Getting Acquainted with Posts Table Pro Plugin – A Complete Guide

A variety of plugins can be found in the WP repository that can come to your aid providing the most desirable features according to your needs. One such plugins is Posts Table Pro. It is a master plugin that lets you create the customizable tables from pages, posts, or the custom type posts. It eliminates the need of entering the manual data into each box of the table. Let us get more familiar to this awesome plugin.

tables mode to see

What is Posts Table Pro ?

Posts Table Pro is the best WordPress compatible plugin that can be used for creating the highly customized tables from your blog posts, pages, and custom posts types. You can make use of the shortcodes for manipulating, sorting, and filtering the tables in a way you want. You can even add the extra information to the tables bringing in the custom fields. Not only need this, your website readers can also filter, sort, or quickly search for the information they need. It can turn out to be the best plugin if you wish to create the tables using existing content of your WordPress blog.

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Where Posts Table Pro Can Come Handy?

• Table featuring product comparisons and reviews.
• Table of the contents of pages or posts.
• Filterable/searchable knowledge base.
• Event Lists
• Product Catalog
• Media can be accessed directly from the table etc.

What is Included with Posts Table Pro (Top Features)?

It is a flexible plugin and this is the reason why it can be used differently by the WordPress blog owners. Here are some of the valuable features provided by this plugin to its users.

• Custom Post Type & Advanced Custom Fields Support: You can easily create the table listing your WP blog posts, products, and other pages of the website. Moreover, it is fully integrated with Advanced Custom Fields plugin so that you can easily display your custom data to the posts.

• Media Files: It provides the support for all types of WP media including the audio & video galleries, embeds, or media playlists.

• Responsive: This plugin is 100% responsive. The columns get fold automatically and can be expanded to show data on the mobile devices.

• Lazy Load Option: You can enable the AJAX option for loading single posts page at a time for the larger data sets. The server load can be minimized by enabling this option.

• Fine Grained Control: You can select the posts by the category, ID, tag, author, date, and any custom field value or exclude it by post ID or category.

• Custom Fields & Taxonomies: You can easily add any custom field of the taxonomy to your posts easily and can also restrict the post data to few terms or field values.

• Featured Image: The featured images can be displayed in any size to your post thumbnails in the desired column.

This is just the glimpse of exclusive range of its features. You can use the plugin and get to know about additional features provided by this plugin.

Using Posts Table Pro Plugin

Though there are a number of shortcodes that can be implemented using this plugin, but we will use the shortcode [posts_table] to make you understand how this plugin works.

• This is how a normal post on our website looks.

normal post

• Now we will implement the shortcode – [posts_table] in one of our posts.


• I want to sort my posts on top of the post below the post title. So, I have pasted the code on the top.

• Here is how my post URL looks after adding this shortcode.


• All the posts are now sorted in the tabular form above the actual post. You can easily search for other posts and can set the entries to be displayed in the table.

There are many more options and custom fields that can be displayed on the table. You can make use of more shortcodes, custom fields or taxonomies to add useful details to the post table.


The plugin is available at a standard price of $99. You can buy this website from the official website of developers. The plugin can be used in one website and includes support for a year. It further offers you 30-days money back guarantee just in case you don’t like this plugin.


• It is packed with an exclusive range of features.
• Sorting your posts, pages, and other media can be fun.
• Organize your website data in more structured manner using the tables.


• The plugin is too complex to be handled by the newbie.
• It is little costly as compared to other plugins of its type.

The Last Words

Posts Table Pro is an awesome plugin that comes packed with a range of exclusive features. You can utilize each and every feature and can even implement the shortcodes inside the tables. Moreover, the custom fields can bring more detailing to the table. Buying this awesome plugin can turn out to be a good option if you are looking to organize your data in structured format.

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