Google Chrome 74 FINAL Full Offline Installer Download Windows, Mac And Linux| UPDATED

Google Chrome 74.0.3729.108 FINAL, latest version is now available for almost all devices running either anyone of the OS listed below

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android

All new offline installer download links attached towards the bottom of the article

Google Chrome 74-66.0 new features

  • New dark mode is available but the users have to enable it manually!

To Enable dark or black mode in Chrome 74

  • Right-click on the desktop shortcut for Chrome and go to “Properties”. In the properties window, you’ll need to add “–force-dark-mode” at the end of the “Target” text box (after the quotes, too).
  • Oculus Rift support is added but by default it is in turn OFF state and you have to manually turn it ON.
  • Nothing big, only fixes and improvements

Version 45 – 65 major features

  • NPAPI plugins are permanently disabled
  • Launch your favorite web apps straight from your desktop with desktop shortcuts
  • TBA
  • Stability improvements and fix
  • New JavaScript engine (V8)
  • Supports Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) hardware which was early available only in beta version, helps you to create music without the need for any software
  • A number of new apps/extension APIs
  • SSL and HTTPS speed optimization
  • Stability and improved performance
  • HTML fixes

A quick look back

Google released its Web browser named Chrome back in 2008 with an aim to provide better browsing experience than any other one in the industry. The package comes pretty unique features like a minimalist and elegant design in which major portion of the screen was used to display the webpage with close, minimise and maximize button positioned on the upper right corner, next is voice search feature that is available only in Chrome even though WebRTC is supported in Firefox, with which user can use his/her mic to speak up the search term for searching in Google. Automatic translator for the web pages in another language to English have helped us a lot in saving time and money because we no more need to depend on other services to read foreign language websites.

More features

  • Tabbed style browsing set a new trend in style we surfed the internet without having too many windows opened as popup or taskbar which is full of internet explorer windows and the competitors in this field also adopted tabbed browsing style in their releases because it was more user friendly and anyone can quickly navigate or switch websites with a single click.
  • Speed and download manager
  • In our experience it offered same speed in surfing and downloading as it depends more on your ISP.
  • Flash and pdf support

Before chrome was there we have to download the pdf file and view it using some pdf viewers namely Acrobat Reader but now you can read the contents of the file within the browser even if it included many pictures.

Flash are media files can be played automatically without having any extra plugins or extension and the flash module gets automatically updated when ever the chrome is updated.

What about data compression ?

At dawn of internet browsers Opera was the only one that supported data ( images and videos) compression by passing unencrypted data through its servers and is now known by the name Off road mode ( turbo in the past). Now chrome also have this feature but at first it was only limited to mobiles running android OS , but now from version 41 they also have a data compression technology for the desktop users too with help of a web app, extension or plug-in named as ” Data Saver extension for Chrome ” just grab it will do the job for you and you can also turn it off from the menu.

Now the question will be do Google one offer better bandwidth reduction or compression than Opera ?

  • NO, opera the pioneers is way too better in offering highly compressed files.

Do note that compression is not applicable to https or ssl websites.

Rapid update cycle

It is the search giant who started to offer rapid updates to its users with variety of security patches and bug fixes that helped many of stay secured while we surf the internet. This mode is now followed by Firefox as well as Opera and Vivaldi.

Is it possible to run android apps in this browser ?

  • With ARC Welder app (from the web store)now its possible to run some of android app.

Do we say app instead of app ?

  • Yes for the time being you can only run one.

As as you try to load the apk it will ask in mode you want to run the package,select tablet mode with landscape as its more appropriate for desktops and laptops.

Major concern

  • If you are so much concerned about your privacy, we think you can switch into using VPN or virtual private network that encrypt your data.

Download as per your OS

Note : from now on these download links won’t expiry unless link is removed from this website. Since Google official link expires after a particular time we are adding full installation file (EXE ) to Google Drive Cloud, a trust worthy cloud service.

Chrome 73 full offline installer

Windows 64 Bit 53.2 MB | Windows 32bit or all version except XP | 52.1 MB


Windows 64 Bit 50.4 MB | Windows 32bit or all version except XP | 49.8 MB


Windows 64 Bit 50.4 MB | Windows 32bit or all version except XP | 49.8 MB




Windows 64 Bit 50.4 MB | Windows 32bit or all version except XP | 49.8 MB



Windows 48.1 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 48.6 MB


Windows 46.2 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 46.6 MB


Windows 44.5 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 50.1 MB


Windows 42.0 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 45.8 MB


Windows 42.0 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 45.8 MB


Windows 42.0 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 45.8 MB


Windows 41.8 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 45.3 MB


Windows 42.7 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 46.76 MB


Windows 42.3 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 46.2 MB


Windows 44.9 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 54.1 MB


Windows 42.1 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 48.7 MB


Windows 43.7 MB all version expect XP | Windows 64bit | 50.3 MB


Windows 43.2 MB | Windows 64bit | 49.6 MB

49 build

Windows 42.8 MB | Windows 64bit | 48.9 MB

48 package

Windows 42.3 MB | Windows 64bit | 48.2 MB

47 version

Windows 41.3 MB | Windows 64bit | 47.7 MB

46 build

Windows 41.3 MB | Windows 64bit | 47.1 MB

45 links

Windows 41.4 MB | Windows 64bit | 47.1 MB

43 latest links

Windows | 64bit

42 links

Windows | 64bit


There are also alternate methods to get standalone or offline installer

Just visit the Link here if your OS is 64/32bit.

See the picture below for more information on how to get it

offline download

Click on the image to view it larger

Select your package file according to your Operating System

Select your package file according to your Operating System

Final thought

Google Chrome 74 seems to be more focused on dark mode and fixing various problems in Windows 10.

Chrome 74
  • Speed
  • Privacy
  • UI
  • Compatibility

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