Which one to choose for a student: PC or Mac? 2024

This Mac vs PC debate is nothing new; it initiated 35 years ago and is still going strong. If you are trying to decide which one is better for college, there is no right answer. This article breaks down a few significant differences among them to help you make a suitable decision.

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Mac OS vs Windows

Being a part of Apple’s software ecosystem, MacOS includes iOS on iPads, iPhones, tvOS, and Apple Watch. A few of these are built around the same apps and are designed for compatibility with one another. The data stored from iMessages, photos, notes, and others on iCloud is synced among these. You might need third-party apps to recreate this experience, but the whole process becomes more seamless with Apple. Windows, then again, is relatively a more “open” stage. Windows is accessible on a broader scope of machines worked by a few unique organizations, and Microsoft has not made a great deal of progress into the tablet and cell phone market. In case you are utilizing a PC, you are probably using a blend of Apple and Google equipment. Along these lines, rather than having a seamless experience between devices, you will host to depend on third-gathering applications.


Concerning the PC industry, the principle of “You get what you pay for” is quite real. In general, Apple computers are more expensive than PCs of any brand. Different aesthetics and components differentiated operating systems, and, according to some, a higher quality, consumers pay more for Apple. Not all, however, believe that Apple creates a better-quality computer; many assume that affordable PCs are just as well-built and reliable. What accounts for the cost difference then? Ultimately, it is hard to know, but user experience and feeling between macintosh or windows are hard to deny. Try using each of the systems to get a first-hand experience, then allocate the amount you will be willing to invest in a computer. If you feel you cannot do this well on your own, take professional accounting hw help.

Warranty Considerations

Many PC manufacturers provide regular and extended warranty coverage for factory defects, covering labor and parts. It is also strongly recommended to purchase accidental-damage insurance covering incidents such as liquid spills and drops.

On all newly purchased computers, Apple offers a 1-yr warranty. Lehigh highly suggests buying the extended warranty for AppleCare+. AppleCare+ increases the 3-yr warranty and applies up to two unintended damage coverage cases. For accidental damage, a deductible amount is applied.


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While there are plenty of upsides to Windows, there are some downsides too. One significant difference between mac and pc is the portability factor. Using a Windows operated device is much more challenging than taking a Mac-Book to school because most Windows are bulky and not compact. As a widely used device for work, Macs are lightweight with a sleek design. It becomes possible as running high-power programs do not require as much power. It makes it easier to keep the computer and take it to places such as work or school. Microsoft and Windows-compatible machines, however, are typically bulkier. They can be used to run programs such as games that the mac cannot perform.

Update : Windows 11 LG Gram is the most portable and light weight laptop for students.


Apples and PCs are not similar, and they do not usually link up with their systems. Switching between the two is not inherently easy. Many entities may make it challenging for you to use these in multiple locations and make sharing information between devices like thumb drives, networks, and devices difficult. Before deciding on a computer to buy, make sure that your school’s computer labs offer access to both Apples and PCs. Confirm if your teachers have shown a preference towards either of the computers or the required criteria? Does the IT department in your schoolwork with both Apples and PCs? Today, most schools and teachers are set up to be familiar with all device styles, and it is easy to handle other compatibility issues. If you feel that all of this is becoming hard to handle alongside your studying schedule, I would recommend using online writing tools that provide even an accounting essay. It is wise, however, to investigate these problems and determine whether they will be problematic for you in the future or not.

Viruses and Spyware

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For Windows users, this continues to be a rising concern. However, the new versions of Windows like Windows 11 are much better and safe than previous versions. Microsoft is doing its best to make great strides for improving its security and safety. Nevertheless, most viruses, spyware, and malware on the Internet are still frequently targeting Window platforms and forming a considerable threat. Usually, Macs experience fewer issues related to virus/spyware/malware. No machine is entirely safe from attacks, regardless of the platform. It is still recommended that users take reasonable measures to protect their devices from attacks from these external threats.


According to the market research by the Vanson Bourne, a company that works for creating Apple’s management solutions shows that switching to Mac from a Windows PC, 97% of users feel that their productivity levels have risen. Another third-party research company shows that users feel their creativity, collaboration, and productivity improved after working on a Mac. However, choosing between macs or pc for college is based entirely on the users’ opinions. You can work on both of these to feel the difference for yourself, which one will increase your productivity it is hard to say but for sure Pandascholar.com can help you with this task when you are struggling with home assignments.

Students and their preference

Using apps available for both Windows and Mac platforms, much of the course work can be done through different majors. There are, however, some courses that use Windows-only software as a requirement of the coursework. In these instances, Mac users may utilize Apple Bootcamp or a 3rd party driver to run Windows as a second OS. Other than this, the decision to opt for a Mac or windows is entirely on the students. Some prefer to purchase the most expensive and latest technology in the market; for them, it is only about brand perception. For others, this factor does not matter. Other than this, you might like a computer sleek in design; in that case, you should go for Apple. Some people like the look of a sturdy, bulky electronic gadget. Everything is based on the personality and preference of the user.

UPDATE: Newer Macs coming with M2/M1 chips no more supports Bootcamp and you need virtualization to run Windows 11, 10 in these laptops, which is not smooth like using bootcamp.

The next time you think should I get a mac or pc, the tips above will help you make up your mind. Do not get influenced by how the computer looks. Account for all the differences, weigh the pros and cons, and then decide. A well-thought-out decision will benefit you in the long-term.

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