Best Top 3 Sandboxing Software For Windows10 PC, Laptop, Surface Pro, Go, Studio

Windows 10 has a huge market in the computer space and it attracts big-time software players in the market. Millions of developers are currently working on releasing an innovative application and solve a major problem. Many of them do not come from a registered publisher, thus, the risk of infection such as malware, adware, virus, and unknown program spying on you constantly.

How do you save yourself from privacy invasion? Of course, privacy is a myth in 2019 with social media giant applications out there. But, the customers or readers have the responsibility to maintain the secrecy of banking details, credit card details, etc.

What is Sandbox?

Sandboxing Software For Windows10

By the name Sandbox, it sounds more like a children’s play game, but in the software world, it is the strongest protection layer online security program are using today. Online security programs create a virtual boxed environment to run program coming from an unverified publisher. By running the programs within the Sandbox, the number of features or functions is not affected whatsoever.

The visualization technology used in the process, thus, it doesn’t allow the installed program to go through the private folders or files in other partitions or within the partition. The Sandbox cleverly creates virtual RAM and storage, so it can keep the application away from the hardware resources as well.

In short, the Sandbox creates a virtual environment for the Windows program and then it pretends that there is nothing on the installed PC. Overall, a clever protection layer that makes dangerous virus feel inferior.

  1. Sandboxie

Sandboxie released in 2004 for Windows OS platform, and the official developers keep updating the algorithm for newer version throughout the years. The software is not filled with bloatware, and you can consider it as the lightest weight Windows application available. The algorithm occupies a specific location and creates its own environment. Sandboxie creates a layer of protection by installing the application in that dedicated space only, which prevents threats to access personal data and files.

Sandboxie is available ion free version and premium version that comes for $20.95 per year. The free version doesn’t pack necessary features, which lacks a lot of premium features. I left a direct link to the download page, which offers a free version and clicks on the buy button from the menu to access the premium version.

Download Sandboxie :

  1. Bitbox or R&S

BitBox or R&S also known as Browser in the Box to the masses in the industry, and it is a professional extension for web browser such as Chrome & Mozilla. Internet is a massive black hole that can take in anything crossing the paths, and the readers/internet consumers are the same. BitBox idea created on the basis to protect the consumers from privacy invasion sites, malware sites, spam sites, and suspicious sites. The concept “Browse in the Box” creates an advanced virtual environment within the browser and surf without getting infected by virus or other online threats.

Running a virtual machine within a browser requires a lot of RAM and processor resources. BitBox disables the microphone, webcam, interactions, and download option as well. Remember, you can enable them any given time, but you are responsible for the actions. One-click enabling allows the consumers to download files from online as well, but the protection may not work at that moment.

Note: The software company changed the name from BitBox Browser in the Box to R&S®Browser in the Box.

Download BitBox

  1. Time Freeze

I love “Time Freeze” concept because it is probably the most effective protection layer that online threats cannot beat.

Toolwiz developed & released Time Freeze solution, which is an advanced method that worked for decades. More than one million new threats are released in the market, and the Time Freeze solution can fight against it.

Toolwiz copies the Windows OS, and then it will save the original settings, files, actions and installed programs in the safe location. Assuming that you were surfing the Internet for an hour to download movies and songs, and shut down the PC later, then the Time Freeze will restore all settings, actions, and files back to the earlier state. In short, you won’t find a single piece of downloaded files, settings, actions, and changes after the session.

Download Time Freeze

Bottom Line

Sandbox plays an important role in modern computers to protect data, personal files, and banking details. I always access net banking using regular browsers, and the fear of sensitive data leaking in the wrong hands always haunts me. A Sandbox is a vital protection along with the regular antivirus systems installed on our PC.

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