Top Mac Apps for Students

Due to the dynamic needs of the modern world, learners ought to have macbooks, ipads, and iphones to help them with their studies. University students are expected to take notes in class, complete academic papers, and so on. Some of these tasks are tedious on the manual level but so easy to do on a

How to Clear Storage on Mac?

Sometimes, it happens that disk space is rapidly running out even if you are not storing movies or other large media on it. The most common reason is the disk clogging up with unnecessary files and applications that you no longer use. In the meantime, they take up space, and you can get rid of

Best Speed Testing Guide for Mac

Internet speed plays an important role to improve your productivity. If you are struggling with poor Internet speed and want to check how you can check the speed of your Internet plan on a Mac, then the comprehensive guide given here will help you to get the precise speed of your Internet. The Best Speed

5 Reasons Why MacOS Is Safer Than Windows

As we know them, computers have heavily evolved over the years in many aspects. Some of these include size, speed, convenience, visual appeal, and reliability. However, data security remains to be the biggest challenge as far as the use of computing devices is concerned. This is especially more pronounced as networking and internet usage continue

Why do college students use MacBooks?

A study conducted by an Apple Data management company JAMF revealed that over 70% of higher education students prefer using a MacBook. If you visit any college campus, you will be inevitably greeted by a swarm of MacBooks. So why is it that MacBooks are that popular with college students? Let us discuss some of

Increasing the Lifespan of a MacBook or iMac

When most people think of a sleek, futuristic computer, Macs often come to mind. There are several reasons why MacBooks and iMacs are as popular as they are. These fantastic devices are: User-friendly Powerful Versatile Aesthetically pleasing Furthermore, MacBooks and iMacs have a surprisingly long lifespan; it’s not uncommon for Macs to last up to ten

How to Verify Your Mac’s Hardware Is Working Properly?

Mac systems are famous for high-speed, great capacity and better reliability. No matter how powerful system you use, there comes a time when you have to deal with some unwanted issues that occur frequently. Many Mac users complain about the hardware failure on their system and they can’t figure out the actual problem. How to

5 Best Top Free Video Players for Mac of 2024 [ Macbook Air M1, Pro, iMac]

Mac systems come with a built-in media player to play music and videos. However, the mac default media player doesn’t play all types of videos or come with limited features and functions unlike other third-party media players. If you own a Mac system and searching for a reliable media player, then here’s the list of

Android File Transfer To Mac Easily With MacDroid

Apple computer is an advanced piece of software and hardware, but the company added restrictions to the macOS to keep the customers from moving to the latest Android smartphone. If you own an Android smartphone then it is difficult to carry out basic tasks on the Mac OS X. Apple wants the MacBook & iMac

Best Tool For File sync If You Are A Mac Users

Apple is notorious for ignoring rival operating systems because they are the direct competitors. You cannot connect an Android or Windows drive to the MacBook, iMac, and Mac Mini and expect to transfer the files. Many Apple computer consumers have no idea how to use Windows PC because the Cupertino-based company shut down the doors

Download Or Save Videos From 1000+ websites | VideoDuke Review

Online media consumers have increased over the years, which has inspired a lot of companies to launch a media website. You got YouTube, which is the #1 video sharing platform in the world. You can watch videos on the platform, but it doesn’t allow the users to save the content in local storage because it

Best NTFS Driver For M1 Mac OS Big Sur | Macbook Air, Pro

Apple launched the M1 Chipset lineup for the upcoming MacBook and Mac Mini, and the majority of the programs don’t support M1 CPU + GPU processor. The market is occupied with Intel-based processors, and M1 Chipset does a good job at emulation, so the majority of the apps will work. However, you can find a

An Alternative Solution for Graphic Design

In simple words, a graphic designer is a specialist who works with multiple resources to create a particular style of a product or a service with advertisement or presentation aims. The tasks are completely different — from making thorough research to finding out main trends in the industry to creating layouts of covers pages, etc.

Improve Battery Life On MacBook Pro While Gaming

When you think of gaming laptops, we don’t tend to think of MacBook Pro’s, but over the last 5 years Apple have invested heavily in gaming technology in their laptops. Even though they aren’t specifically made for high performance gaming, Apple is starting to make waves with their laptops and how well they work with

How to Delete A User, A Guest and An Admin Account on Mac?

If you are working on a Mac system, then you must be aware of the Guest User and Admin User. You can give access to your Mac system to your siblings or friends or any other user by keeping your admin account safe. You can do so by creating a Guest Account. If you don’t

Best 5 Ram Tools for Mac to Improve Speed

Every Mac user needs to keep the memory of the system well-managed. If you don’t pay your attention towards the management of the memory and CPU usage, then chances of experiencing speed issues on your Mac system will become high. Apart from slowing down the system, you will also notice overheating of the system. Here,

How To Check Battery Health For Mac And Best Ways to Improve Battery Life

If you own a MacBook, then you must understand the battery life of it. Many MacBook users don’t aware about the life cycle of the built-in battery in their MacBook systems. Did you know you can actually check the battery health of your Mac system? MacBook comes with the battery life cycle checker which you