How to Disable OR Stop/Turn OFF Delivery Optimization DoSVC on Windows 11 PC, Laptop, Surface PRO

Windows 11 has a function called Delivery Optimization that allows users to share parts of updates and software they have already downloaded with other devices on their local network or over the Internet. However, the additional data use may be troublesome if you have a metered connection. You may disable delivery optimization if you don’t want Windows to use your bandwidth for update delivery. Here are the ways by which you can disable and enable Delivery Optimization. Keep going to know about the procedure.

If you are using Windows 10 PC, laptop, surface pro then you can read this Windows 10 tutorial to turn off or disable Delivery Optimization

1. Disabling Delivery Optimization via Metered Connection

Windows 11 automatically disables Delivery Optimization when it recognizes that you are using a metered connection. Therefore, if you frequently switch between a metered connection and an unlimited connection, you can manually set a metered connection for networks with limited bandwidth to enable this feature.

To activate the metered connection in Windows 11, follow these steps:

Step.1 Press Ctrl+I, and the settings menu will open. Else you can open it from the start menu.

Step.2 In the left-hand panel, access the Network and Internet tab.

Step.3 Within the right-hand panel, select the desired network to designate as a metered connection.

Step.4 Now scroll down and switch the toggle for Metered connection to the On position.

Once you’ve completed the steps, Windows will refrain from utilizing Delivery Optimization for uploading or downloading updates while on a metered connection. It’s important to note that when you designate a network as metered, Windows will automatically deactivate automatic Windows and app updates. Additionally, certain Microsoft Store apps, such as those that utilize peer-to-peer services, may detect these settings and adjust their behavior to minimize data usage.

2. Disabling Delivery Optimization via Settings

If you prefer to disable Delivery Optimization or DoSVC permanently, you can do so through the Settings panel. To stop downloading from other PCs using Delivery Optimization or DoSVC , follow the below steps.

Step.1 Press the Windows key + I on your keyboard to access Settings.

Step.2 Navigate to the Windows Update tab in the left-hand pane.

Disable OR Turn OFF Delivery Optimization DoSVC on Windows 11

Step.3 Select Advanced Options from the available settings.

Step.4 Now locate and select “Delivery Optimization” under the “Additional options” section by scrolling down.

Disable OR Turn OFF Delivery Optimization DoSVC on Windows 11

Step.5 Then, switch the toggle to the off position to disable the option that allows downloads from other PCs.

3. Use the Registry Editor to disable Delivery Optimization.

If the Delivery Optimization or DoSVC option is disabled or grayed out in Windows 11, you may stop it permanently by editing the registry. However, be cautious since making mistakes in the register might result in spontaneous activity. Before making any changes to the registry, you should establish a restore point.

Step.1 Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog.

Step.2 Type “regedit” in the Run dialog and click OK to open the Registry Editor.

Disable OR Turn OFF Delivery Optimization DoSVC on Windows 11

Step.3 In the Registry Editor, navigate to the specified location:


Step.4 Find the Start key in the right pane of the Registry Editor and right-click on it.

Disable OR Turn OFF Delivery Optimization DoSVC on Windows 11

Step.5 Choose the “Modify” option from the context menu.

Step.6 Save the changes by entering the value “4” in the Value data section and then clicking OK.

Once you’ve closed Registry Editor, restart your computer to turn off Delivery Optimization or DoSVC. Changing the Start value data in the editor to the original value(2) will re-enable Delivery Optimization or DoSVC after a system restart.

What happens if Delivery optimization is disabled?

Delivery Optimization or DoSVC may be switched on and off in the Settings menu or Registry Editor. But if it’s grayed out, it may be because your company controls your computer. To fix such problems, you must speak with an administrator.

Once you turn off Delivery Optimization or DoSVC then the windows 11 app store may not work properly in some PC. laptop and surface devices.

Video tutorial to turn off service host DoSVC from Win11


Delivery Optimization or DoSVC is a feature in Windows that aims to address the challenges of delivering large update packages. However, if you have a metered connection, it’s advisable to disable this feature to reduce data usage.

Disabling Delivery Optimization or DoSVC does not prevent automatic Windows updates from being downloaded. Instead, it directs Windows to download the update packages directly from Microsoft servers. To stop automatic updates in Windows 11, you can use the pause update feature, set up a metered connection, or utilize an update blocker utility.

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