Best Top Free iOS And Android App In US To Track Coronavirus Disease [ Covid ]

Apple and Google allowed multiple applications designed by governments and third-party developers to track COVID-19 red zones and infected individuals. I want to inform the readers to avoid downloading and installing applications that didn’t come from Health Organizations because some app developers are taking advantage of the situation and providing useless services.

1. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

FEMA came to existence in 1978 and recognized by the United States Department of Homeland Security. The mobile application on Android and Apple provides in-depth information on the diseases and health-related problems that occur in the country.

FEMA has a dedicated blog for readers, where they inform the citizens about the COVID-19 related health solutions. You can add up to 5 locations and the app notifies consumers if something is going on in your location. FEMA added preparation tab for citizens, where you can prepare for the pandemic situation, and don’t face any further problems.

In the “Mitigate Your Risk” section, you can find multiple ways of getting affected by the disease and also prevent it from happening to you and your family.

Unfortunately, FEMA is not able to function normally due to pandemic situation but it provides even minor alerts when there are new reports in your region. Even, when the Federal Emergency Management Agency is not operating normally, you are receiving important information.

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2. CDC (The Center for Disease Control)

United States federal agency is behind setting up the CDC that is directly connected to the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States of America. Overall, it is a well-known health organization that offers accurate information on on-going diseases including COVID-19.

I checked out the application on Apple and available on Android as well. Once installed, launch the application and then select the city to get started.

Tap on the menu button to view more options and you have plenty of useful information including Coronavirus self-checker. You can check out the latest news on the Coronavirus, so you can stay up-to-date on the pandemic situation within the country.

I tapped on the “Coronavirus Disease 2019” and you have plenty of important options available for someone, who is suspected to have this virus, and confirm, whether you are suffering from it or not. In this case, you got “Prevention”, “Self Testing”, “Symptoms” and more.

You can check out the news feed to keep an eye on the current events happening in your region. Overall, CDC is a government recognized health organization established in Atlanta, Georgia.

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3. WHO Info (World Health Organization)

WHO stands for World Health Organization, and they added WHO Info on Apple and Android app stores. Honestly, I no longer trust WHO because it misleads the world and people across the globe by making false statements during press conferences.

The pandemic would have minimized, if WHO revealed the information early to other nations and take proper precautions. Regardless of what they have done, in favor of the Chinese government, I have to say that this is a good source of information.

Internet is filled with people misleading one and another, and facts-checking is an important task for every citizen across the globe. WHO does provide important news, and if you feel like you need to confirm the facts, then you can use WHO Info for further confirmation.

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4. NCOV2019

High school junior Avi Schiffman for developing web-application of COVID-19 pandemic statistics website. Most of the statistics are coming from reliable sources including CDC and WHO (I don’t consider WHO as reliable anymore) and it provides in-depth information on the situation globally.

You can confirm how many were affected around the globe, recovered, and dead by the virus. The USA developer specifically designed the website for the United States of America citizens, and people around the world. You can check the web-application via phone or desktop-class browser.

You don’t have to pay a single penny to use the site, and no advertisements were placed, but you can donate $3 to appreciate the young developer.

Check out NCOV2019.LIVE

Bottom Line

Apple is flushing out third-party applications based on Corona Virus out of the app store because they don’t have ties with reputed health organization or directly connected to it. Do not download unknown apps and check out services online because they might provide information that isn’t even true.

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