Best Top VPN with SSTP Protocol Support

VPN and SSTP secure your connection from all sorts of threats. SSTP is known as Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. The technology safeguard PPP traffic using the SSL/TLS channel. Microsoft added L2TP/IPSec or PPTP service in the Windows system, but the SSTP is much more secure than the MS offering. Many countries block VPN connections, and the SSTP makes the process difficult for the authorities. Furthermore, the internet download and upload speed are much better on the SSTP encrypted connections.

Which VPN Service Provider supports SSTP Protocol?

VPN service providers have a responsibility to secure the user’s connection. The service providers unblock the websites and borders for the users. You can set up the MS-SSTP protocol in Windows and Linux operating systems. Many mainstream VPNs support the SSTP protocol, and I have mentioned a few below. I didn’t put the VPN brand names in raking order, so do not judge them by the order. Note down your priorities and match them with the package offerings.


Express VPN

Express VPN is a VPN service provider developed by a UK-based cyber security company. The management understood the paying user’s requirements and added features to meet corporate standards. Home and corporate users can unblock the websites and access the content unavailable in your region.


a. Express VPN supports SSTP protocol.

b. The dedicated VPN program hides the computer IP address from websites, trackers, ISP, surveillance, etc. Users never have to reveal their physical IP address. You can remain anonymous while browsing the internet.

c. The company contracted hundreds of companies around the world. You can access 94+ locations, and the company has physical & virtual servers around the globe.

d. The 256-bit AES encryption brightens up the scenario and protects your identity from all prying eyes.

e. Use the Tor browser to access the hidden (dot) Onion site.

f. Express VPN nailed in the customer service department. You can contact the Express VPN support team 24/7 and assist in any capacity.

They also have dedicated apps for Android, iOS, desktop browsers, Windows, macOS, and Linux software. The VPN service provider doesn’t offer a free plan and subscribes to the premium plan.


PureVPN established its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. PureVPN supports many connection protocols PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IPsec, IKEV2, WireGuard, etc. The premium VPN service provider is a rival to the Express VPN, and you can consider the provider after reviewing the package.

a. The VPN service provider supports PPTP security protocol.

b. The VPN supports the Split Tunneling feature. You can route the traffic from the local internet service provider and VPN channel.

c. The VPN application has IPv6 Leak Protection enabled. Your local ISP-assigned IP address is hidden from the world. You can browse the internet anonymously.

d. The DNS Leak Protection protects the data exchanged between you and the website. The highest grade encryption will make the eavesdropping invader impossible to decipher the contents.

PureVPN implemented the Kill Switch (Network Lock) feature in the service. The dedicated application turns off the VPN network when the VPN server is unstable or disconnected. In short, you don’t have to worry about VPN server disconnections.


NordVPN established its headquarters in Torre de Las Americas, Punta Panama City. NordVPN is the most advertised VPN product on the list. The company has spent millions sponsoring YouTube creators and blogs to feature the product. Fortunately, the Panama City-based company developed a magnificent product for privacy-centric users.

Image result for NordvPN

a. NordVPN supports multiple connection protocols, including SSTP encryption.

b. Premium users get a dedicated IP address. Nobody gets to use the dedicated IP address until you end the session. No search engines or websites can block you due to excessive requests.

c. The dedicated VPN has a security engine to prevent online attacks by malware, virus, trojans, etc.

d. Many VPNs have slower download and upload speeds. The company listened to the existing customers and ramped up the physical servers for better internet speed.

e. The VPN service provided has a “No Logs” policy. The company doesn’t record or save the history, and no one can tell what you were browsing while using the services.

f. Subscribe to a premium plan and use the VPN for up to six devices.

NordVPN has mastered the art of listening to the existing customers and improving the product. They have shaped the VPN for regular customers, professionals, and corporate employees.

Bottom Line

KinSSTP protocol encrypts the data better than L2TP/IPSec protocol. You got MS-SSTP encryption, but the VPN dedicated SSTP is much safer than the Microsoft version. PureVPN supports the SSTP protocol, but you have to configure the server manually. Contact the customer support team for assistance, and they will show you the way. Kindly note down your requirements and compare the VPN service providers.

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