Tax Filing Made Worse By, IOOGO To Launch An app In December 2024 | People Don’t Use This App

This company can’t pay a small fee of $75, so people watch-out before trying their service.

Tax filing and understanding taxes have always been a frustrating and difficult task for many also it gets costlier when you assign your tax filing work to a professional who charges a hefty fee. But now IOOGO Inc ( ) is coming with a simple and economic solution which will enable their users to do their taxes on their own without any frustration.

IOOGO Inc. In this December is going to launch a web and mobile app which is created to make the tax filing process simple and easier than ever.

The IOOGO team has four decades of long experience in software designing, tax and account preparation as a result of this experience they realised that most of the existing tax filing and preparation programs are not much user-friendly, they are tedious, frustrating and very expensive.

Co-founder and COO of IOOGO Kristy Campbell said that free tax filing can be frustrating to start and get constantly nudged to upgrade at every turn, and even worse is to be forced to upgrade after 20 minutes of inputting all of the information. She also said while talking about IOOGO that if you want to get rid of the updates while doing your work you should switch to IOOGO.

IOOGO’s tax preparation app removes all the required updates out of your way while doing your taxes, it also removes all other unwanted hurdles of the tax preparation task. The app interface is very simple and easy to understand and user-friendly. One can file their tax within 10 minutes if he/she has all the required information available.

The IOOGO app will be affordable and accessible to everyone because of the efficiency of IOOGO’s business model.

Experts are of opinion that with the help of the IOOGO app people would not need a professional to help them file their taxes.

Law professors Joseph Bankman, Daniel Hemel and Denis Ventry wrote in an article of the politico in 2018 that H&R and Intuit want to make it difficult for the people to file their taxes on their own. Professors also said that anti-tax activists think that if tax paying is too easy, voters will be less likely to resist the growth of federal government. Both of these wants to make it as difficult and problematic as possible to not to let people do their taxes on their own.

Anyone with a social security number can be qualified as a tax preparer, simply they have to get the Preparer Tax identification number (PTIN) to promote themselves as a tax preparer. As a result, it is difficult to tell that how much qualified a tax preparer is.

According to many observers, the Free File service which many taxpayers use to access the IRS website is very difficult and tedious to use.

Ventry wrote in a news article for The Hill that only 3 per cent of the taxpayers use free file service in any given year and out of that fraction less than half of the users uses free file in the following year which indicates user dissatisfaction, confusion over offerings as eligibility criteria varies with the age, income and state residence. Also, many FFA companies try to force the free file users to use their paid products.

IOOGO offers the solution to many of these problems like instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a professional to file your taxes one can do that on their own within ten minutes. Instead of scratching their heads out of outdated software, one can download the mobile app and complete the tax filing process easily and at your comfort.

IOOGO cofounder and CEO Alballero said that not only they will simplify the tax preparation but they are doing it in a manner which fully leverages the technology. He also mentioned that their low cost and transparent pricing will make the user at least try their application and they will understand that tax filing is an easy and simple task.

Alballero said that as part of their mission IOOGO is trying to raise $850000 from various sources to make their app even more valuable for its users.

About IOOGO Inc.

IOOGO Inc. is a software development company which has more than four decades of experience in software design, retail, accounting and tax preparation. They thrive to provide their customers with the smart and up-to-date solutions. The company is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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