ARoglyph Android Map App Offers Better And Accurate Info For Travelers | Review

aroglyph logoThere is a variety of people in this world, some are attracted towards fame, some towards hard work, and some towards others things. There are enormous ways through which one can gain publicity in this world. The best known way for other than becoming an actor is to be popular on the internet through one medium or the other. An app available on the Google Store known as ARoglyph which allows you to gain popularity through the posting of videos on the application which people watch to gain knowledge of that specific place. Other than this the second look towards the application brings you a unique point in the limelight that is the providing of personal information that will help the other travelers to get a personal touch about different places that allow you to get a wide scope of information that allows you to make a wiser decision than the other travel guides that are available on the store.

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ARoglyph Android app review

If you don’t want the version which is only suitable for people who have a higher internet speed, there is a version that allows you to generate a guide that can help you to reach places using your GPS ( if available on your mobile phone). The application provides you with a rich interface that is not at all dull or depressant. The app also allows you to have multiple signup option that will in future allow you to generate video diaries for other fellow tourist or local people who are utilizing the same application in your area. ARoglyph provides you to sign up through Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and many more ways other than the normal filling up of the sign up form that is available on every application. Now one thing to be kept in mind after the singing up step is that the application provides you an interface from which you can utilize your front as well as back camera to record videos and tag them of that specific place through GPS on the internet. Obviously the GPS settings should be active on your device which may cost you additional. The extra cost mentioned here may be dependent to different places or to different mobile service provider.


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The app as said before provide you a well decorated interface, plus provides you with a well detailed map that allows you to understand the surrounding in a very detailed manner and it also allows you to be confident of the place that you are traveling through to reach the destination that you have selected through your search. There is a module available on the software that allows you to provide specific search queries that allow you to shortlist the number of search result that are provided through a comparatively generalized query of a traveler on the internet. This specialized query that shortlist the number of resultant comes with its pros and cons, the pros being that the user will be able to get accurate information about places he or she wants to search for and will not lose interest of the application but on the other hand if something goes wrong on the writing and selecting of the different options on the form, the user may end up finding no relevant results or no results at all.


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The application provides this amazing package in a very less memory required by the application which is 14 MB, according to the Google play store the app is being updated regularly which allows you to get updated data only. Other than this the app has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars which displays the fact that the ARoglyph is amongst the well working apps that allow you to get information from the internet.

Note : There is an iOS version of the same app that we will be reviewing soon

To sum it all up it can be concluded that the ARoglyph is amongst the best application that allows you to have a detailed outlook towards the different places that have been marked on the internet or to know about the places through personal videos being uploaded on the application through people.

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