Split PDF by PDF Candy Review

PDF is the primary document format for presentations and is used commonly in the corporate world. However, the users don’t need to have a dedicated installed in Windows or any other device. It’s a challenge for corporate employees to carry Windows or macOS machines everywhere. The complications begin when you don’t have the laptop at the moment when the document needs to be ready in a few minutes.

What is PDF Candy?

PDF Candy Offiical Website

PDF Candy has solved the problem for an average user. You can create, edit, merge, and split the PDF document from a browser. The PDF Candy is a website, and you can use a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet to access the site features. Let me show you how you can split a PDF document from the PDF Candy website. You can try the website features from your smartphone without paying a penny.

Visit PDF splitter Page

How to Split PDF Document on the PDF Candy website?

You can split the PDf document as per your needs. We have selected one book and saved one page for demonstration purposes. You don’t have to read the entire book next time and go through the necessary parts of the topics.

1. Go to the Split PDF page.

2. Click on the “Add File” button.

Split PDF - 2

3. Browse for the PDF document from the local storage. Choose the file from the file explorer.

Split PDF - 3

4. Allow the browser to upload the document and wait for a few seconds.

Split PDF - 4

The document upload time depends on your internet upload speeds.

  1. Choose an option from the advanced options we marked in the snapshot.

Split PDF - 5

a. Split into Single-page files

b. Split by page ranges

c. Merge selected pages

d. Delete selected pages

6. I selected the options. Click on the “Split PDF” button.

7. Let the browser split PDF documents.

Split PDF - 7

8. Click on the “Download File” when it’s ready.

Split PDF - 8

9. Access the downloads folder and extract the document.

Split PDF - 9

View the edited document in the PDF document viewer. You can use any PDF viewer since the website doesn’t alter the format.

Access PDF Candy from any Device

PDF Candy in Android 12 Device

PDF Candy designed the website for all users. The web application works smoothly on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and tablets. Launch Firefox or Chrome browser on the device and start working on the PDF documents without a dedicated app/program. You don’t have to install a program or application from the device and start using the service from a browser. We have shared a snapshot above taken from an Android 12 device and Firefox mobile browser.

Other Online PDF Editing Tools

All PDF Candy Tools

Don’t get surprised by PDF Candy has added all editing options on the website. We have specifically covered the Split PDF feature in the review for demonstration purposes. The developer cleverly separated all functions into parts for the average user. The developers have done a good job and added necessary functions only. We can list all functions here, but it will cover the entire page. Visit the website and choose “All PDF Tools” from the top menu to view all tools. We have shared a snapshot above, and it will give you an idea of what is avaiable in the tools section.

No Learning Curve

No Learning Curve

Learning the PDF editors, viewers’ options, and UI is the most irritating part. We have installed many PDF editor apps and programs in the last decade. They have a learning curve and require practice to edit the document. The PDF Candy developers removed the unnecessary options from the website and kept useful options only. Overall, the PDF Candy website doesn’t have any learning curve and takes less than a minute to future out everything.

PDF Candy Pricing

PDF Candy is a life-savior website for corporate employees and home users. You don’t have to install a program or app and learn the editor or viewer functions. You can edit or merge documents in a few clicks on a smartphone or laptop. The web application takes high-level software engineers to build the online tool. The online PDF tool comes with a price tag.

PDF Candy Pricing

1. Web Monthly $6 per month

2. Web Yearly $4 per month

3. Web Lifetime and desktop (application) $99 for a one-lifetime license

The lifetime package seems value-for-money offering for long-term users. You don’t have to pay each year to use the premium features.

Bottom Line

PDF Candy is an innovative online PDF editor. The online tool has solved the complexity in the system and eliminated dedicated apps/programs from the equation. You can access the features from any device using a browser. Let us know what you think about the online PDF editor.

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