Best Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android 2024

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Every one of us likes privacy. Let it be on a personal space or be it on the Android smartphones we are using, privacy is needed by every individual. A number of mobile browsers introduced the incognito mode following the footsteps of desktop browsers. Incognito mode provided privacy to the user while browsing. But this wasn’t enough for the users who love total privacy.

So, here are some of the best anonymous browsing apps for Android.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

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It was released at the end of year 2014 and is based on Android WebView. It keeps an eye on the number of trackers a website is attempting to use. You can tap on the Ghost icon to see these trackers and can even choose the tracker you wish to allow or block. You can even add few sites to the whitelist. These sites added to the whitelist can go pass the tracker.

Download link : [ ] Android App

Image result for Logo is a VPN application that lets ensures that your browsing experience is totally encrypted. You can enjoy complete privacy while browsing on your Android device without getting tracked by your ISP or mobile data provider. Moreover, you have choices to choose between different VPN servers.

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Orfox is a powerful Tor browser for Android devices. It is based ‘fennec’ code and the Tor Browser development team toughens its security. Its first stable version was released in the mid of year 2015. It protects your search history from the prying eyes and stops anyone from accessing the physical location of device.

Get the app from this link : [ ]

Frost Incognito Browser

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Frost is another popular browser that has a UI based on material design. It provides you its own private vault where you can save just anything and no one can sneak into it. When you exit the browser, you can clear your history.

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InBrowser is another stunning anonymous browsing app for Android devices that is deeply integrated with Lastpass. You can erase all the activities and can easily switch between different tabs. It also comes with Tor and also offers an in-app video player. You get ultimate browsing experience without any ads or junk.

Get it : [ ]

Dolphin Zero Browser

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This browser is capable of providing a unique experience to every user when it comes to private browsing. Its ‘Do Not Track’ feature is enabled by default. You can have seamless browsing experience without any popups as it comes with Adblock.

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Javelin Incognito Browser

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It is one of the widely used applications for private browsing. The incognito mode is always on in the browser by default. It also comes with an ad blocker providing seamless user experience. The browser proxy also lets you to bypass the restricted websites over the Wi-Fi. It also destroys the cookies as well as the web history.

Download now : [ ]

CM Browser

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It is an open source browser that comes with a minimalist design and is less than 5MB in size. It even scans the files downloaded for any malware. Its ‘Do Not Track’ setting offers prevention against the fraud. The private browsing allows you to browse the internet without any supervision.

Link : [ ]

Firefox Focus

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The Firefox Focus browser is very much concerned about the user privacy. It gives you the ability to keep an eye on trackers and block them as well. Moreover, it minimizes your data usage. The ‘Erase’ button can clear all your session logs in a single click. It is a refined browser to have an ultimate private browsing experience.

Get Focus : [ ]

Hideman VPN

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The Hideman VPN is an easy solution to protect your Android device against any privacy leak. You just need to install this VPN and you are ready to browse freely on the internet. It masks your IP address and encrypts your internet traffic using 256-bit military grade encryption. Bypass the government censorship and access the restricted content without any fear.

Get it : [ ]

The Last Words

So, if you are worried about the privacy of your Android device, you must start using these anonymous applications to stay safe. Going for the anonymous VPN apps is always a better choice to make rather than opting for anonymous browsers. But at last, the choice is yours. It is you who have to decide which one is best for you.

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