Best Apps To Encrypt Files In Android For Samsung, Xiaomi, Mi, Oppo, Pixel

There are files on our smartphones that we may not want anyone to have the authority to access. In order to do that, we need a robust set of tools that can protect our sensitive data. To improve the secrecy and protection of our precious files, encryption comes to our mind. So today, let’s explore

Best Tips to Secure Your Android Device

Android users believe that their devices are secured, but they are not! According to a recent study, over 35% of Android devices i.e. Android smartphones and tablets are not properly secured. These devices are open to plenty of vulnerabilities that can lead to hackers stealing the data you have stored on your phone. If you

Best Top 5 Encrypted Email Apps For Android [FREE and Paid]

We are living in a world, where privacy is not respected by the corporate, government, professionals, and individuals. Fortunately, we have people in the world, who encourage everyone to stand up for privacy. We are encouraging everyone to use an encryption solution to protect emails from the third-party. Let us look at some of the

Phone Spy App All You Need To Know

The concept of spying officially started in 1980’s and it existed in the ancient period. The world started started to innovate unique spying methods and supportive technology. One Google search on the word is enough to find out about Espionage news. The knowledge is not available for common people and the tools required for

5 Best Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location

Conventionally, tracking one’s mobile device was a huge challenge. By then, only law enforcement officers were the only people allowed using this technology. Nowadays, identifying a cell phone’s location through the internet is simple. It is easy as long as the target device has a functional internet connection. Millions of people use a variety of

Maintaining Your Privacy Online – Tips for Online Security

There is no secret that every move made online is watched and tracked in some way or form. While this can be helpful in some ways, like showing you relevant ads and recommendations and keeping the internet free, it can be used in malicious ways also, from viruses to scams and data breaches. More than

Best Undetectable Spy Apps for Android Mobiles And Tablets 2024

Without any dispute, we can consider Android operating system (OS) as leading OS in the market with more than 70% people using it in their mobile phone. People prefer Android over other operating systems due its flexibility and affordability. It is very easy to use and has a very user friendly user interface, so simple

Best Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android 2024

Every one of us likes privacy. Let it be on a personal space or be it on the Android smartphones we are using, privacy is needed by every individual. A number of mobile browsers introduced the incognito mode following the footsteps of desktop browsers. Incognito mode provided privacy to the user while browsing. But this

MagicRevealPro Android App Review

Smartphones are manufactured for wonders, where you can do more than just making a call and receiving a call. There are wide-range of smartphone which runs on Android and iOS, but the most affordable smartphone runs on Android. One of the major reasons why Android has risen to the top because of the freedom, it gives

Firefox Focus Best Free Light Weight Privacy Browser For Android Review

Firefox one of the best free browser for Windows 10, Mac, Linux, iOS and android has now come up with a new Internet browser for android called Firefox Focus ( ) . UPDATES Now you can download any files with this free privacy browser. Most of the videos sites are now supported which means

PrivateMe App Review| Now your Privacy is in your Hand only

Nobody likes to share his/her phone with others as there are many private chats and pictures which we all want to keep in private. is which can help you in maintaining your privacy as through it you can hide apps (like messenger apps, browsers, etc.) and images. Now without wasting much time let us explore

Hoverwatch Review | Spy Devices (Windows PC, Android, MAC) Silently

If you are looking for a spying platform through which you can keep track of activities on your devices in your absence, then you have landed in the right place as in this post we are going to tell you about Hoverwatch. You just need to install the mobile tracker from an online account on

Best Free Network Analyzer For Android | WiFi Analyzer- Home WiFi Alert

If you are looking for network analyzer which is free yet effective, then you are at right place in this post we are discussing about available for both and based devices. It is probably best network/WiFi analyzer available in the market with tons of features. It has more than 500 thousand downloads, and this would

File Expert A Must Have File Manager For Android | Review

There are many File Manager apps of in the market, and some of them are too awesome File Expert is one of them. File Expert is a file manager app it is developed by GMobile (formerly GeeSoft). File Expert is currently having more than 5 million downloads and 4.4 rating in Android play store, and

Best Free And Fast VPN For Android To Access Any Blocked Content

Virtual Private Network, which is commonly known as VPN, is an immensely useful tool for your android in today’s world when cyber crimes are increasing rapidly and exploiting your internet privacy. Not only does it safeguard your online data, but also lets you share data across public networks by extending a private network to them.

Biocoded App | Best Free Way To Make Encrypted Calls And Messages

Welcome to the review of Biocoded app.It is a free app developed by Biokoda. Biocoded provides secure communication solutions and is currently available for iOS and android and we are reviewing android version of the app. Through encryption, Biocoded provides a secure communication channel for communication. Let us explore more about it learn some of

Seed4Me VPN Android App With No Setup or Registration Hassle | Review

Hello Folks, we are back with another review and this time it is Seed4.Me VPN, a best VPN app for android based phone , also this one offers great speed compared to other app available in the market under the security category. So let us first tell you what is VPN. What Is VPN ?