Most popular apps all lawyers use

Using apps has become rather popular in the field of law as well. For instance, law firms tend to use more and more apps to facilitate their workflow in order to spend more time working on cases rather than filling out paperwork. The role of technology in the legal system is becoming more and more vital. Even law students and law writers use certain apps to deal with their law homework faster, not to mention the fact that there are a few best law essay writing service apps to make the studying process a bit easier. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most useful apps for lawyers.


LawStream is the first app on the list because almost every law firm uses it. Basically, the app is a law practice management software that helps employees keep track of everything that is going on within the firm, as well as assist employees with such aspects as client billing, CRM, legal case management, invoicing, trust accounting and so on. Taking into account the fact that every third tech start-up shakes up the legal world, it has become easier to choose the instruments that will come in handy no matter whether you work in a law firm or are still a law student looking for experienced law writers from the best law essay writing service to get assistance with your law homework.

  • Pathlegal

Pathlegal is a superb service using which one can come across a lot of practical information simply by checking out their blog; look up the definition of a law term one has not been familiar with before; learn how to expand client database as well as get answers to all burning questions. The latter will even be useful to students who are currently searching for qualified law writers or the best law essay service where they can get help with law homework. In case you are one of those students and have been tirelessly looking for the best law essay writing service, check out Pathlegal. There is a very high chance you will find answers to most of your questions. Apart from the app, the service also has a desktop version. Do not hesitate to check it out as well.

This app is used by the majority of legal professionals all over the world. You can create appointments, hold Q&A sessions with clients, and even track your earnings.

  • Westlaw

Westlaw is a legal research app available for iPhone. The whole idea behind the app is to make the process of conducting a research study on some legal issue easier for you. You can even do it on the go. There is no need to highlight the fact that the app has been developed specifically for research purposes. The features you can make most use of include WestSearch, History, Highlighting, KeyCite, Folders, Search Filters and Notes. Researching a legal topic is a piece of cake when you have Westlaw installed on your phone. You can do it in the courtroom, on your way to work or even while having breakfast. The times of spending hours at the library are long gone. Everything you need is right in front of you. You are simply supposed to make a few taps. Apart from a very comprehensive research mode, Westlaw also allows you to send emails, download documents for further use or even print them.

  • Smart Advocate

The last app on the list of the most useful mobile apps all lawyers use is the application called Smart Advocate. It has been developed by paralegals and attorneys who actively practice law.So, that there really is no need to highlight how effective this app can be. With this app, you will be able to get a better overview of all the cases you are currently working on as well as to manage legal documents in a more efficient way. Smart Advocate is one of those legal case management apps you simply cannot do without: you can enable text search using keywords, track your cases, better handle client flow as well as improve office routine in general. The latter will have a tremendous effect on productivity.

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