Best VPN For Uganda To Bypass Social Media Tax 2024 | Windows 10, Android, Mac, iOS

In a surprising Uganda Government has slapped the citizens with social media tax and they have also disagreed with VPN services. You have to pay social media tax to use platforms like Facebook.

Allow us to reveal some of the VPN’s you can use to avoid paying social media tax to the Uganda government.

1. Express VPN

The Government of Uganda may have added social media tax to the people, but the ExpressVPN has improved themselves over the years for a time like Uganda is facing right now. The purpose of the ExpressVPN always was to help the people access websites and portals when the Government block them and tries to suppress the people.

You can download Windows 10, Linux, and Mac programs. The Express VPN also supports smartphones that run Android, and iOS.

1: The server’s uptime is 99.99%.

2: Also offers unlimited bandwidth.

3: Has nailed it by offering you best-in-class encryption security.

4: No activity logs policy.

5: You can access 145+ servers located in 94 countries.

Download now :

2. NordVPN

The company established a few years back, and they are offering free services to the people who want to access blocked and banned websites all around the world. The NordVPN has advertised using the motto give the people freedom to connect to the world.

Note: It is a paid Virtual Private Network, but you can experience it by using the trial version.

1: Available in Chrome, Mozilla, Android, iOS, Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OSX.

2: You can switch from 4000+ servers located in 62 locations.

3: Any problem with the service? You can contact English speaking customer care to solve your Virtual Private Network issues.

4: NordVPN offering is $2.75 per month if you are willing to subscribe to their package for purchase three years.

Download now :

3. IPVanish

Every online marketer and professional people are aware of the IPVanish because they are major players in the business. The company that operates IPVanish offers paid services only, but they add value to you by giving you the liberty of privacy and keep the privacy invaders out of the radar.

1: Available on multiple-platforms like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Android, iOS, Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OSX.

2: You are secured because IPVanish uses 256-Bit AES Encryption.

3: The IPVanish does not keep any logs of your online activity.

4: You can access more than 1000 servers, and they are located in 60 countries.

5: You can vanish and cease to exist because IPVanish uses 40,000 IP’s to mask your original IP address.

Download IPVanish :

4. Windscribe

The paid Virtual Private Network service Windscribe has plenty to prove, but they can protect you from Uganda government new policy of no more Internet freedom.

1: The servers cannot even tell if the same person did the search because it does not save any logs at all.

2: Security is our top priority here and the Windscribe using AES-256 cypher with SHA512 authentication, and 4096-bit RSA key reassures the safety.

3: In an instant, you can switch to 460 servers located in 100 locations.

Price: Subscribe to their two-year plans, and get it for $3.70 every month.

Download now :

5. X-VPN

X-VPN has spent a crazy amount of time on improvements this year, and they have invested in it because of their service worth every penny. X-VPN has worked hard to give you most secured and trusted Virtual Private Network that won’t screw you at a time like this.

1: Cross-platforms support, yes, you can download Chrome, Android, iOS, Mac OSX, and Windows extensions using one account.

2: If you are willing to pay for the service, then you get 256-bit encryption protection. If you are

3: How about downloading files from Torrent? Majority of the VPN’s don’t support Torrent downloads.

4: The monthly cost $11.99 is expensive, but they worth it.


1: If you are planning to use the free version, then 256-bit encryption protection reserved for the paid users.

2: The premium version is slightly on the expensive side.

Get X-VPN :


We know that we have listed premium VPN’s because free-VPN services like Cyberghost may comprise your security and you can get caught in this strict situation. We recommend you use the above VPN’s, and they come with a trial version so that you can try it first, then make your final decision.

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