Whozout Live Review – Broadcast Yourself and Make Money

The social media has grown from a fleeting trend to an international obsession. With platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, a number of individuals and organizations are able to generate business and promote their products. Not only this, people can interact over the social media and can even stream themselves. One such emerging application

Bonklive App Review – Broadcast Yourself From Anywhere Around The Globe

Have you ever thought of becoming a superstar overnight? Showcase your talent to people who are searching for something really awesome online. Bonklive is one of the newest applications that have been launched for and users to help them broadcast live, chat, share, and become a star. You can either choose to broadcast your own

Sticker Market Emoji keyboard Free Android App| Our Experience

Some colorful and expressive stickers and emojis can take a boring conversation to the next level, these stickers and emojis can make an ordinary conversation more interesting. Whereas some naughty Gifs can add more spice to a normal conversation and can make it more engaging. Unfortunately, default Google Keyboard does not come with stickers, photo

Kik User Finder | Find K user Free Android App Review

If you are a daily user of , then you should be known of the fact that it is just like a messenger platform and you cannot connect with a person without knowing his/her username. To discover different users, there are different separate platforms available through which users can connect with people on Kik messenger.

Bluemail and TypeApp Email The Best Mail Apps For Your Android

Nowadays everyone has got an email address, but one thing that’s common with everyone regarding the email is that everyone hates managing their mails. Be it a casual user or a someone who uses his or her mail very intensively, managing this is a pain for all. No doubt, managing emails is easiest with desktop,

Mailman For Android And iOS Combines Mail and Chat | Review

If you want to handle all your email conversations in an effective manner than you are at right place as in this post, we are discussing about . Mailman is an effective tool which can be used for Team chat/conversation. Mailman app makes its users to manage their email inbox in an effective manner. Through

Playster App Review: One Stop For All Your Entertainment Needs

Playster is an all-in-one entertainment app that lets users enjoy music, movies, books, audiobooks and games, all in one place. Playster is not a free service, but the various plans they offer are all very affordable. Plus, all new members can enjoy a free 30-day trial and, perhaps best of all, Playster is accessible on

Kasamba Psychic Readings Chat| Get the best Advice Online By Using Your Android

is one of the biggest platform available for . It has more than 17 years of experience and is having more than 3 million of clients. There are thousands of world’s leading psychic advisers available which give guidance through different ways like with tarot, palm reading, love psychics, mediums, fortune telling, astrology, dream analysis, clairvoyant,

PersonalityMatch For Android Review

Welcome all to our new post of very interesting app . It is new to find compatibility with your partner or with a friend. Just use to do your personality test and ask your friend/partner to do so and match the result. It is a free application with some in app purchase and is available

Collage+ Android App Review| An Easy Free Way To Create Photo Collage

Welcome everyone to our new post and in this post we are going to review a collage making app for android, . is the easiest way to create photo collages. Use the collage plus and create your own collage in few seconds. It is a KVADGroup product and is currently available for Android based devices