How to Choose a NEMT Software?

According to a recent survey, over 50% of people have lost their lives due to not getting medical transportation services in an emergency. There are many types of transportation services providers present in the market, but NEMT service providers are specifically for medical-related services. What is NEMT Software? Which NEMT Software is best for me? How to Choose a NEMT Software? Everything is answered here!


What is NEMT Software?

NEMT refers to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. NEMT services are available for those who are unable to get the medical treatments at the hospital premises themselves. They can reach out to the NEMT software, can book their transportation service from the software, and get the service delivered on time.

NEMT Software is getting more popular day by day as people are becoming aware of the services offered by such software. Some NEMT software works automatically while others need manual operators.

Features to Look For

When it comes to choosing the right NEMT software, there are a few features that you should check before you avail of the software or its services. Let’s discuss the things or the features now!

  1. Flexibility

The primary reason why should NEMT software is best for companies is the flexibility the software offers. If we talk about the best NEMT Software in the market, then we would recommend RouteGenie. It is an all-in-one NEMT software that takes care of a range of services offered by the company.

Starting from scheduling the rides for the patients, to billing, routing, and dispatching, everything is managed by this software. This automated software offers a variety of features that you may not get from any other NEMT software. Features like pre-routing, booking of the ride, vehicle recommendation, automatic billing, integration with other software, etc. make this software the right option for those in need.

2. Scheduling

If you have a fleet of vehicles and a team of well-experienced drivers, then you can maximize your earnings by simply adopting NEMT software. Even if you have NEMT software, you should check for the scheduling feature in it.

The Scheduling feature on NEMT software notifies the drivers about whether there is a need for the service by a patient around the area. The automated scheduling feature saves both time and money. Besides this, drivers too can earn more with this feature as they will get their rides booked from the nearby area by the patients who need a transportation service.

With RouteGenie Software, the company can save up to 20% through this scheduling feature. The software’s Preroute Genie feature allows vehicle owners to save extra money on miles they travel and rides they receive from the nearby areas.

3. Real-time Alerts

If you want your fleet well-maintained and healthy, then regular checkup of your vehicles is a must. RouteGenie offers a real-time alerts feature that sends alert messages or notifications if the vehicle needs some maintenance service.

The same feature sends real-time alerts for insurance of the vehicles and other documents including the certifications that may require by the authorities.

4. Real-time Integration

Since transportation companies receive orders from a variety of sources, the software they acquire must come with a feature that can integrate their service with all the different sources.

Make sure that the NEMT software you are going to use for your company has the real-time integration feature. If the software lacks this feature, it won’t help your fleet get proper orders. You need to integrate the software with all the sources to keep everything well-managed.

5. Mobile App

The NEMT software should be compatible with mobile devices so that customers can book their rides and the owner can receive notifications and alerts on their mobile phones. RouteGenie software offers easy access to all the customers who avail of the transportation service. Starting from the route navigation to the amount they need to pay, everything can be checked in real-time.

6. Built-in GPS Monitoring

Managing a fleet of vehicles is not easy if the software you use has no built-in GPS feature. The software you use must come with the built-in GPS Monitoring feature to keep an eye on the vehicles and their routes.

The GPS feature has so many advantages such as on-time reporting, information about the routes, time to reach the destination, protection of the staff, if drivers face any difficulties on their way, etc. GPS device must be installed on each vehicle to make use of this feature.

The Bottom Line:

NEMT Software gives wings to your business as the software comes with plenty of advanced features that not only simplify your business model but also improve your business productivity. It cuts down the manual interventions and gives you automated services that save both time and money which you can invest to grow your business in the right way.

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