Best Windows Tools for writing a perfect essay 2024

There are a lot of academic tools and software that you can benefit from. We have gathered all these tools for you. You can easily access them online. By using these tools, you will be able to produce quality content every single time. So, take out your note pad and start noting these down!

1. Grammarly

It is one of the best grammar checkers in the market. It has been programmed to dig out errors than average grammar checkers cannot find. If you are worried about “how to improve writing skills,” then this application will help you with that too. It can make a spelling, grammar, structural, style, and punctuation corrections in no time. You can use it on Google Docs as well as on MS Word. It can also check mistakes online. You can now write an email without worrying about grammatical mistakes, as Grammarly will fix it for you. Moreover, this app also works on the WhatsApp web. If you purchase pre written essays, never forget to run Grammarly to check it. By doing this step, you will be able to deliver error-free content.

2. Hemingway Editor

To test the readability of your writing, you need Hemingway, which is a paper editor. It has a scoring system that determines how readable your essay or report is. You do not have to download it as it accessible through a web browser and guess what it has a free version. This application finds sentences that are not written correctly. It also gives you ways to shorten your sentences to convey your message in a short and concise form. The tool will help you in improving your communication.

3. Google Docs

If you want to work together with someone on a piece of writing, then “Google docs” is precisely the online writing tool you were looking for. Here you and the other person can edit your work together at the same time. Another advantage of Google Docs is that there are a chat and video call option. This allows for a better revising experience as you will save each other or a group of people from the hassle of sharing and resharing file each time you make some changes. The editable Google doc can be shared via a link. You can allow people to view or edit the file. This option is ideal for a group project, research paper, and college assignments.

UPDATE : Google docs is now a more features like ruler at top like in MS Office, add emojis etc

4. FocusWriter

What if I told you that there is a tool that helps eliminate the distraction when writing your essay. The name of this tool is Focuswriter. It gives you the power to hide the apps which distract you the most, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It also provides a surveillance service as it keeps track of your writing progress. You will be more focused on your work instead of being distracted by the notifications. You can have it for free. It is available for OS X, Linux, and Windows.

5. Ref-n-write

It is the most useful research paper writing software to help you imitating previously written papers or documents. By using this software, you will be able to notice a visible difference in your writing style. You can easily inherit the best parts from different documents. You must drag and drop documents and look for ideas regarding vocabulary or sentence style that you want to write. If you want to find some high-quality documents such as essays, research papers, term papers, or any other type, you can use writemyessay4me.

6. Encyclopedia

This is another excellent tool you can use to conduct research, specifically if you are writing academic papers. Typically, professors discourage the use of Wikipedia and other random websites for research purposes. Encyclopedia, on the other hand, is quite useful as it states and provides links to specific and credible books that can be used in the research papers. This improves the quality and credibility of your writing.

7. Plagiarism Checker

There are many plagiarism checkers available online. You must choose the best one as it is very crucial to have one. It is because it can help provide the links of the sources used in the test. The percentage of similarity of the copied work can show you the changes you have to make to bring it down to 0%. In a nutshell, it is a useful tool that will help you produce an original piece quickly. You will be staying within the ethical limits while producing work that is 100% unique. One of the tools that you can use is “Turnitin.” It is easy to use and entirely accurate, making it the best software for academic writing.

8. Evernote

It is an innovative paper writing app that makes your life easier in no time. Evernote helps you in organizing your note-taking and writing. It helps you in gathering images, ideas, quotes that you can use later. You can also use it as a research tool to organize different content types such as scanned documents, photos of different locations, and dialogues. This app helps you come up with different types of lists and notes. The basic version of Evernote is free. However, you will have to pay for extra features, and those, by the way, are worth it!

UPDATE : There is now an online version of Evernote so that you can save notes directly there and share it with anyone by using a sharing link.

9. Online Proofreader

Just like Grammarly and plagiarism checkers, proofreaders are also important when you are writing something. It helps you by checking the content thoroughly and points out grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure issues. These apps also suggest alternate words that will further improve the quality of the content. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ginger software
  • PaperRater

10. Word counter

One of the best writing tips for students is to keep check of the word count. Suppose you are given a word limit, and you exceed that. You will have to remove the extra sentences. Now when you write in a flow, you develop coherence in your paragraph. It is challenging to remove sentences and redeveloping the flow. So, it is better to use a word counter in the first place. You have to keep certain pieces of writing short just as you have to keep a resume to the point. You can check out ResumeThatWorks if you want to have a professional resume made.

If you are in the process of writing an essay or an academic paper, try using one of the tools listed above. You can then compare your current assignment with your previous ones. There will be a huge difference as these apps help you produce unique and quality content every single time.

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