Best Free VPN For Windows 11, 10 As Per Reddit Users For PC, Desktop, Surface Pro Laptop With PROS and CONS

If you are using the Internet, then you probably know about the user-discussion platform called Reddit. It is the world’s best discussion platform where users discuss and shares their opinions about various topics.

You can ask a question or answer other questions by creating your profile on Reddit. The platform gives clear ideas about things that might confuse you. Today, we have come up with the Best Free VPN for Windows 11 as per Reddit Users.

The following list is prepared by going through the recommendations posted by Reddit Users. Most experts prefer to choose the software and app that are recommended by Reddit users as they provide genuine reviews about the apps and software. Let’s find out which VPNs are best for Windows 11.

Best Free VPN For Windows 11

Best Free VPN for Windows 11 as per Reddit Users

1. Express VPN

Express VPN is currently the top-rated and most recommended VPN service by Reddit Users. The VPN provider is known for its unbeatable speed and interruption-free connection.

The VPN’s fastest speed allows users to download and stream videos faster. Moreover, the company’s servers are located across the globe. You can easily select the location you want to set up for your system and that’s it.

Windows 11 VPN

Users can explore the geo-restricted websites by simply switching to a different server. Safety-wise, their servers are quite good as they disconnect from the network if any suspicious activity is found.


  • The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use
  • Super fastest speed
  • Interruption-free service
  • Perfect for streaming videos
  • Compatible with downloading large videos files and other docs
  • Across the globe availability
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • Express VPN is a bit expensive compared to other providers.

Visit ExpressVPN

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is yet another popular Virtual Private Network operator in the market with millions of active users. It is one of the most recommended VPN services by Reddit Users as it gives users the freedom of exploring all types of content from the web.

Windows 11 VPN

Their service is incredibly secure and safe. There will be no data breach or any other security issues while connected to their servers. The servers automatically disconnect users while virus attack as it is designed with the latest encryption technology which prevents users from getting their data leaked.

Moreover, the high-speed connections make it the right choice for those who stream movies and videos online. Their plans are also affordable and the service is available for all types of PC users including Windows 11.


  • Compatible with all types of PC systems and mobile devices
  • Easy-to-use service
  • Designed with the latest encryption technology
  • Faster speed
  • Hundreds of servers located across the globe


  • There is no free trial version of this service available. However, you can avail of the 30-day money-back guarantee on the purchase of its plan.

Visit NordVPN

3. SurfShark

SurfShark is one of the most reliable VPN providers in the market with its multi-connection setup. One can use one single service to multiple devices with the help of SurfShark. It’s a great option for families and businesses who need multiple connections.

Windows 11 VPN

The super clean website and easy-to-navigate functions make this provider the most reliable one for all types of users. Choosing a new location on SurfShark is also quite easy where you just need to type in the name of the city or the state and click the Search button. Select the server location and click the Connect button to proceed further.

Besides this, the service offers superior security features with its new encryption technology. There will be no data leaks or any other security-related issues with SurfShark.


  • Multiple-device capability
  • Affordable VPN provider
  • Top-notch security
  • 7-day free mobile trial version
  • 30-day of moneyback guarantee


  • Poor customer service

Visit SurfShark

4. Proton VPN

If you are searching for the fastest VPN provider for your Windows 11 PC, then Proton VPN is the right choice for you. The service is getting more popular with its superior speed without any interruptions. Proton VPN gives you security, privacy, and freedom.

The company provides free VPN service with limited functionality to all users. They believe in security for everyone and thus provide its free version for all. The service is compatible with all PC systems and mobile devices. You can download its compatible app and start using its service.

Moreover, Proton VPN is good for unblocking geo-restricted websites. You can quickly unblock geo-restricted websites to stream videos and movies online. You can even download large docs and files with no interruptions using this service.


  • Easy-to-use service
  • Free version for all available
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Stream videos and movies from anywhere
  • Quick geo-switching for all
  • Built-in speed accelerator to speed up the connection by 400%


  • Since they offer a free version, the servers look busy sometimes!

Visit ProtonVPN

5. Speedify

If you surf the internet for hours, then Speedify is the right option for you. Speedify is comparatively the latest entry in the market, but they offer unbeatable high-speed internet connection through their VPN servers. Speedify offers up to 2GB of data for free for all users.

The Service is available for all types of PC systems and mobile devices. It is one of the most recommended VPN providers for Windows 11 users. The service is available in 35 countries with over 53 servers. The company is expanding its network and server availability daily.

They offer multiple options to choose the best plan that suits your requirements. You can either go for the individual plan, family plan, or business plan to use their services. The servers are encrypted by the latest AES-256 technology.


  • Fastest internet speed
  • Interruption-free connection
  • Available in 35 countries
  • Offers up to 2GB of free data
  • Different plans for different users


  • The server availability is limited. However, they are planning to expand their server availability in the coming days.

Visit Speedify

6. ClearVPN

ClearVPN is highly recommended for Windows 11 as it is compatible with Windows 11 and all the other older versions of the Windows PC systems. It is a product developed from Mac developers, however, it works smartly on Windows systems also.

There is no complex functionality on the ClearVPN’s app. Anyone can use it with no prior skills. Just install the app, connect to the VPN server and start using it. It is that easy!

Switching to a new server is also super easy where you can explore the available servers locations from the drop-down menu and choose the server you want from the list. You can explore geo-restricted websites also.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Uninterrupted super-faster internet speed
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Supports torrents downloads
  • Ideal for streaming content online


  • The server’s availability is limited.

Visit ClearVPN

7. PureVPN

PureVPN is the most reliable Virtual Private Network for Windows 11 users. It gives you freedom of exploring the content you want from the web. You can surf the geo-restricted videos and content from Netflix and other OTT platform using PureVPN on your Windows 11 PC.

PureVPN is a multi-platform VPN provider. You can get its service for your Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and all the other web-devices. Unlike other VPN providers, PureVPN offers affordable services which you can use to protect your system from hackers and also watch your favorite content.


  • The most affordable VPNs for all
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Top-notch privacy with encryption technology
  • 31-days moneyback guarantee
  • 24/7 customer care service


  • The user-interface is a bit cluttered.

Visit PureVPN

8. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is the simplest VPN provider in the market for Windows 11 users. If you do not download things from the Internet, then TunnelBear is the right VPN provider for your Windows 11. It offers 500 MB of bandwidth which you can extend as per your needs.

TunnelBear offers latest privacy and security features to safeguard your system from hackers. It protects your internet activities and also secures your system from suspicious activities. It is a great choice for daily web users working on the Windows 11 PC system.


  • Simplest VPN provider
  • Latest security features
  • The free version offers 500 MB data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Built-in ad-blocker


  • Supports limited locations only
  • Lacks advanced features

Visit TunnelBear

9. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN has over 700+ servers with 32+ countries. It is one of the best VPN service provider in the market if you have limited requirements. The company providers reliable and fastest internet connection with no interruptions.

It is designed with multiple encryption protocols offering the best of security to your PC systems. They also provide superior customer care service where you can get your queries resolved in no time. Moreover, their services are affordable compared to other providers.


  • Follows no-logs policy
  • Encryption Technology for safety
  • Interruption-free connection
  • Built-in kill switch feature
  • Works well in almost all the countries


  • Variable speed makes users annoy
  • Lacks the advanced features

Visit Vypr VPN


Virtual Private Network is essential for every PC user as it gives you the freedom to use and explore all the websites and their content with no restrictions. Moreover, you can safeguard your PC system by switching to a new network or hiding your IP address with the help of the VPN service. The above list contains the VPN services for Windows 11 systems by Reddit users. Explore the list, choose the one that suits your needs, and enjoy!

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