Best Card Processing Companies in the US 2024 Year

Credit card processing is a vital aspect of running a profitable business. Whether you are a small or a big enterprise, choosing the best credit card processing company is crucial. There are many such companies in the US and it is hard to keep track of the offerings from each company. So today, we want to discuss those credit card processing companies in the US that you should consider.


Stax is a reputable credit card processing service company with clear pricing and superior functionality. Stax provides a wide range of services at affordable rates and caters to the needs of small enterprises. Their $99 to $199 per month flat-fee subscription options make it simpler for corporations to organise their spending because they are fixed costs. Stax’s open pricing structure is one of its main selling points. For online transactions, they charge 0% plus 18 cents, and for card transactions, 0% plus 8 cents. This clear price structure allows companies to analyze their processing expenses with accuracy. Stax offers a free cloud-based credit card processing terminal with every subscription. As a result, it is a desirable choice for companies seeking a dependable and user-friendly payment solution.

Payment Depot

Payment Depot can be the best option for those companies or individuals who deal with wholesale pricing. Meaning, there are tons of big transactions involved. This card-processing company operates on a membership basis and charges wholesale interchange rates without any additional markups. Hence, it enables the opportunity to save money for companies with tons of big transactions. Moreover, Payment Depot has membership fees and it ranges from $59 to $99. Additionally, for companies with transaction volumes over $500,000 yearly, Payment Depot provides custom solutions. This pricing flexibility guarantees that companies of all sizes may find an appropriate package. However, Payment Depot may not be the best option for suppliers with modest transaction volumes.


Block, formerly known as Square, is a well-known company in the credit card processing sector. Their structure of credit processing is suitable for all types of businesses. As a result, it is a great option for start-ups and small enterprises because it offers a free plan with point-of-sale (POS) functionalities. Their transaction fees vary from 2.6% plus 10 cents for card transactions. On the other hand, the online payment fee is 6% and an additional 30 cents. Businesses can also customize their package with Block’s range of upgrades for services. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, Block is suitable for small and medium-sized organisations. Additionally, they provide specialised price packages that let companies with particular needs adjust their strategies.


Helcim is a dependable choice for companies that appreciate transparency. The Helcim website provides information on all rates and fees, ensuring that companies are aware of what they are getting into. This degree of openness fosters confidence and supports commercial decision-making.

Moreover, there are zero monthly fees for this processing service, in contrast to several of its rivals. However, there are service fees for in-person credit card transactions and keyed-in and online sales. Helcim is a wonderful solution for a variety of businesses due to its simplicity of use and integrated payment capabilities. However, if you need a particular POS equipment, then look for Helcim alternatives.

National Processing

Businesses looking for flexibility and long-term commitments will find National Processing appealing. They cover all types of individuals and companies making transactional practices with credit card. Hence, it enables you to select the best choice according to your expenditure. At National Processing, monthly memberships cost between $9.95 and $199 plus a 5% markup and an interchange fee. This wide range of price options guarantees that you will be able to pick a plan that meets their particular requirements. Monthly membership fees at National Processing range from $9.95 to $199 plus a 5% markup.


In conclusion, not drowning in debt and being aware of your purchases requires you to select a card processing company that suits your needs. These five of the finest firms on the US market are at the top level when it comes to credit card processing companies. When making a decision on which card processing company to choose, thoroughly analyze the multiple aspects mentioned in the guide.

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