5 Best Top Free Video Players for Mac of 2024 [ Macbook Air M1, Pro, iMac]

Mac systems come with a built-in media player to play music and videos. However, the mac default media player doesn’t play all types of videos or come with limited features and functions unlike other third-party media players. If you own a Mac system and searching for a reliable media player, then here’s the list of the 5 Best Video Players for Mac of 2021. Let’s check them out now!

Best Video Players for Mac of 2021

  • VLC Media Player

Every Windows PC users use VLC Media Player to play video files on their computer systems. Interestingly, the same media player is available for macOS too. You can install and run almost all types of videos and audio files through VLC Media Player on your Mac system. This player is available for free on any of your Mac system.

The latest VLC Media Player for Mac packs all the latest features and functions to create your media playlist and watch all the videos and movies that you want. The player works well with a number of file formats so you that you can stream any type of media file you want by setting it as your Mac’s default player.

  • MPlayerX

MPlayerX is designed for those who love to watch movies in different languages. This media player is specially designed for specific users who can stream media files with different formats with automatically generated subtitles. Yes, this player plays online media files that includes videos, movies, tv series and more through built-in players. You can watch and stream out your favorite videos with ready made subtitles.

The player comes with easy control functions. You can take full control of the media player at ease with the given functions. It lets you add as many videos as you want or you can create a separate playlist on your own. Besides video files, the same player lets you play multiple audio file formats. You can install this free-to-use media player on your Mac system from its official website. The best thing about this media player is it is available for free. Go for it and try out the unique features of this unique media player on a Mac system now!

  • Miro

Miro is yet another popular media player for Mac users. If you love to watch videos in your free time, then you would definitely love this media player and its functions. Mac users can easily switch to this player to sync their current media and music library from iTunes to Miro. The player has built-in store to purchase additional tools and software for your Mac system.

Miro app can be used to play your favorite video files in different formats. If you love to watch videos from YouTube and other online streaming platforms, then you can use this player to watch them on a Mac system. A lot of advanced features and functions are available on this player for Mac users. Just like the above media players, the Miro Media Player for Mac is also available for free. You can give it a try now!

  • 5K Player

5K Player is a combination of the best media players that are available in the market for Mac users. This media player comes with easy sync features that lets you play any type of video or movie files you want. As the name suggests, this media player is used to play high-resolution videos I.e., 4K videos.

There are only a few media players in the market that lets you play 4K videos without interruptions, 5K Player is one of them. This player has gained a massive popularity recently just because of its smooth interface and crystal-clear dashboard that comes with easy-to-use functionality. It’s a free-to-use player, go for it now!

  • Elmedia Player, is the worst in the list

Elmedia Player is the worst we have used so far, so much CPU usage and you need to pay them to play many formats which VLC can do without any payments.[undoubtedly the perfect replacement to the default media player of a Mac system. This media player comes with all the latest features that gives you the best of entertainment at your home. This media player can play all types of media files and video files. It supports different file formats that lets you easily run and play any kind of videos with no external tool required.]

The best part about this media player is it also supports online streaming through Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA enabled devices. All the required codecs are preinstalled on this media player. You will not be asked to install the codecs manually while using this player. It’s a free to use media player and compatible with all types of Mac systems. 

To use the codecs you need to pay them, which is something stupid to do as VLC does everything this one do.


Mac’s default media player comes with limitations and doesn’t have the potential to play different media files. Most of the above listed players can play almost all types of media files in different formats. What you can do hear is follow the details and then decide which media player suits your needs better.


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