The Essential Rules for a Perfect Logo

Do you want your logo to be recognized even by a kid? Everyone does! But to create one is not as easy as might seem.


The logo is the face of the company. It directly affects the recognition of your brand. Of course, for the best result, you need to contact a designer. But, remember: you are the customer, so manage the process, follow the correctness of the creation of your explosive logo from the beginning. If you do not have an opportunity to work with a professional bureau or feel you can do it yourself, there are several good instruments, such as logo creator, which will help you in it.

These basic principles, which can help you create a legendary logo.

  1. Simplicity

The secret to all popular logos lies in simplicity. Think of the 3 most famous logos of the world’s companies. It would probably be Nike Swoosh, FedEx wordmark, and Audi Logo? See the trend — the simpler the better.

  1. Scale

When creating your logo, remember that you will have to apply it to different surfaces: business cards, pens, badges, advertising banners, etc. Make sure that even in a small size your logo will be quite distinguishable, and in a large size, it will look attractive. Try to avoid very thin lines or complicated patterns.

  1. Audience

Before you create your logo, research your audience. Who might be interested in your products? This is the most important question to answer. Is it a he or she, what is the age and profession? Make an avatar of your ideal customer. It will help you with the visual identity, as different types of logos are appropriate for different audiences, just as they are for different product categories.

For example, if you sell toys for kids, choose a fun, bright, and playful logo. If you sell electronic toys for adults, you should choose an image that resembles something technical in calm colors or sharp and progressive. Luxury toys, such as boats and watches should have their logos elegant and execute in colors that are associated with reliability.

  1. Type of the logo

All logos can be divided into 4 categories:

Logo-symbol. This is a mini-picture of known and understandable things. For example, the icons of Twitter or Apple. Small, solid, and instantly recognizable.

Logo-text. Wordmarks help a customer to remember the brand sometimes even better than the graphical symbol. For a new brand, this might be a perfect option.

Logo-letter. Many large brands, such as Skype, base their logo on the first letter of the company’s name. These logos are perfect for those brands that have long and complex names or it is difficult to find an association.

Logo-abstraction. Fantasy and creativity. No one can say what exactly the logo depicts, but it intrigues and stays in the memories. The iconic Nike Swoosh is one of such logos. Another great example is the Pepsi globe. Such abstract designs make people want to know the history behind the badge.

Combination variants. This type of logo most often combines a picture and a word or an abstraction and a letter. Though both elements have to be perfectly balanced not to make the badge too “heavy” or messy.

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