Top Free iOS Apps for Students 2024

The internet has given us a lot of ways to improve our studying. Some of the best apps for students are listed below. Our article should help you find what you need. We have tried to offer a range of apps. We know that not everyone has the same needs.

Top Free iOS Apps for Students


Flashcards is a very good app for anybody. It is, quite simply, an app that allows you to create flashcards. These cards can be on any subject you want. This can be very helpful for a student on the go. The flashcard app is designed for use on multiple platforms. Whenever you have some spare time, simply boot up the app!

If you are working with an essay service at any point, give them your flashcards. It can be a huge help to them. Your flashcards will be the important points you want to memorize for your subject. If you are writing an essay, then your flashcards will have important details on them.

Anybody can use Flashcards+, the app is on multiple platforms. You can use it on your mobile devices, or your computer, depending on what you need.

OnTrees and Mint

The best iPad apps for students are budgeting apps. Many students are on very tight budgets. Having an app helps them to keep track of spending. Apps are also very helpful if students have a particular amount of money coming in each month.

These apps break everything down so that people can see where the money is going. Bills, tuition fees, savings, and so on. Everything is accounted for. Use the app to save up some spending money for a treat at the end of the month!

This budgeting app is very flexible. It can be used on different devices – it all depends on how you want to access it. You should choose the device that is easiest for you to use. This could be your phone! Or it could be the device you use for your work. It is up to you.

iTunes U

UPDATE: This apple app is no more available as the project is completely dropped by apple.

iTunes U has got to be one of the best iPad apps for college. It has material from a number of universities on it. All you do is go to the material you want and download it. From there, you can access the material as much as you like.

iTunes U is free to use for both sides. A lot of people in education use it beyond its intended purpose. They direct their students to the app for the extra material. They also use it to hold classes for their courses. Some people also set the app up so that their students can hand work in.

iTunes U is so very useful because it gives you information right where you need it. It can be used across multiple devices. It can be accessed from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection.

Lark Up

Lark Up is a useful app as useful writing services where you can buy paper online. This app helps you to regulate your sleep. You can set times for waking up, and for going to bed. These times can be different for different days!

The app also helps you keep track of your sleeping patterns over time. It can collect information about how much time you spend asleep, and so on. This will let you make better decisions regarding your sleep. You will find that everything becomes much easier when you are getting proper sleep. Anything from meeting deadlines to simply getting up in the morning will be a breeze.

The app itself works in conjunction with a number of sleep studies from around the country. When you use this app, you are getting the best in sleep information. Sweet dreams!


Feedly is a very popular free ios app today. There is so much information out there right now. Aside from the news, we now have social media and endless blogs to deal with. It can get too much to handle sometimes.

This is where Feedly comes in. Feedly is an information processing app. It takes all the information present on the web and condenses it into a manageable form. The app works by asking for your interests and needs. Once you have filled in the form, the app scans the news and shows you news items. It screens anything that is not on the list as irrelevant to you.

You can still read the news – but only the news that you want to see. Anything else is screened out and kept away. Feedly will make sure that you only see news from items that are on your list.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is one of the better writing apps. It turns things into PDF documents. You can scan anything in using the app, and it will be turned into a PDF.

This is useful in a number of ways. Many documents need to be uploaded in PDF format. Imagine just being able to scan it with your phone’s camera! It would be so much easier that way.

That is what Genius Scan does. You can use it on anything you want. Just open the app, and use the camera to scan things in. That isn’t all. It doesn’t matter how you scan things in, Genius Scan can take any document, screen out the background, and give you a clean and presentable PDF.


Pocket is a wonderful app for many reasons. If you are going to place an order with Edu Jungles, use Pocket.

Pocket will not make the ordering simpler; it is a storage app. Pocket gives you one single place to store everything you need. Even better, you can then access those pages offline! Use Pocket to gather up any research you want to use. You will then have it all in one place later. This will make ordering an essay so much easier.

Even if you are writing an essay for yourself, Pocket can help you. It will ensure that you always have the information you need. You can even sync it over various devices. This lets you keep on working wherever you are.

Pocket is good for doing research on the go. You can do research anywhere, and save it all to Pocket.

UPDATE: Pocket is now available in Firefox browser for quick access.

Apps for Students

These apps are some of the most popular apps among students. Hopefully, one of them will be what you need. More and more students are using apps, as they are very convenient. These apps can be anything from grammar checks to flashcards. There are so many apps out there now!

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