10 Best Top Unique Apple Mail Tips and Tricks for All

Apple Mail is Apple’s default email servicing app. The Apple Mail app comes as a default Email app for all the Apple products which includes iOS, iPadOS and macOS. It’s a productive app which packs with a ton of features and functions, but many of the Apple Mail users don’t aware about all the features and functions of the service. To give you the best of information about the Apple Mail, here we have listed down all the Best Unique Apple Mail Tips and Tricks for All the users. Let’s get on to the list now!

Best Apple Mail Tips and Tricks

  • Get Alerts for Important Emails

Did you know you can set an alert for a particular email thread while using the iOS app? Well, actually Apple Mail allows the users to set an alert while receiving a new email to a thread. If you are waiting for an important email, you can set an alert feature, so whenever you receive an email to that thread, you will receive a quick notification.

To do so, you just need to swipe left to an email from the Inbox and then select More option. You will be asked to select the Notify Me option. Once you select this option, the Alert will be enabled and you will receive a unique notification.

  • Mark All Emails as READ

Whenever you open a home screen, you will see a number of emails as unread. You will constantly see a notification of all the unread emails on the home screen. For that reason, you need to mark all the unread Emails as READ at once.

To do so, go to Emails, Inbox and then tap on to the Edit button. Select All emails and then select the Mark button. By doing so, all the unread emails will be marked as READ.

  • Add or Remove New Account

You can add or remove additional email account from Apple Mail manually. To do so, you just need to go to the Settings menu and select Passwords and Accounts option. Select Accounts option to view the available email accounts. From here, you can easily manage the number of email accounts associated with the Apple Mail. You can delete or add the Email accounts from the same window.

  • Activating Ask Before Deleting

There comes a time when you accidentally delete an email which is important. To prevent yourself from doing so, you can set an alert message that will ask for your permission before deleting an email.

To do so, go to the Settings menu and then select Emails option. Here, you would see Deleting option with a toggle button, kindly tap on to this option to Enable or Activate Ask Before Deleting option.

  • Change Default Account

Apple Mails let you add multiple email accounts as it supports third-party clients as well. You can change the default email account easily for the Apple Mails app.

To do so, go to the Settings Menu and then select Change default account option. You will be presented with the full list of email accounts associated with Apple Mails. Select the one which you want to set as a default mail account.

  1. Use VIP Function

You can keep all the important emails to a separate space by using the VIP function. By using this function, you will be updated with all the important emails such as Banking related emails or Insurance Policy related emails etc.

To do so, open the app and select the Sender’s name. From here, you need to select the VIP option. Now, from the main screen, you can select the VIP folder that will be displayed on the home page. All the selected mails will be kept separately in this folder.

  • Preview More Than 2 Lines

In the Inbox, Apple Mail app displays 2 lines of the message. You can increase the number of lines easily to view the entire body text of an email.

To do so, go to the Settings Menu and then select the Mail option. From here, select Preview Lines option from which you can select the preview lines from 1 to 5.

  • Change Mail Signature

You can also add or change Mail Signature to your Email. Many of the Apple Mail users don’t know about this feature which is very useful to show professionalism. You can simply add or change the mail signature by following this path.

To do so, go to the Settings menu and then select the Mail option. Select Signature option and then add a new One. You can add a new Signature here.

  • Change Flag Color

In the Apple Mail app, the color of flag set as Red flag by default. You can easily change the color of flag. To do so, just swipe left on any email from the Inbox, tap more option and select from the available color options. The default color of the Flag will be changed.

  • Peek and Pop function

You can make use of the 3D Touch function even on the older devices. To activate this new and unique feature, you just need to go to the Inbox screen from Apple Mail. Hard press on any email from the inbox and you will see a small pop-up window. The pop-up window will also show you a few useful options which you can use as quick actions.

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