Selfie Camera app For Android| SelfieMark With Polls Feature Review

In this world there is a greater craving of being present everywhere in this world. This unusual craving of being Omni present is completed through social media. There are many ways through which people can be online on the system. Today we will talk about an application that will allow you to share images with each and every post you make, the application is known as SelfieMark.

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SelfieMark Android app review

The app is an advance application than the Instagram made available by Facebook. SelfieMark allows you to decide what interests you have in your life, and the selection of your interests allows you to display posts that are relevant to your selection. After the selection of the current interests and the display of posts, on each post you get many options which are the liking of the post, the sharing of the post to other media and lastly the reporting of spam if there is an uploading of awkward post on the application.


Signup or you can continue as a guest

moving forward

We used Facebook for sign up process as its faster


Choose the categories that you like the most

The application allows you to login and make an account on your system using a Google or a Facebook account as well through which you may select any or select an alternate which is to fill the form that allows you to build an account on the server of SelfieMark( we used Facebook mode as its faster). All in all it should be understood that the application is an alternative to the popular one, Instagram and the SelfieMark provides you a much wider option as compared to the other application. Other than the viewing of posts there are other option that are available on the app which are, the top post available shortlisted according to the amount of likes of the selected interests in the starting of the application. The second option you get is to provide an inbuilt selfie uploader, and lastly the option is to create and vote on different polls to get feedback on-the-go, or even build a post.

updating the feed


In short


• Selfie camera with many tools. You can undo and redo the edits on the photo by swiping to left or right
• No need to sign up you can use the guest mode and explore all features but no commenting and uploading is possible in this mode
• Progression bar for loading images instead of the rotating circle
• Many options to polish the images before you upload
• Many categories to choose from
• Create polls on-the-go and have your friends or followers vote


• The android version looks very similar to the iOS counter part

Other info

• Current rating : 4.4
• Current APK version : 1.7
• Developer : Paula
• Cross device compatibility : Yes, supported on iOS, you can read the iPhone review of the same by going here(link back to selfie ios version)
APK size : 18MB
• Android OS requirement : IceCream sandwich or above

Final Thought

SelfieMark app helps anyone to share links with photos and moreover you can also explore the images in guest mode.

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