11/10 users. The app is available to download from the official Microsoft store and is compatible with the latest Windows 11 operating systems. You can install the app now and try out its features.

The tool works faster than any other reading software. With reading, you can utilize other features of this tool to manage multiple files. The tool packs hundreds of advanced features which makes it the no.1 reader and editor tool for Windows users.

Xodo Pros:

  • Advanced Portable Document Format reader
  • Annotation tool for quick annotating
  • Smooth navigation with faster response
  • Supports digital signature
  • Built-in form fill up
  • PDF Conversion
  • Edit, merge, split, and share Portable Document Format files

Xodo Cons:

  • The app’s subscription-based model is creating problems with the previous users. The app is not ideal for beginners with its unnecessary features.

Get Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

8. PDF Annotate and Fill

PDF Annoatate and Fill is a multi-tasking software for professional PC users. The software not just read files, but also allows users to integrate with other popular PDF manager and editor software. It comes with a quick reading of PDF files, annotation tools, and an auto-fill-up feature. An ideal tool for all types of PC users.

Annoatate and Fill Pros:

  • Advanced  annotating tools
  • A quick reading of  documents
  • Compatible with Windows 11
  • Easy integration with other  readers and editors
  • Add comments, arrows, circles, lines, etc.
  • Built-in printing feature to print documents

Annoatate and Fill Cons:

  • The software requires some basic skills to handle it. It is not good for beginners with zero knowledge.

Get PDF Annotate and Fill

9. Soda PDF Reader

Meet the best editor in the industry, Soda Reader. The freemium tool is available for Windows 11/10 users to utilize its free features for Portable Document Format documents. You can use the reader to read aloud Portable Document Format documents. It is a highly customizable tool for professional use.

Soda PDF Reader Pros:

  • Built-in read-aloud feature with quick access
  • Creates files from scratch
  • Designed with flip technology
  • PDF Splitter
  • Editor with OCR support
  • Compatible with Google Drive and other Cloud Software
  • Works well with Windows 11

Soda PDF Reader Cons:

Wrapping up!

These are the top-rated and best PDF reader tools for Windows 11 users. The above list contains free-to-use tools and premium tools both. The PDF reading feature is free on almost all the apps listed above so you do need not to pay for it. For other premium features, you can purchase their premium versions from their respective websites.

If you don’t want to go with the third-party apps and want a familiar PDF reader just to read aloud PDF documents, then we would recommend you to use the built-in Microsoft Edge browser which is free and doesn’t require you to install it on your device.

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