Enable Camera Privacy Indicator In Windows 11 Laptop, PC, Surface Pro, Notebook Detailed Guide

Currently, most computers come integrated with a webcam, either internally or externally. Many individuals attach an external webcam to their computer, even if it lacks a built-in camera, to attend online meetings, stream, or hosting shows.

However, some individuals may be concerned about unknown apps, organizations, or malware gaining unauthorized access to their cameras or microphone. Whenever your camera or microphone is being utilized, you must maintain control.

This post describes enabling camera privacy indicators on Windows 11 and safeguarding your computer system.

Built -in Camera in Windows 11

Windows enables you to use your camera and microphone for a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to making Teams video calls, taking images, and recording videos. You can manage which applications can access your microphone and camera in Windows.

Typically, a small LED light is located adjacent to your laptop’s built-in camera, indicating that the camera is in use and you may be under observation by an app or program. However, it’s worth noting that not all devices are equipped with this built-in LED indicator, which can leave you unaware if you are being spied on.

Fortunately, Windows 11 has a hidden function that can be turned on to notify you whenever your camera is being used or turned off. This hidden privacy indicator serves as an alternative means of a notification in case your computer’s LED is malfunctioning, not functional, or absent, allowing you to stay informed about camera usage.

Enable Camera indicator on Windows 11

To activate the Camera privacy indicator, follow these steps:

Step.1 Open run command by pressing Windows logo+R.

Enable Camera Privacy Indicator In Windows 11 Laptop, PC, Surface Pro, Notebook Detailed Guide

Step.2 Search for “regedit” and click on the top result to launch the Registry Editor in Windows 11.

Step.3 Enter the following path in the Registry Editor:


Step.4 Locate the “NoPhysicalCameraLED” key and double-click on it.

Enable Camera Privacy Indicator In Windows 11 Laptop, PC, Surface Pro, Notebook Detailed Guide

Step.5 Change the value of the “NoPhysicalCameraLED” key from 0 to 1.

Enable Camera Privacy Indicator In Windows 11 Laptop, PC, Surface Pro, Notebook Detailed Guide

Step.6 Click on the “OK” button to save the changes.

Step.7 Restart your computer to apply the modifications.

Once the steps are completed, a “Camera” indicator will appear to indicate the peripheral status whenever the camera is turned on or off.

To revert the changes, you can follow the same steps mentioned above, but in step 4, update the value of the “NoPhysicalCameraLED” key from 1 back to 0.

Disable Camera from Windows Settings

You can block camera access for all apps and programs from the Settings app. By doing so, you can disable the camera functionality unless you explicitly grant permissions to individual apps or allow access to all apps.

Step.1 Go to the following:

Settings app >> Privacy & security >> Camera

Step.2 Now switch the slider in front of “Camera access” to the Off position.

With the “Camera access” slider set to Off, no apps, whether pre-installed or installed later, can access the camera.

If you wish to allow camera access later, you can easily do so by moving the slider in front of “Camera access” to On.

Check Which App is using Camera

Access requests are generated by applications when they use the camera, and these requests are logged. You can review these logs to check which apps have recently accessed the camera by following the steps below in the settings app:.

To review recent camera access by apps, navigate to the following location:

Settings app >> Privacy & security >> Camera >> Recent Activity

In this section, you can view a comprehensive list of apps that have accessed the webcam, along with the corresponding date and time of access.


When using a computer, tablet, or phone, it is essential to know when the camera is activated. Having some visible signs showing when your camera is active is crucial.

The use of webcams for vlogging and home security has led to their proliferation everywhere, from bedrooms to houses. But just because you’re using something more often doesn’t mean your privacy has to be compromised.

For those who own a Windows computer with an embedded or external webcam, it is highly recommended to enable the hidden camera indicator as a proactive measure to stay informed when your camera is in use. This ensures that you are always aware if you are being monitored.

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