The Dedicated Development Team (DDT) concept: what it is and why it makes sense to hire a DDT team

Using the best technology solutions can have a significant advantage for any type of business. You always want to not only optimize and work adequately, but focus on making the development process as streamlined as it can be. That’s where the DDT or dedicated development team concept comes into play. Used rightfully, this can have very good advantages, and it also helps you save time and effort. 

What is the dedicated development team?

It’s a business model used in software development. The idea here is that you outsource your work to a service provider in the long term. It’s not just a short term contract, this is a long term experience that will help benefit both parties in a great manner. But in order to use the dedicated development team concept, you do want to have a proper structure. 

You want to have a product and project manager, a business analyst, UI and UX designer, technical lead, mobile devs, quality analysts and developers. Using an adequate structure and making sure the team you are outsourcing to has the right people is what you want to take into account here. The advantage of using a dedicated development team is that it gives you great value and it also helps eliminate many of the possible challenges that arise.


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Why should you hire a dedicated development team?

The first thing that comes to mind is expertise. You get to work long term with a team of experts that’s constantly adapting to the latest tech changes. And yes, it doesn’t cost you anything, which is the real benefit in this entire situation. Plus, you have access to a large talent pool of experts that know how to manage and implement everything in a rightful manner.

Then there’s also the fact that you can scale and grow in the long run while having a team that you can rely on. Being able to have a team that you can use whenever you need development services helps quite a bit, and it can be a gamechanger in most situations. On top of that, you can also save money and time, while making sure that your vision is always matched accordingly.

When you establish a long term business relationship, it becomes a lot easier for the team to better understand the process and how it all works. That’s why you need to focus on results and value, and doing that can actively improve your results.

We highly recommend giving the dedicated development team concept a try, because it can be very helpful. Establishing a long term relationship with a very competent development team is a huge gamechanger, and it certainly gives you the upper hand when it comes to offering excellent results in the long run. Make sure that you use the right dev team in the long term, and you will have better results, not to mention communication is streamlined too. 

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