Why Use Mod Apks of Whatsapp Alternatives.!

Communications is an essential part of our lives; we are talking about communication via technology. Technology changes the way of communication. Before technology, there were not many ways to communicate with each other. But now we have social media, emails, and many other ideas to keep contacts. Nowadays, social media is giving so many values flout lives.

Whatsapp is one of those social media; it’s an app which is available for both Android and IOS users. Using this application, people can chat with their well known. They can share videos, images, files, and live location too. Well, many of us liked to use such an easy way to keep in contact. But if we look for features, then Whatsapp lacks somewhere. A modified version of real WhatsApp is more flexible and easy to use, with many other unlocked features.

Some Modified WhatsApp APK


  • GBWhatsApp

It is the best mod of WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is the most used mod. GBWhatsApp offers many unique features which are unmatchable with real WhatsApp. Features to send more media, change themes, and many more.

  • YOWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is one of the other best mod applications for WhatsApp. It is also known as YOWA. This mod is for Android, but the UI is quite like UI of iOS WhatsApp. Anti-ban feature is also best in this mod. We can also lock chats without using any third-party apps.

  • FMWhatsApp

This mod version of the application is also best. FMWhatsApp apk got created by Fouda MokDad, a group of developers and the modifier. You can change the UI of this application easily. The privacy option is quite healthy, better than the original WhatsApp.

Why Should You Choose These Mod APK Over Whatsapp?

Many features make these mod versions wholly different and useful from WhatsApp. Let’s know what those features are.

  • Privacy Features

Privacy is better than the original. You can find your online status; you can hide the blue tick, protect writings, and recording status. You can also hide your view status.

  • Download Status

In the real WhatsApp, you can’t download the status you see of your friends. But sometimes we need them, we can screenshot the images, but how can we download the videos? Well, in that mod you can download the status very quickly.

  • No Media Limitations

In the original WhatsApp, there are many limitations in sharing media and files. But there are no such limitations in those MOD Apks.

  • Customize WhatsApp Theme

You can change themes, colors, fonts and many more things in WhatsApp mods. These mods also provide updated themes and new themes every interval of times.

There are other exciting features are available that makes a mod version is better than the original WhatsApp.


Now you know why the mod version is better than real WhatsApp. But some risk factors are associated. But the new and advanced version of the mod are quite safe to use. Now you can download and use those mods for having real fun.

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