Basic Steps To Save Money Every Next Time You Shop Online

One of the best things about shopping online are the discounts, well it’s no fun if you do not know how to avail them, right?

A lot of people miss on availing discounts online, and that’s when there remains no difference between shopping online or offline.

Infact a majority of the people I know end up paying more online, than the product would’ve cost offline, and the tragedy is that they aren’t even aware of it.

So well by the end of this piece you’ll get to know some easy to implement, hassle free ways to save money and buy better when you next shop online.

Use Coupons:-

Do I really need to spell this out? Searching for something like Zomato discount coupons or Bigbasket coupons takes seconds, now if you’re that conscious about time, there’s nothing that can be done.

But if you’re from among the more “general public”, you definitely can spare couple seconds in return for saving couple bucks, right?

Almost all the major E-commerce platforms give out different kinds of coupons to attract customers. It’s best to make use of them, isn’t it?

Try Different Platforms:-

When you need a product, it’s always advisable to search on more than one platform before you finalize where you’re going to get the product from.

You can do it using a tool, In which case you’ll get the price list from hundreds of platforms at the same time, or you can just manually search it out on some of the leading platforms.

The point being, at times you find considerable price-differences for the same products at different platforms.

Buy more Pay Less:-

When you buy a product, generally there’s the shipping involved, well the good news is when you buy more than on product and meet a certain pre-specific checkout amount, that shipping fee isn’t required anymore.

So it’s better to buy 3 products even though not of utmost importance and pay nothing for shipping, rather than buying one product and paying shipping In which case you get just one product, the shipping price is just a waste.

While in the prior case, you actually get 3-4 products so all of your money is being capitalized.

Wait for “Sale” Seasons:-

In a year, an average E-commerce platform hosts nearly 5-6 sale seasons. Well that means you get a sale every 2 months.
Now that time-period isn’t far away from any given specific time or date. If you can maybe just wait couple weeks or days you might get lucky.

And sales are well known to get us eye-catching discounts. So if you can just hold yourselves to be a bit patient, you’ll be saving quite a fortune.

Subscribe to E-commerce Platforms :-

One of the primary and first choices of any E-commerce platforms is “social media”. They tend to promote all their sales, discounts and coupons via social media.

So one of the best ways to swing some discounts online is to subscribe to the E-commerce newsletters. They do spam you no doubt, but if you can bear with that, you’re in for a treat.

Final Words:-

Well I believe that’s enough “money saving” tips for one day. If you followed through any one of them, do let me know your feedback in the comments.

And if you’ve got any other ways, methods, tricks to bring down the amount of money we spend online while simultaneously increasing the number of products we buy, I’d love to hear them as well.

Bottomline is, if you’re feeling lazy, atleast get a Google search done for coupons, and if not feel free to go with any of the other methods discussed here.

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