Mailman For Android And iOS Combines Mail and Chat | Review

logoIf you want to handle all your email conversations in an effective manner than you are at right place as in this post, we are discussing about Mailman app. Mailman is an effective tool which can be used for Team chat/conversation. Mailman app makes its users to manage their email inbox in an effective manner. Through this application, users can combine mail and chat without creating any account. Users just have to download Mailman to enjoy chatting through mail. The interface of the Mailman application helps its users to chat using email id  and we can  call it a chat application based on email id. Mailman supports most of the email providers and is available for platforms like Android and iOS.

Exploring more about Mailman

Mailman is an app which allows its users to effectively manage all conversation through emails. And users can also use email for chatting, how it works? We will explain it with snaps later in the post. First of all, let us highlight some of its key features.

Features of Mailman:

1. Its unique interface makes its users to effectively manage all their conversation taking place through email.
2. Through it, users can start chatting through existing email id. To enjoy this feature, both sender and recipient should use Mailman. Non-Mailman users will receive a reply as standard email only.
3. Mailman also supports Dropbox and Google  Drive so that users can send large files through it.

How Mailman works?

The concept of Mailman is new and because of which it is very important to give a detailed guide about its interface. So here is its guide have a look. (Note: We have use Android version of the app.)

1. Users will get the following screen when they open Mailman for the very first time. As you all can see to use it, users have to enter the mail id.

postman startup2. After doing login with existing mail id, you will get the following screen. Users can see all their old emails just by clicking on email option.

persons id3. As you can see from below snap, it is very easy to do conversation using this free application. You can, in fact, change the email conversation into a chat conversation just by click on below highlighted option.

coversation thread4. In contacts option you can see lists of all contacts saved in email id.

saved details
5. In files option users can also see online stored data in Dropbox account and Google Drive account.

google cloud6. In Me option you can change profile pictures and can add various personal information like as shown in below snap.

add signature7. In Me option you can also add another email id and add another storage account.
8. In setting option, users can do following things.

settingsOver to you

We are ending the post here with a hope that now you know everything about the Mailman app. To help you more in decision making we are giving some pros and cons of it which we noticed while using it.


The list of the app is really too big, and we will highlight only a few of those.

1. It is a free app with no ads.
2. The concept of the Mailman is new and is very helpful for those who are struggling to manage their conversation taking place through email.
3. It supports more than one account. Users can add multiple emails and online storage account.
4. The best part of Mailman app is that it supports all major email providers and hence a single app is enough to manage all emails accounts from different services providers.
5. The interface of the app is also very good. It is very simple and easy to use. It’s responsive interface makes help users to quickly switch between your mails and chat.
6. It is a chatting application based on email id and hence anyone can enjoy it without creating any separate account.


Here is a list of cons which we noticed while using it have a look.

1. It is available for only limited number of platform and should be available for other platforms as well.
2. No video demo of the application in the PlayStore.

Hope you like the review. Please share your thoughts with us through like and share thank you.

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