Why do college students use MacBooks?

A study conducted by an Apple Data management company JAMF revealed that over 70% of higher education students prefer using a MacBook. If you visit any college campus, you will be inevitably greeted by a swarm of MacBooks.

So why is it that MacBooks are that popular with college students? Let us discuss some of the reasons in this article.

Woman Holding Macbook

Brand Image

Starting, Apple has built a powerful brand image that only a few companies can match. This has made it a trustable brand as many people think that Apple machines last longer. This is not necessarily false as Apple has distinguished itself and mastered the art of consistency when making laptops. Other laptops tend to degenerate faster than Apple laptops as they are always trying out new things to differentiate themselves from Apple. Trying out new things is not necessarily bad, but some brands end up pushing laptops that were not adequately tested.

Security and Stability

The Mac operating system has excellent innovations that make the laptop easy to use and secure. The operating system is built on the UNIX platform. This platform is a tried and tested platform, and it is impenetrable to common PC viruses. Compared to other brands, Apple is the only brand that designs all of its components in a laptop. Apple plans the hardware, applications, and operating system, making it easy to use.

As Joan Young stated, “A small, thoughtful group can change the world by making a product that is not only better than but different from others.


MacBook leaves nothing to chance and makes the laptops sturdy enough for daily student use. The encasing is uni-body, and there are no moving parts that can jam and break, rendering the computer useless. Even in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as a drop, the power cord automatically disconnects. The motion sensor also automatically protects the hard drive from damage.

Student-friendly tools

Student life is coupled with a lot of demands and assignments on a daily basis. If you are tied down with projects, you can get your essay tasks written by experts on Advancedwriters.com paper writing service.

MacBook comes with a rich software suite to make the student’s life enjoyable. There are digital authoring tools that help both students and teachers to produce photos, movies, podcasts, slideshows, and more. Other inbuilt features like calendars, a word processor, and an email program boost the laptop’s productivity. There is so much functionality with no additional expenses when it comes to a MacBook.

MacBooks also have a perfect ecosystem. You can start an assignment on your laptop and finish it off on your iPad. You can get a phone call and receive it on your MacBook.

Battery life

A fully charged MacBook has enough battery life to get through an entire day. Of course, the battery life depends on the intensity of use, but on average, the battery lasts for about 12 hours. With intensive use, the battery lasts for about 7 hours. This dramatically improves the ease of use by students. You can change the battery settings and regularly check the battery life to enhance a MacBook’s lifespan. A student can therefore work anywhere where it is most convenient for them. This energy efficiency makes a MacBook environmentally friendly.

Smooth connectivity

MacBooks are very flexible with smooth connectivity. The Ethernet, wifi, and Bluetooth ports automatically detect wireless connections and connect automatically. You can easily switch between home and school wifi. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use Bluetooth headsets and a wireless mouse.


One of the best features of a MacBook is compatibility. You can run windows on MacBook. If you have a windows application, you can run the Windows operating system and install your application. It also runs software such as Microsoft Office. When it comes to connecting a MacBook to a networked environment, the connection is smooth, and it is straightforward to share data with other computers and printers.

Another reason MacBooks are popular with college students is because they have iPhones. Satisfied with the service they get from iPhones, they naturally opt for MacBooks. It is also easy to sync all their devices together. MacBooks and iPhones work better in a way that PCs and iPhones cannot.

Slim design

The MacBook has a slim design that makes it very easily portable for carrying by students. It is just an inch thick, weighing around 5 pounds. It can easily fit in a desk or backpack. It is designed for students on the move, and students can carry it wherever they go.


A MacBook has one of the best displays in the laptop sphere. The perfect combo of pixels brings assignments to life. If any class requires any additional viewing options, a MacBook supports projectors and external monitors for viewing bigger pictures. The ease of navigation also makes it better for use.

MacBook Keyboard

College students have a lot of typing to do. Be it writing term papers or taking lecture notes. The MacBook is coupled with a “butterfly” keyboard that is very easy to use with ample vertical space below the keys. This makes typing more accessible and comfortable to adapt to.

Physical location

To add to all these pros, almost every urban area has an Apple store where one can take their device if it is acting up. This plays a significant role in Apple’s success. Having the opportunity to try out a product before buying gives one a clear view of what to expect, and the more so makes one more likely to buy. Knowing that if anything happens to your device, you can take it to a physical location to be reassuring.

Final words

Where cost is not a factor, students would naturally go for a MacBook other than PCs. The style, design, and compatibility have played a massive role in MacBook’s success. Surveys show that some students claim that the pricing is too high, but they still would go for a MacBook as they reckon that this Apple laptop offers better value to its counterparts. They last longer, and one does not need to pay for upgrades constantly.


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