Case Formers or Case Erectors – What Is The Best Choice!

You should carefully consider your requirements before deciding whether you want to invest in a case former or a case erector. It is also a good idea to read through the pros and cons of both and how they work before you make a final decision. These requirements can only be defined by you, as you will know what the best suiting for your factory or company is.

Case erectors

Case erectors are box makers. The input for this machine is a cardboard box that is folded. The machine will take this box and build a box with it or erect it, as its’ name suggests. It also squares up the box and seals the bottom of it so that the box can be filled with contents and do not fall out.

Quality matters

Quality matters when looking at case erectors. Good quality case erectors can make boxes that are perfect every single time. Some high-quality case erectors can even make perfect boxes out of cardboard that is recycled, used, or of poor quality. These boxes will come out smooth and good as new.


It is also important to see what the input is. If the cardboard or other material you are inputting is of low quality, it may cause problems for even the best quality case erectors. Ideally, you should be using cardboard or other material of high quality, as there is a direct correlation between the quality of the cardboard and how the machine performs.

Even though using cardboard of low quality can cause problems for you, there still are options of high-quality case erector machines available on the market that allow you to use lower quality cardboard or any other material you are using to make your boxes.


There are case erectors available in the market that can be programmed to work in a customized way. This will come in handy if you are a niche business or have unique ad different packaging. Your case erector will be able to make you a box just the way you want it to be.

Automatic case erectors

Automatic case erectors are very fast and extra efficient. These are good for companies with packaging lines of high volumes. They can also offer quick changeovers and guarantee fast and effective outcomes. They seldom make mistakes and decrease the wastage of your company that would have inventively occurred due to human error.

Semi-automatic case erectors

These case erector machines are very compact, so they will be perfect for your business if you want to save floor space and other costs. They also perform very well. There are many different sizes in the market available for semi-automatic case erectors, and you may be able to find one even for the most awkward and most tiny spaces!

Save more!

Case erectors make virtually perfect boxes. This means that they rarely mess up, which will decrease damage and wastage costs for your company, increasing your total profit. These case erector machines also work at a much faster pace than humans can, so you will not have to employ much manual labor. Further, there is no chance of human error in these. Thus they will save more money for your company.

Case former

Case forming equipment is specially designed for box packing lines. They are an economical and effective way of decreasing the number of manual laborers required to pre-form boxes to be filled up with contents.


The speed of the case former depends on the model, quality, type of machine you buy, and the brand. Case formers can produce up to 55 cases per minute, and they come in different sizes, which also affect the number of boxes they can form per minute.


Case formers have a “positive case squaring system.” This basically draws lines on the boxes and squares them up so that they are visually aesthetic-looking and perfect in shape. A great visual always gives off a better impression to your buyer. It also has the “single push transport system” technology, which basically merges linear bearing guides with a case pusher that is mechanical and can be adjusted.

This helps in case squaring and adds to the aesthetic of the boxes. These case formers also come in an option that offers safety guarding, so there are no accidents at work, as well as being made from materials that are resistant to corrosion.

Use of hot melt

There are options available on the market for case formers, where you can buy these machines with an in-built system of hot melt. The machine uses hot melt to seal the cardboard boxes shut. The guarantees the boxes will be perfectly sealed, and none of the contents will leak or fall out. This is also a great way to make sure the contents inside the box have not been tampered with.

Lateral drive belts

You can also purchase case formers that have lateral belts attached to them. These are adjustable so that they can be adjusted to the size of the box. This kind of flexibility is very important so that you do not have to purchase multiple case former machines for every size box you need to seal; rather, it is a one fits all situation.


Making a perfect package is the main aim of a packaging line business. This operation needs to be speedy and accurate. The case erector and the case former machine take cardboard boxes that are collapsed and build them. They then seal the bottom and sides so that they are ready to be filled up and packed.

It is crucial to figure out which one is best for your company, and buy the right one according to certain factors, such as the type of work your company does, what products you pack, and whether you ship out of your manufacturing country. Both the case erector and the case former can be integrated into your production line very easily, without any complications. These two machines can go a long way for your business by cutting down the cost of employees and manufacturing, as well as damage and wastage.

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