Sparkle – Outstanding Magazine theme for WordPress Review

There are many WordPress magazine themes out there, both free and paid ones. So why is one of the best one available in the market now? Read more in our detailed review covering every aspect of the package Before moving forward with the review here is from where you can purchase the package or as

Bluemail and TypeApp Email The Best Mail Apps For Your Android

Nowadays everyone has got an email address, but one thing that’s common with everyone regarding the email is that everyone hates managing their mails. Be it a casual user or a someone who uses his or her mail very intensively, managing this is a pain for all. No doubt, managing emails is easiest with desktop,

How To Update From OS X to MAC OS Sierra

It’s been quite a while, since the first ever iteration of MAC OS has been released and I think that most people might be wishing to get their hands on by far the best ever OS created for their MacBook pros and air along with their iMac’s as well. Even though updating is quite an

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Money?

You know there are many types of hosting to choose from. From the cheap shared hosting to expensive dedicated servers, the choices are unlimited. If you are a blogger, you sometimes find yourself in a dilemma whether to choose managed WordPress (WP) hosting or not. Of course, the price is about seven times higher than

Best And Top 10 Useful Tips to Optimize Windows 10 Laptop And PC/Desktop

In recent times Microsoft launched brand new operating system knows as Windows 10. And it was expected that the new OS would carry with plenty of exploit advancements beyond its predecessors. But that’s not happened. After Microsoft’s all hard works, their latest Windows OS may fail to delight its user’s expectations. The big apps not

Manage All Your Cloud Storage Accounts from One Place

No one can ignore the scope of cloud networks today. When you burn out the storage space of your computer and you realize you have no free external media, there is only one effective solution – cloud storage. You can store your files on the cloud without even paying a dime. There are 50+ cloud

Mailman For Android And iOS Combines Mail and Chat | Review

If you want to handle all your email conversations in an effective manner than you are at right place as in this post, we are discussing about . Mailman is an effective tool which can be used for Team chat/conversation. Mailman app makes its users to manage their email inbox in an effective manner. Through

SIERRA The New Mac OS Features And Highlights

Recently Apple had announced its new line of the latest Macbook pro’s and the people are just wild about it. Some have given positive reviews to this new addition in the families of the macbooks and also some have had negative ones. But what caught the eye of everyone was that of the MACOS SIERRA.

Best 5 LogLess VPN For MAC OS X

A VPN is an abbreviated form of showing a virtual private network, which at first may seem quite a tedious thing to learn and understand but it is really quite an easy type of software to get and understand. A VPN does nothing but spoofs your location and lets the website that you are viewing

Best 5 Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Internet of Things (IOT) is the mechanism that allows physical devices – that has electronics, actuators, sensors and software embedded in it – with network connectivity, to collect and exchange data among each other. It is considered as the “infrastructure of information society” as this becomes the backbone on which information will be processed. The

BlueMail – Email That Works For Everyone

Do you have multiple email addresses? Do you think it is impossible to manage all of them at one place? If you are nodding for the questions given above, I am sorry to say that you have got it wrong. You can organize and manage emails from all your account like a walk in the

GetResponse VS Constant Contact Features Review

Let me be honest and straight-forward, yes this is a review, a comparative, detailed insightful review inside GetResponse and ConstantContact, the two leaders of the Email marketing industry. Now here are the reasons why you should be reading this review right now, first I already know you’re in search of an Email marketing solution, something

Capture Videos from Windows 10/8.1/Vista/XP/Mac OS X Screen

If you’re like me and you take the time out of your day to keep up to date with your favourite YouTube uploaders, then you have had a similar thought process that I have had in the past. I want to record videos. If this is the case, and it more than likely is, then

Xoticaa Android App Review| Dating App With No In App Purchase

Are you looking for a new and refreshing online dating platform? Then you are at right place as in this post are discussing about Xoticaa. is the new entry in the online dating platform which promised to give a never before dating experience to its users with some new features like proximity pop-up, high quality

How to Quickly Setup VPN Manually in Windows 10 Laptop | Best Way

When it comes to ensuring the best security online, you need a VPN client. There are tons of VPN services available on the web right now; both free and paid. Is a desktop client necessary to establish a VPN connection? No, it isn’t! On Windows 10, you can quickly setup VPN manually without the help

Sharechat Unlimited Free Cloud Drive For All | Windows 10, Mac

In today’s digital world there are many virtual teams and members of these virtual team, work online share data and communicate with each other online. Chatting and sharing the small packet of data can be done through any social network platform but when we need to share a large amount of data, or we can